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MongoDB earlier 10gen


MongoDB (earlier 10gen) is the organizer, the participant and the permanent sponsor of the project on development of the MongoDB database, providing services in support of its operation, training, consulting and online management. The company is founded by such organizations as Sequoia Capital, Flybridge Capital Partners and Union Square Ventures.

Revenue and profit of the company, $

2018166 028 000-83 973 000
2019267 016 000-99 011 000

MongoDB (earlier 10gen) offers the organizations of advantage – flexibility when developing the database, scalability at its deployment, existence of big community of IT specialists who provide its support as the software product with the open code. Thanks to this support the MongoDB database was already selected by the leading organizations from the Fortune 500 list and the companies of the sphere Web 2.0, including Disney, Viacom, Intuit and Foursquare.

Performance Indicators

2019: Growth of revenue by 64% to $253.8 million; losses — $99 million

In 2019 financial year revenue of MongoDB made $253.8 million, having increased by 64% of rather previous year. The reporting 12-month period came to the end on January 31 2019-g calendar.

The most part of income of the company is brought by subscriptions which sales in 2019 reporting year reached $248.4 million that for 64% exceeds an indicator of year prescription. The developer of open DBMS earned $18.6 million from services that is 31% more, than the previous year.

Financial performance of MongoDB
Financial performance of MongoDB

2019 financial year MongoDB completed with net losses in the amount of $99 million whereas monetary losses were measured in the 2018th by $82.7 million.

In the report it is said that income from the solution MongoDB Atlas (DBaaS, DBMS as service) reached annual level more than in $100 million less than three years later after entry of products into the market. Thus, MongoDB Atlas began to bring the companies of nearly 40% of revenue.

It is obvious that there is mass migration of workflows from local computers in a cloud. Now our product works for Amazon and Google therefore these companies earn from our growth — the CEO Dev Itticheriya  (Dev Ittycheria) said.

By the end of January, 2019 MongoDB had  13,400 clients that is 130% more, than the previous year. From this number  11,400 customers, however, use the solution Atlas nearly a third (4200) of this base is the share of clients who got to the company as a result of acquisition of mLab.

557 clients (4% of a total quantity) bring to MongoDB not less than $100 thousand the annual repeating revenue whereas by the end 2018 financial like those there was 354.

In day of the publication of financial statements (on March 14, 2019) securities of MongoDB rose in price for 26% and reached the highest value in the history — $130.9, notes CNBC TV channel. In 12 last months quotations jumped more than by 220%, and since the beginning of 2019 they rose not less than half.[1]


2017: Application for the IPO

In August, 2017 it became known about volume, the American company MongoDB, the developer of dokumentooriyentirovanny DBMS of the same name with the open code, submitted the application for a primary public offer (IPO).[2]

According to the edition TechCrunch necessary for the IPO request MongoDB was already made thanks to what the company expects receiving new — i.e. public — the status until the end of the current year.

During the existence, since November, 2007, MongoDB Inc. (earlier known as 10gen) received investments with a total amount over $300 million. Among the famous investors — Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital and NEA.

In addition to directly NoSQL-SUBD MongoDB, products and company services include: corporate edition NoSQL-SUBD (MongoDB Enterprise), the solution for management of DBMS on demand (Ops Manager) and in a cloud (Cloud Manager), a cloud service of a DB as service (DBaaS) under the name MongoDB Atlas. At MongoDB also exists fork TokuMX which since 2015 is developed by Percona company.

2013: Change of the name

On August 27, 2013 10gen announced carrying out standardization of company names and the product — DBMS with the open code MongoDB. As result, the company replaced the name with 10gen with MongoDB. Change became effective on the same day — on August 27.

Along with renaming the company changed the website address: now instead of it locates at the address[3]


Stock price dynamics

Ticker company on the exchange: NASDAQ:MDB