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Moscow Little Ring Railway (MLRR)




JSC Moscow Little Ring Railway is founded for implementation of the complex investment project "Reconstruction and Development of the Small Ring of the Moscow Railway", according to the agreement of September 15, 2008 No. 77-367/1071 and the agreement of intent of January 15, 2009 No. 77-367-1 in June, 2011 signed between JSC "Russian Railways" and the Government of Moscow.

the ompaniya of JSC Moscow Little Ring Railway is the subordinated company of the Moscow Department of Construction and at the same time is a customer when constructing facilities TPU on MTsK.

2018: Moscow will begin to build the new railway station

In 2019 in Moscow will begin to build the new railway station. It was said by the deputy mayor of the city Marat Khusnullin, writes in December, 2018 the portal of a capital building complex. The new stop of local trains will appear on the Smolensk direction about the Slavyansky Boulevard subway.

In addition, next year construction of the fourth main way on Philly's section starts — Odintsovo It will allow to reduce an interval of the movement of electric trains up to 30 minutes, Khusnullin noted. For convenience of passengers will also begin to build the new suburban railway terminal at the Belarusian station.

Construction plans of the railway station at the Slavyansky Boulevard subway were read in 2011. The question is actively considered as the Arbat and Pokrovsk line of the subway is strongly overloaded, the chief of capital "subway" Ivan Besedin said at that time. Let's remind, an exit from the Slavyansky Boulevard subway is located in only several tens meters from railway tracks of the Smolensk direction.

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