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Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of the Ministry of Economic Development of the MEDT


2000 employees in 2016



+ Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Economic Development, MEDT)

The federal executive authority enabling development and the realization of the state social and economic policy including uniform state trade policy, determination of ways of development of economy and the methods of its regulation providing social and economic progress and sustainable development of the Russian Federation. About 2000 employees, 17 departments, 108 territorial authorities (managements and representations), 5 subordinated federal services and agencies.

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Economic Development Russia earlier the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade) is the federal executive authority performing functions on development of state policy and legal regulation in the field of the analysis and forecasting of social and economic development, development of business activity, including medium and small business, foreign economic activity (except for foreign trade), the property relations, insolvency (bankruptcy) and financial improvement, estimated activity, the land relations (except for the agricultural land), the State Immovable Property Cadastre, implementation of the state cadastral registration and cadastral activity, the state cadastral assessment of lands, the state monitoring of lands (except for the agricultural land), state registration of the rights to real estate, geodesy and cartography, the state statistical activity, investment activities and the state investments, formation interstate and federal target programs (long-term target programs), departmental target programs, development and program implementation of social and economic development of the Russian Federation, creation and functioning of special economic zones in the territory of the Russian Federation, managements of the state material reserve, placing orders for the supply of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs.


2019: The MEDT and RVC create venture fund for the "Personnel for Digital Economy" project

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and RVC approved key parameters on the organization of activity and financing of venture fund for support of perspective educational technologies of digital economy. The document was signed in June, 2019 within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum by the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Ilya Torosov and the CEO of RVC Alexander of Povalko.

The fund is created in pursuance of the federal draft "Personnel for Digital Economy" of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" of the Government of the Russian Federation for development of perspective educational technologies using the best world technological solutions for increase in efficiency and access to education. Within activity of Fund development of the Russian technological companies in the field of education with their subsequent expansion abroad and also a transfer of world educational technologies to Russia is planned.

The total amount of fund will be 7 billion rubles due to providing RVC of the federal budget in 2019-2021 of the budget investments with increase at an equivalent part of participation of the Russian Federation in authorized capital of RVC. The term of activity of Fund will be 10 years with a possibility of double prolongation for the term of 1 year. The fund will be organized in the form of an investment partnership, at the same time the managing companion Fonda will be defined as a result of the procedure of open selection.

Within activity of Fund it is going to organize acceleration activity that will allow to expand a funnel of potentially successful projects and to stimulate development of new technological solutions.

2018: Development of the Strategy of development of the market of venture and direct investments

RVC together with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation submitted the draft of the Strategy of development of the market of venture and direct investments until 2025 and further perspective till 2030. The project is developed by RVC together with the international consulting company PWC by request of the Ministry of Economic Development. Initiatives of strategy are directed to expansion of a circle of investors, active in the venture market, attraction to Russia of the foreign capital and stimulation of a release of the Russian projects to international markets, keep development of infrastructure a technology entrepreneurship and improvement of a regulatory framework, reported TAdviser on November 18, 2018 in RVC. Read more here.


In October, 2012 it became known that the Ministry of Economic Development suggests to select from the budget for 2013-2015 356.7 billion rubles for financing of the "Economic Development and the Innovation Economy" state program, reported in the document published on the website of the ministry.


For October, 2010 the department of New Economy of the ministry was engaged in implementation of the FTP Electronic Russia. Within the actions competitions on implementation of specific projects are prepared and held, the contractor of projects is selected, the Government contract between the contractor and the state consists (on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development). Then project implementation begins, for which the Department of New Economy exercising project management is responsible. Control of project deliverables is exercised by experts including from other organizations.