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+ Ministry of Health of Sverdlovsk region


Drafts of the concept of the Center of nuclear medicine

On September 26, 2018 the Rusatom Healthcare company announced that the Ministry of Health of Sverdlovsk region prepared drafts of the concept of the Center of nuclear medicine and the corresponding road map.

The center of nuclear medicine for diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases will be created based on PET / KT-centra PAT-Technology companies in Yekaterinburg. The relevant agreement of intent the governor of the region Evgeny Kuyvashev, the CEO of Rusatom Healthcare Denis Cherednichenko, the representative of Medinvestgroup Victor Haritonin and the rector signed URFA Victor Koksharov.

Other atomic enterprises of Sverdlovsk region having the corresponding competences also will take part in project implementation. It "Institute of reactor materials" and Elektrokhimpribor plant.

Project implementation will allow to increase availability of services of nuclear medicine to residents of Sverdlovsk region and nearby regions, to lift quality of diagnostics and treatment to other level and also will contribute to the development of scientific capacity of the Ural Federal District.
Denis Cherednichenko, CEO of JSC Rusatom Healthcare

For September, 2018 the documents concerning creation of the Center of nuclear medicine are considered at a meeting of the working group on development of nuclear medicine under the chairmanship of the first vice governor of the region Alexey Orlov.

According to the statistics patients with oncology make 80% of all number of the patients using nuclear medicine. Use of modern techniques of nuclear medicine will allow to improve quality of diagnostics and assistance also at cardiovascular, neurologic and other diseases. We are in the home stretch in a question of creation of the center of nuclear medicine in the region.
Alexey Orlov, vice governor of the region

According to the Minister of Health of Sverdlovsk region Andrey Tsvetkov, the road map on implementation of the investment project includes six stages.

Until the end of 2018 it is going to complete installation of the second PET/KT of the scanner of an expert class, to begin design of a cyclotron and radiochemical complex and to create production division with laboratory of quality control of RFP 68-gally-PSMA based on the center of nuclear medicine. Also in the nearest future in federal structures the rate of compulsory health insurance for service "A positron emission tomography will be approved with radiopharmaceutical 68-gally-PSMA.
Andrey Tsvetkov, Minister of Health of Sverdlovsk region