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NSS company - the mobile operator providing the services in 7 regions of the Volga region: Nizhny Novgorod, Penza, Saratov, Ulyanovsk regions, Republic of Mordovia, Chuvash Republic and Republic of Tatarstan.

The company is founded in 1995 and enters a top of 10 largest mobile operators of Russia. NSS offers subscribers both individual, and corporate service. The subscriber base of the company makes 3.6 million subscribers. 100% of stocks of NSS company own JSC VolgaTelecom. One of priority tasks of NSS for the near future - further expansion of a coverage of network to the Volga region and quality improvement of services of mobile Internet access.

Performance Indicators

Revenue of the company for and grew 2010 in comparison with 2009 by 31% up to 6.4 billion rubles. Net profit increased by 53% to 1.1 billion rubles. The number of subscribers in 2010 grew by 4%.

Revenue of the company in the 3rd quarter 2010 grew by 37% up to 1,674,621 thousand rubles, revenue in 9 months grew by 33% up to 4,705,819 thousand rubles. Net profit in the 3rd quarter increased by 54% to 344,136 thousand rubles, net profit in 9 months increased by 73% to 912,340 thousand rubles. The number of subscribers in comparison with the 3rd quarter 2009 increased by 24%.