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MetricsHub specializes in development of the automated control facilities of performance of the cloud systems. In March it was reported that Microsoft buys the developer of monitors of the cloud MetricsHub systems. At once after the message about MetricsHub purchase the Microsoft company announced inclusion in the cloud Windows Azure system of the preliminary version of MetricsHub Active Cloud Monitoring service. It is free for all clients of Windows Azure. Commercial clients of MetricsHub will be transferred to use of the free version too.

MetricsHub technologies are intended for cost optimization on payment of services of the cloud systems, with ensuring the maximum loading of the used services. The startup began the work in the Microsoft Accelerator program which the company carried out together with TechStars business accelerator. Now this program is focused generally on a cloud platform of Windows Azure and a sensing technology of the movement Kinect.

Meanwhile the free monthly subscription to AWS Trusted Advisor service which analyzes the configurations of a cloud system set by clients and compares them to the best of known is open for clients of the competing cloud platform of Amazon Web Services. Usually this service is provided only to clients with corporate and the business level of support.