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Movere (Unified Logic was called earlier) is the American company which develops the software helping business to switch to cloud services.


2019: Microsoft purchased Movere

On September 4, 2019 Microsoft announced Movere acquisition, but did not begin to disclose information on that how much this purchase cost to the company.

According to the SiliconANGLE edition, a startup of Movere offers the platform for assessment of IT infrastructure by means of which the companies can check the technology assets in the automatic mode — without employee involvement.

Microsoft announced Movere acquisition
Microsoft announced Movere acquisition

Having up-to-date information on servers, applications and users in corporate network, IT administrators can find faults which are difficult for finding in the manual mode. Operational control is also a basic element for preserving of the high level of information security.

The companies carry out the IT infrastructure assessment within transition to cloud computing to define what applications they should transfer from local servers. Movere will simplify to the organizations a problem of migration of systems on Azure.

Software of Movere can visualize structure of corporate network, processing more than 1 thousand servers per hour. Such data as time and the most frequent periods of use of service lives are output by business applications. The companies can involve these data to calculate the volume of cloud infrastructure which will be required to them for accomplishment of former processes out of the servers and DPCs.

Possibilities of the company on studying and the analysis will add Azure Migrate and the integrated partner solutions of Microsoft that will allow to facilitate even more process of migration in a cloud, Jeremy Winter who is responsible in Microsoft for projects of management of Azure in a service format said.[1]