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The FGUP Morsviazsputnik is an operator of shore stations of the satellite Inmarsat communication system and the participant of world programs and projects in the field of tracking, communication, search and rescue of courts.

Federal Agency of Sea River Transport



For July, 2014 Morsvyazsputnik is under authority of one of the agencies of Ministry of Transport — Federal Agency of Sea River Transport.


The FGUP Morsviazsputnik performs satellite tracking for the benefit of shipowners, the organizations which are responsible for safety of navigation, the state departments and also provides communication services to individuals and business structures.

For October, 2013 the FGUP Morsviazsputnik performs connection of the following services of Iridium:

  • voice services;
  • services of high-speed data transmission of OpenPort;
  • services of transfer of short messages of SBD.

FGUP Morsviazsputnik:

  • is an official partner of Iridium of Kommyyunikeshens LLC;
  • performs connection of subscribers on behalf of the Operator on official rates without additional margins;
  • provides the round-the-clock technical support and maintenance of subscribers of Iridium;
  • performs sale of the equipment of Iridium.


2014: Obtaining frequencies for the station of interface

In July, 2014 FGUP Morsviazsputnik received frequencies for construction of the station of interface in the Klin district of the Moscow region. Izvestia was reported about it by the director of the department of programs of development of Ministry of Transport Alexey Semyonov.

According to Semyonov, construction of the station of interface will be financed from the means obtained due to sale of the stocks of Inmarsat owned by the state on the London Stock Exchange.

— Process of preparation for sale of 1.15% of stocks of Inmarsat is begun, but when transactions are performed, it is difficult to tell. It is necessary to sell so that the market value of papers of the company did not fall — Semyonov says.

Depending on a specific rate implementation of 5,265,188 ordinary shares of Inmarsat PLC will allow to gain 2.1-2.2 billion rubles. According to Semyonov, investments into infrastructure will allow Morsvyazsputnik to become the operator of the highest level and at the expense of it to strengthen the positions in the market of satellite communication.

The Inmarsat satellite communication system services about 250 thousand subscribers (July, 2014) using 10 geostationary satellites worldwide. Inmarsat does not provide a global covering — the satellites which are above the equator do not finish to polar regions, and as a result the system intended mainly for communication at the sea does not work at a part of the Northern Sea Route.

- Investments into development of infrastructure of Inmarsat are justified because services of this operator will be demanded and in the future — the leading analyst of GLONASS non-profit partnership Andrey Ionin considers. — Life showed that demand for services of such operators as Iridium and Globalstar, is limited — they in 15 years of work managed to attract for two 1 million subscribers. It is their limit. Advantage of Inmarsat with its geostationary satellites that it can unroll the system of new generation on a global scale, having launched only 3 new satellites, but not 66 — as at Iridium. The size of the subscriber equipment in the market of satellite communication unlike cellular does not play a crucial role because consumers mainly — specialized and the equipment is installed on boats and[1].