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Sberbank - 79,6%


The portal (Medservice LLC) renders services in selection of doctors from clinics of Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Ufa and Chelyabinsk. The main objective of service – to make work of doctors and clinics of more transparent for consumers and also to simplify write process of the patient on acceptance to the selected specialist. It is free service for patients. At the moment the base of the portal contains more than 21,000 questionnaires of doctors from 3000+ of clinics, more than 44,000 reliable responses of patients are published.

As of February, 2016 through an online service on search of doctors registered in acceptance to doctors of 2 million people. At the same time 1 million records fell on 2015.



Access to free consultations for users of the device of correction of pressure from "Schwabe"

On October 21, 2019 the Schwabe Holding of State Corporation Rostec reported that it concluded partnership with the telemedicine project in an ecosystem of Sberbank. Access to free online consultations of doctors of DocDoc service will be got by each owner of the transfer switch-051. Read more here.

Implementation of authorization using a Unified identification and authentication system via the portal of state services

The DocDoc service (enters an ecosystem Sberbank) rendering telemedicine consultations announced on October 18, 2019 TAdviser that it the first displaid in industrial operation a possibility of authorization with use UNIFIED IDENTIFICATION AND AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM (a single system identifications and authentications) through Gosuslug portal.

The telemedicine service DocDoc the first implemented authorization via the portal of state services using a Unified identification and authentication system

Now for receiving services of telemedicine Gosuslug on the website is enough to become authorized under the account. Implementation of this function allowed not only to fulfill the existing requirements of the regulator regarding telemedicine consultations the doctor — the patient and also will allow to provide to clients more wide range of opportunities in the future: electronic sick-list, electronic recipe, etc.

The law on telemedicine permitting to provide medical care by carrying out remote consultations, consultations and monitoring became effective on January 1, 2018. Since then the Ministry of Health drew the attention of market participants to need of use of a Unified identification and authentication system when rendering paid medical services more than once. This requirement of the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of November 30, 2017 No. 965n "About the statement of an order of the organization and delivery of health care using telemedicine technologies" is for the first time satisfied with the Russian telemedicine service DocDoc, representatives of the company noted.

Free consultations of doctors of DocDoc to owners of digital business Sberbank Cards

On June 5, 2019 Sberbank announced start of digital business cards for corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs — Mastercard Digital Business of Sberbank and Visa Digital Business of Sberbank. In addition to digital bank services, the client has an opportunity of free online consultations with doctors from DocDoc service. Read more here.


Availability of telemedicine to 4 million clients "Sberbank life insurance"

On April 22, 2019 SK "Sberbank Life Insurance" reported that women at the age of 25-40 years address telemedicine services most often in Russia. The majority of addresses arrive from the Central, Volga and Siberian federal districts, and from highly specialized doctors gastroenterologists, dermatovenerologists, neurologists and gynecologists are most demanded.

In March, 2018 Sberbank insurance SK "lives" updated credit the insurance program, having included in it additional service of telemedicine. During this time remote medical consultations became available to nearly 4 million clients who issued policies of voluntary insurance of life of borrowers of the credits. Service does not influence the cost of the insurance policy. Also the company added an option of telemedicine and to some other products. Remote medical consultations are provided through DocDoc marketplace, as one of key providers medical services the company "The doctor is near" acts.

By phone, in a chat or by video conference clients can estimate together with the doctor analysis results and researches, to define, symptoms of a disease are how serious and to learn what doctor it is necessary to see consultation in clinic. Besides, telemedicine doctors can explain the appointed treatment and make recommendations about first aid in emergency situation.

As showed the analysis of requests for the telemedicine consultations provided by doctors of medical company "The Doctor Is Near", most of all requests arrived to therapists – 67% and to pediatricians – 25%. Other requests were received by highly specialized doctors among whom gastroenterologists (13% of the total number of the addresses to doctors of narrow specialties), dermatovenerologists, neurologists and gynecologists (on 10% of addresses), otolaryngologists, the urologist and endocrinologists (on 8% were the most popular) and also psychologists (6%).

