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Mezhregiongaz of Technology (earlier ANT-Inform)



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Company Info

The Mezhregiongaz of Technology company (till October, 2018 - ANT-Inform) is founded in 2000, is based in St. Petersburg. Implements complex projects in the field of informatization, automation, engineering, service and outsourcing.

The main directions it activity are design and construction of the automated systems of commercial gas metering (ASCGM), automated systems of dispatching control, resource management of the organization (ERP system), outsourcing accounting and IT processes, solutions for energy saving and energy efficiency, specialized solutions for heat-and-power and power industry, etc.

The company is also engaged in production and deliveries of own equipment, complete deliveries of technology equipment, deliveries and licensing of software, deliveries of overalls and the individual protection equipment (IPE).

Separate activity are the services of power consulting connected with increase in efficiency of use of energy resources, optimization of relationship between suppliers and consumers of energy resources.

Primary clients are the companies of the Gazprom group, the enterprise electro-and heat-and-power engineeering, housing and public utilities.

In addition to the head company in St. Petersburg, at "Mezhregiongaz of Technology" there are also three branches in Moscow and on one branch in Krasnodar and in Salavat (Bashkortostan). In addition, the company has "daughters" "Gazstroy the Northwest" (St. Petersburg, the Northwestern Federal District), Spetsgazavtomatika (Ufa, the Volga Federal District), Tekhnogaz (the central office – Perm, departments – in 13 regions of Russia) and "The southern metrological company" (the central office – Rostov-on-Don, departments – in 14 regions of Russia).


2018: Renaming

In October, 2018 ANT-Inform replaced the name with "Mezhregiongaz of Technology".

Logo of the company before renaming

2013: The structure of Gazprom buys ANT-Inform

At the end of August, 2013 the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) satisfied the petition of the Teploinvest company belonging to the Gazprom group for acquisition of a share in the amount of 80% of authorized capital of the head company "ANT-Inform" which is based in St. Petersburg.

The companies of the Gazprom group are primary clients ANT-Inform. Among them -Gazprom mezhregiongaz,"The Gazprom gas distribution",Gazprom Energoholding,"The Gazprom Gazenergoset" and others.

One of the most large-scale projects implemented ANT-Inform is construction of the automated system of commercial gas metering by request Gazprom mezhregiongaz covering about 70% of industrial consumers of gas in Russia.

Creation of uniform information and technology space of the Gazprom group, development and service maintenance of an automated system of commercial gas metering of Gazprom mezhregiongaz, outsourcing of automation systems, IT and communication in Gazprom neftekhim Salavat became the most large-scale projects in 2012.

At the end of 2012 consolidated revenues ANT-Inform from all directions of business were 10.048 billion rubles. According to the plan of strategic development the company is faced by the purpose to increase consolidated annual revenues to 50 billion rubles.

According to the profit and loss statement, revenue of directly head company ANT-Inform at the end of 2012 made about 7.5 billion rubles, having increased approximately by 1 billion rub. The net profit of the head company and about the same - the size of its net assets was a little more than 1 billion rubles in 2012.

It should be noted that submitted the petition for acquisition of head company "ANT-Inform" "Teploinvest" the first time in 2010. Then it was talked of acquisition of 99% of shares in its authorized capital, and the petition was also satisfied by FAS.


By the end of 2012 the situation with shareholders "ANT-Informa" exchanged again – individuals became them entirely. Dmitry Zaytsev increased the share to 25%, on 20% Natalya Svitova, Mikhail Botvinkin and Natalia Tikhonchuk received, and 10% were controlled by Darya Sergeyeva.

Till 2012 ANT-Inform owned 70% of Gazenergoinform and 49% of "ГазНефтеторг.ру".

2011: The company is sold to private enterprises

In February, 2011 the company is sold. On 25% got to two Cyprus offshore companies – Volneno Holdings Ltd and Delonaria Holdings Ltd and also St. Petersburg GEP Development. Another 24% were redeemed by Dmitry Zaytsev.