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Moscow polytechnical university


The Moscow polytechnical university – the Russian university formed based on the Moscow state machine-building university (MAMI) and Moscow State University of printing of Ivan Fyodorov. Since 2014 the university undertakes deep reform of educational process which purpose — to bring educational programs into accord with the existing and perspective request of technology labor markets.



+ Moscow polytechnical university


2019: Agreement with Cognitive Technologies on opening of the Center of advanced developments of autonomous systems

The Moscow polytechnical university and the Russian developer of the systems of artificial intelligence and software Cognitive Technologies company signed on June 6, 2019 the agreement on cooperation in the field of creation of artificial intelligence technologies and training for new branches of the economy.

In the document it is told what for achievement of goals of cooperation of the party is intended to be opened based on the Center of Advanced Developments of Autonomous Systems university, focused on the solution of a full range of questions of creation of the autonomous transport systems of design and prototyping, before tests and certification, based on domestic and world practices. Training for the new scientific and industry directions will become other important problem of the created structure. The domestic specialist in the field of AI, creation of sensors for autonomous transport Nikolay Panokin will head the Center.

We, as well as the AI leading world developers, expand cooperation with the universities and the research centers for creation of the innovation platforms for development and deployment of solutions in the field of AI. The Moscow Polytechnic University has unique competences of this sphere. In the new organization specialists, famous in our country and the world, in the field of AI and creation of the pilotless transport systems, such as head of the engineering center of the university Pablo Iturralde will work — Olga Uskova the president of Cognitive Technologies group told.

2016: Reorganization

According to the order Ministry of Education and Science Russia of March 21, 2016 in To Moscow the Moscow polytechnical university by reorganization in the form of merge of Moscow State University of printing of Ivan Fedorov (MGUP) and the University of mechanical engineering (MAMI) is created.

Since September 1, 2016 MGUP of Ivan Fedorov became the Higher school of printing and the media industry as a part of the Moscow polytechnical university.


The order Ministry of Education and Science Russia of 12/28/2011 No. 2898 Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology (MSUEE) was a part MSTU of "MAMI" (nowadays Moscow polytechnical university) as structural division.