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National Center of Electronic Education (NCEE)


Affiliated enterprise of the National Center of Informatization of State Corporation Rostec which specializes in education informatization.

National Center of Informatization (NCI)




2017: Creation of the joint venture

On May 30, 2017 "National Center of Informatization" (NCI) which is included into Rostec corporation and Surroundings Service company signed the agreement on creation of "National Center of Electronic Education" (NCEE) joint venture.[1]

As the representative of state corporation specified, the structure of Rostec will have a controlling stake of the joint venture, legally the structure is not registered yet.

"The surroundings service" belong to offshore Pleiades Publishing which final beneficiary — Alexander Shusterovich, the owner of Akademkniga/uchebnik publishing house. Until the end of the year "Surroundings the service" will invest about 600 million rubles in the joint venture.[2] the CEO "Akademkniga / the textbook" Boris Pimenov plodtverdit this information.

The employee of Rostec Konstantin Kozlov will head the joint venture.