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VTB Capital
"VTB asset management" manages a controlling stake of VTB Capital in VTB Capital with the partner — the Pay Cash group invested more than $10 million in the project and is going to remain his co-owner 5-7 years




The company providing money transfer services via mobile phones. Project "MOBI. Money" began the existence in 2003 within PayCash group which has more than ten years' experience of development of payment technologies (among the most known projects — Yandex.Money, the Internet. Money (Ukraine), Moneta Express (USA), etc.).

Service of the company allows to send up to 15,000 rub into any phone bill, and the receiver can remove them cash through department Unistream or from the bank card. The commission — 2.95% — shares between, the operator and Unistream. Mobi.Dengi Ltd is an owner of intellectual property of PayCash. The Tavrichesky Bank which obtained the license for this type of activity from Bank of Russia No. 2304 and the Registration certificate on implementation of issue of a pre-paid financial product No. 17 C/1 of 10/28/2002 and No. 17 C/2 of 6/10/2004 acts as the financial guarantor of activity of Mobi.Dengi.

Performance Indicators


Since 2008 Mobi.Dengi grew to 16 million users who make payments and transfers to the amount more than 10 billion rubles annually.


Since April, 2010 when earned mobile money transfers, the number of active clients of trebled from 0.3-0.4 million (used a mobile commerce) to more than 1 million, the CEO of processing company Shishlo Andrey told (as of 2010).

MOBI payment system. Money more than 13 million clients whose annual volume of payments is more than 10 billion rubles use. A system gives to clients a payment opportunity more than 4000 different goods and services. As of 2012.


2017: Partnership with Alipay

Group "MOBI. Money" received in September the status of the official partner of Alipay in Russia (a part of Alibaba holding). This partnership will allow the Russian trade and retail enterprises without additional costs on the equipment to accept payments for the goods and services performed using mobile application of Alipay based on the normal cash equipment and the technological solution MOBI. Money.

The possibility of payment acceptance using the Alipay payment application, expands possibilities of service of tourist flow from China in the Russian market. Annually Russia visit more than 2 million Chinese citizens. On average the Chinese tourists spend about $500 dollars a day in our country, at the same time more than 70% from them are active users of mobile application of Alipay.

2012: Mobile applications

Mobi company. Money started in the fall of 2012 mobile applications which allow to make remittances across Russia and to the CIS countries, to pay utility payments. Together with UNISTREAM company of Mobi. Money developed the mobile application allowing to make remittances UNISTREAM from the account of the mobile phone to any receiver in the Russian Federation or the CIS countries. The first version of these applications is based on standard SMS commands and has a user-friendly interface for formation of the order on transfer. Applications control the message length, correctness of the entered parameters and give an opportunity of the convenient choice of values, for example, the alphabetic country code of transfer.

Also Mobi company. Money started mobile application by means of which it is possible to pay housing and communal services of the Moscow region. For payment it is enough to start the application, to point the phone camera at a receipt barcode and to confirm payment. For those cases when the code is not read out, in the application there is a possibility of manual entry of data.

2010: Partnership with VimpelCom and plans

Having started on network of VimpelCom, expect to connect also other operators, Shishlo says. The volume of payments for the first months of cooperation with exceeded expectations of VimpelCom, the press secretary Anna Aybasheva claims it. In the next 3-5 years every tenth subscriber of operators who will connect service will use services of, the director of the department of direct and venture investments "calculates VTB asset management" (manages a controlling stake of VTB Capital in Aydar Kaliyev. By the fall of 2010 the company hopes to agree with one operator of "the big three".

Mobile money transfers — the popular service, MegaFon discusses cooperation with, the press secretary Tatyana Ivanova says it. Conducts negotiations and MTS, the representative says it, but she would like to make sure that the scheme of transfers conforms to requirements of the Central Bank regarding identification of the payer. Money without providing documents is sent (they are shown only by the receiver, withdrawing the sum). Since January 1, 2010 the law permitting to transfer up to 15,000 rub without identity certificate works, Shishlo reminds. Negotiations with and also with a number of the similar companies are conducted also by Tele2, the director of a product Roman Volodin says it.

Also the circle of the partners accepting transfers hope to expand, Shishlo adds. The chairman of the board of directors of a money transfer system Leader Olga Vilkul not against partnership, but, as well as MTS, would like to imagine more accurately technology of passing of money through a system.