Among clients – users of telemedicine of 60% – women, 40% - men. More than a half of addresses arrived from aged people from 25 to 40 years (53%), a quarter – from people of 40-55 years (26%), approximately the tenth part – from clients of 55 years and is more senior (11%).

In the CFD the majority of addresses came from the Moscow region (57% of the total number of requests in this federal district), to Volga federal district – from Perm Krai (19%), Bashkortostan (14%), Tatarstan (10%) and the Samara region (9%), to the SFD – from inhabitants Irkutsk (17%), Omsk (14%), Kemerovo and Novosibirsk (on 13%) areas and also Krasnoyarsk (12%) and Altai edges (9%).

The possibility of remote medical consultations is legislatively entered in our country only since 2018, i.e. for Russians it is still rather unknown service. "Sberbank life insurance" one of a perva began to implement telemedicine as additional service in the insurance programs, increasing that their customer value. It is possible to use service an unlimited number of times during validity irrespective of whether there came the insured event. In process of growth of awareness and acquisition of the first experience of use of telemedicine demand for it begins to grow. We hope that in the short term the competent combination of internal visits to the doctor with remote consultations will become for our clients customary practice.
Ekaterina Kolomentseva, development director of health insurance of SK "Sberbank Life Insurance"

For the first year of work digital medical services became popular not only with clients from Central Federal District where penetration of digital and innovation products, but also in remote regions is higher. Our doctors managed to help thousands of people, and in certain cases – to give effective first aid and to prevent negative effects. We see that already many clients ask for the remote help of doctors regularly, and I hope, in the future a bigger number of people will care for the health using remote consultations with the qualified doctors.
Denis Shvetsov, CEO of medical company "The Doctor Is Near"

The rating of districts on demand of telemedicine

From March to October, 2018 the greatest number of requests for telemedicine consultations arrived from Central Federal District — 25% of a total quantity. On December 5, 2018 reported about it in Sberbank. The Moscow region (Moscow and the Moscow region) of which 54% of a total quantity of addresses in the district were the share became the absolute leader in the number of addresses to the CFD. The five of areas where telemedicine was the most demanded, included the Lipetsk region (6% of calls) and also the Bryansk, Voronezh, Tula and Yaroslavl regions (on 4% of calls).

From the Volga Federal District 20% of requests for telemedicine arrived. Telemedicine enjoyed the greatest popularity in Volga federal district at residents of Perm Krai (21% of all addresses from the district), the Samara region (14%), the Nizhny Novgorod Region and the Republic of Bashkortostan (on 11%), the Republics of Udmurtia (10%).

In 16% of cases addressed for telemedicine consultations from Siberian Federal District. The most active users of telemedicine in the SFD are residents of the Irkutsk region (30%), Krasnoyarsk Krai (15%), Altai Krai (14%), Novosibirsk (13%) and Kemerovo areas (11%).

Existence in an insurance product of medical services does it more attractive because allows to use the policy regularly and not just when there is an insured event. Since 2018 we fill with such services as telemedicine, the check-apy and the second medical opinion, our different insurance programs, including for a mass segment. An example of the most mass product is just credit life insurance in which the option of remote consultations of doctors works.
Katharine Soomre, managing director of Management of sales of products of welfare of Sberbank

General practitioners give the greatest number of telemedicine consultations. In 71% of cases women, in 29% — men address them. 31% of these consultations concern health issues of children up to 12 years. At the same time men (72%), than women (28%) address specialists doctors more often. Average age of clients of service of telemedicine — 36 years.

Telemedicine is capable not only to increase availability of medical care, but also to help early detection of diseases at people who do not manage to visit specialists internally. It ideally supplements the idea of the life insurance policy. According to our forecasts, the number of clients who will be able to use telemedicine by the end of 2018 will exceed 3 million people, and in the long term three years telemedicine will cover about 20% of the population of Russia.
Ekaterina Kolomentseva, director of medicine of SK "Sberbank Life Insurance"

Partnership with network of clinics "Mother and Child"

Sberbank, DocDoc online service (Sberbank enters into group) and network of the multi-profile medical centers "Mother and Child" in March, 2018 signed the strategic agreement on cooperation within development of the first federal medical marketplace of DocDoc.

