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Mindtribe Product Engineering






Mindtribe Product Engineering — the American company founded in 1998 specializing in consulting services for development of "smart" network solutions — both program, and equipment rooms. In work the Agile methods which help clients to create new products quicker are applied.

As of August, 2018 the number of staff of Mindtribe totals 40 people who work in San Francisco. On the website of the company it is reported that Apple, Google, Tesla Motors, etc. are among her clients.


2018: Accenture purchased Mindtribe

In August, 2018 the Accenture company rendering services in the field of management consulting, information technologies and outsourcing  announced purchase of Mindtribe Product Engineering and also a startup of Pillar Technology which is engaged in software development for the "smart" systems with network functionality including for unmanned vehicles. The cost of transactions of the party was decided not to be disclosed.

Accenture reported that Mindtribe and Pillar are absorbed within the strategy of digital transformation under the name Industry X.0 which was announced in the fall of 2017. The initiative was started after the research which showed that only 13% of heads from more than 900 companies announced increase in efficiency and increase in revenue from the new business directions thanks to investments into digital technologies.

Accenture purchased two Agile-developer for development of the concept of Industry X.0
Accenture purchased two Agile-developer for development of the concept of Industry X.0

Accenture Industry X.0 integrates five different groups of digital technologies (independent robots, mobile calculations, autonomous vehicles, three-dimensional printing and machine learning) to help the companies to raise and become more effective.

Pillar Technology — the American software developer using the Agile methods. By August, 2018 in the company founded in the 1996th 320 people at several offices in the territory of the USA work.

The CEO of Pillar Technology Steve Myers after sale to the company will still direct it, but as a part of Accenture. Besides, he will direct the direction of smart products and the built-in solutions within the concept of Accenture Industry X.0.[1]