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National Center for Crisis Management (NTsUKS) of Emercom of Russia




The National Center for Crisis Management (NTsUKS) of Emercom of Russia is created according to the order of Emercom of Russia of 9/27/2006 No. 545.

NTsUKS - body of daily management of Universal State System of Prevention and Response to ES (RSChS) is also intended for ensuring activities of Emercom of Russia for management in the field of civil defense, protection of the population and territories from emergencies, fire safety, safety of people on water bodies and also coordination in accordance with the established procedure to activity of federal executive authorities within RSChS.

Among the main objectives of NTsUKS – preparation of offers on use of forces on duty and means, ensuring operational management of forces of RSChS during the course of performance actions for warning and emergency response, control of readiness of divisions of rapid response for actions on a purpose, the notification and informing the population on the predicted and arisen emergencies and the fires.

Within RSChS the National Center for Crisis Management also provides information exchange with federal executive authorities, territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, the organizations of network of monitoring of dangerous processes and the phenomena and the corresponding forces of permanent readiness.

Besides, the problem of support of the international humanitarian projects, programs and transactions, developments of coordinated actions of bodies of daily management of an interstate alerting system and emergency response of the State Parties of the CIS is assigned to NTsUKS.