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NPO Mikrogen


Federal State Unitary Enterprise NPO Mikrogen of the Russian Ministry of Health. Development and production of immunobiological medicines, diagnostic and medicines.

National immunobiological company (Nacimbio)


Revenue and profit of the company

20167.6 billion rubles.---
6000 employees in 2016



+ Microgene of federal state unitary enterprise NPO Ministry of Health and Social Development RF

Federal State Unitary Enterprise NPO Mikrogen of the Russian Ministry of Health — the Russian Producer of Immunobiological Medicines. in portfele of the enterprise of 62 vital medicines, 13 vaccines of the National calendar of preventive inoculations and 10 vaccines against socially important infectious diseases.

NPO Mikrogen is included into three leading on sales volumes the Russian pharmaceutical companies (by data for 2012 DSM Group, the Remedy allowance, Pharmvestnik). As of August, 2017, the company represents the extensive network of the state enterprises including 9 production sites, each of which is engaged in development and release of certain categories or names of medicines. The NPO Mikrogen enterprises are located in Perm, Ufa and Tomsk, Stavropol, Irkutsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Makhachkala, Moscow, Omsk and Belorechensk.

The development strategy of the company assumes complete ensuring need of the Russian market for quality domestic immunobiological medicines and upgrade of assets by 2020. The company is going to update means of production at the expense of own profit without attraction of public financing.

The general staff – more than 6,000 people.

In "portfolio" of the enterprise 62 medicines entering the VED list and 121 naimenovaniyeimmunobiologichesky medicines, including 13 vaccines of the National calendar of preventive inoculations and 10 vaccines against socially important infectious diseases appear.

History of branches of the Enterprise: "The Perm NPO Biomed Perm, Immunopreparat Ufa and "NPO Virion Tomsk contains more than 100 years of activity and is directly connected with sources of the Russian immunological science.


2018: The second phase of clinical trials of vaccine against meningitis

NPO Mikrogen (enters into "The national immunobiological company" of State Corporation Rostec) in March, 2018 started the second phase of clinical trials of the first domestic polisakharidny meningococcal vaccine for prevention of the diseases caused by bacteria of a type of Neisseria meningitidis at once two serogroup And yes With including meningitis and a meningokoktsemiya.

Within the second phase "Mikrogen" will carry out clinical trials of medicine on volunteers regarding efficiency and security. Preclinical researches using laboratory animals and results of the first phase of clinical trials completed in the second quarter 2017 confirmed security and high portability of medicine. The second test phase is going to be completed in the second quarter 2018.

Work is conducted within the import substitution program designed to reduce dependence of Russia on foreign suppliers in crucial spheres, including in health care. Following the results we expect to receive the first domestic polisakharidny meningococcal vaccine which will be able to replace import medicines and to be used within the national calendar of inoculations — the chief executive of State Corporation Rostec Oleg Yevtushenko told.

For creation of domestic polyvalent meningococcal vaccine by scientific and production association the managed reactor method of cultivation of vaccinal strains of meningokokk of groups A and C allowing to automate was implemented and to quickly scale medicine production volumes at emergence of epidemics.

We set for ourselves the task in a short time to develop effective medicine as as of March, 2018 domestic polyvalent meningococcal vaccines of serotypes And yes With are not manufactured in Russia, vaccines are provided only by foreign medicines. Results of preclinical researches and the current works allow to highly appreciate perspectives of the Russian vaccine — the CEO of NPO Mikrogen Kirill Gaydash said.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Neisseria meningitides activator is a basic reason of meningococcal meningitis. About 90% of all cases are the share of serogruppa And yes From the activator. The meningococcal infection is often shown in the form of the scattered, not connected among themselves, cases or small flashes which can pour out in epidemic.