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Moscow Railway (MR)


Since 1959
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
107996, Russia, Moscow, Krasnoprudnaya St., 20.

Russian Railway branch of JSC. Services the most part of the territory of Central Federal District, 13 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Russian Railways (RR) - 100%
50300 employees in 2016


The Moscow Railway is Russian Railway branch.

In the existing borders the Moscow Railway was organized in 1959 as a result of complete and partial consolidation of six roads: Moscow and Ryazan, Moskovsko-Kurskoy-Donbasskoy, Moscow and District, Moscow and Kiev, Kalinin and Northern. The history of the road originates from opening of the movement in 1861 to Cockerels, and on August 1, 1862 from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod.

The Moscow Railway is 13 thousand km of the unrolled length, 8.8 thousand km of operational length which are serviced by 50.3 thousand people.