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NIIAS Institute of informatization, automation and communication on railway transport



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JSC NIIAS, structural division of JSC "Russian Railways", is leading research institute of the Russian industry of railway transport in creation of complexes and systems of security of the movement (including high-speed), traffic control, geoinformation and satellite TEConts of a status of the rolling stock and infrastructure of the railroads.


2019: The agreement with the Russian Railway on creation of the center of digital modeling of the transport systems based on RUT (MIIT)

On October 30, 2019 JSC RZD, JSC Research and Design Institute of Informatization, Automation and Communication on Railway Transport (JSC NIIAS) and the Russian university of transport signed the agreement on cooperation in the field of implementation of scientific and educational projects of the basic and additional education. Joint projects will be implemented based on the center of digital modeling of the transport systems which is going to be created at the Russian university of transport. Read more here.


On September 14, 2010 the Microsoft company and JSC NIIAS announced opening of Competence Center on technologies and building tools softwares based on technologies of Microsoft. The Competence Center will allow to standardize development process and by that to increase performance and predictability of accomplishment of different projects on creation of information systems. It will allow JSC NIIAS to execute projects with high quality, in time and within the planned budget. JSC NIIAS is also going to use technologies of remote training based on means of the joint communications and portal solutions of Microsoft. According to the management of JSC NIIAS, in combination with modern tools and techniques of effective team development it will allow to organize effective information exchange on projects between the NIIAS development centers distributed through the whole country and to provide training of employees on the job.


In 2007 VNIIAS was transformed by Ministry of Railways of Russia to subsidiary of JSC "Russian Railways" – Research and design institute of informatization, automation and communication on railway transport (JSC NIIAS).


For coordination of research and development in the field of information technologies on the NIIZhA railway transport in 2000 it was transformed to leading research institute of the industry – the Russian research and design institute of informatization, automation and communication on railway transport (VNIIAS by Ministry of Railways of Russia). The new stage of informatization – integration of the industry automated and managing systems began.


In 1987 the SOYUZZHELDORAVTOMATIZATION scientific and production association which included the research institute of railway automation (RIRA) formed based on CB TsSh and divisions of the All-Union Research Institute of Railway Transport (AURIRT) was created. They brought in institute scientific and technical solutions and developments in the field of automatic equipment and communication which then found implementation and broad practical application in processes of operation of the railroads.


In 1956 the design office of Head department of signaling and communication of Ministry of Railways (CB TsSh) was organized.

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