The DocDoc service and Sberbank accepted the decision on start of a medical marketplace at the beginning of 2018. It is supposed that with its help the user can receive different medical services and products in the single interface. The network of the medical centers "Mother and Child" became the first strategic partner of a marketplace and, under the terms of the agreement, will provide medical services through the DocDoc platform. Among them — telemedicine for pregnant and/or young mothers, physical examinations, prenatal and postnatal maintenance, health insurance (VHI), treatment of oncological and cardiovascular diseases. It is planned that users from all Russia will be able to receive services in June, 2018.

Sberbank, DocDoc and network of clinics \"Mother and Child\" will start a marketplace of medical services. Picture:
Sberbank, DocDoc and network of clinics "Mother and Child" will start a marketplace of medical services. Picture:

Patients will be able to use services in a telemedicine format, without leaving the house or work, or to register in acceptance to the specialist in one of organizations of the growing network of hospitals and clinics "Mother and Child" in 18 regions of Russia. Services will be available including within the program of the voluntary medical insurance (VMI).

We start the federal project and are glad that the largest network of the medical centers "Mother and Child" became one of our first partners. Additional plus will become the fact that inhabitants of regions will be able to get advice of popular Moscow specialists — the CEO of DocDoc service Dmitry Petrukhin commented on an event.

We are glad to become the partner of DocDoc. Cooperation with this large federal platform will allow us to provide to the existing and new patients in different corners of Russia the innovation method to use our services. As the multi-profile player in the market of private medical services in Russia, through a marketplace we will provide as specialized services, traditional for us, for women, and more full range of services for all family members. Thanks to our considerable experience and the developed network of hospitals and clinics in 18 regions of the country we are capable to satisfy different requests near the places of residence of patients. At the same time for their convenience we will also work in a telemedicine format — Mark Kurtser, the CEO of Mat i ditya Group noted in return.

According to analysts of Sberbank, by 2022 total market of services of e-health will quickly develop and will make more than 238 billion rubles. Marketplace of DocDoc expects to take the leading positions in this market. Among the main services which can be received through a marketplace — record to the doctor, telemedicine, chekapa, purchase of drugs online, sale of insurance policies, the medical record, the second opinion, medical tourism, integration into wearable gadgets and also the medical concierge.

2017: Sberbank takes 80% of the shares

On May 25, 2017 Sberbank announced purchase of a controlling stake of service. As a result of this transaction the credit institution, largest in Russia, entered the market of digital medicine.

Sberbank purchased a 79.6 percent share of The rest remained with the founder of service Dmitry Petrukhin and company management. The financial component of the agreement is not opened.

Sberbank purchased service of online record to doctors of
Sberbank purchased service of online record to doctors of

Sberbank notes that acquisition of is an important step to strategy implementations on creation of the digital ecosystems directed to the widest satisfaction of needs of the client.

We create an ecosystem which will form a basis of new quality and availability of services of health care in our country. Management of achieved impressive results, having independently constructed the unconditional market leader from scratch. We are convinced that in cooperation with group Sberbank the company will be able to achieve all most ambitious goals and to realize the large-scale potential of the development — the president and the chairman of the board of Sberbank German Gref said.

Sberbank is not going to render independently medical services, to create own medical clinics and to compete with the clients — for example, medical institutions, insurance companies or drugstores. Instead Sberbank will provide them the tool for interaction as with each other, and with citizens.

Sberbank reported that in the future through such services as  telemedicine (delivery of health care  using remote communication channels) and purchase of drugs can be offered.

According to forecasts of Sberbank, the volume of the Russian market of digital medicine will be  150-180 billion  rubles by 2020, and the share of in this volume will reach 50-60%.[1]

2016: Invested $4 million in DocDoc

In January, 2016 received the next investment tranche from Guard Capital. Total investment of fund in an online service was $4 million.

"We allocated the raised funds for expansion of network of regional branches, development of a technology platform, and also for implementation of the online schedule. We will tell of results of investments soon" - the founder and the CEO of Petrukhin Dmitry says.