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National Technologies




+ Krutitsky Alexey Aleksandrovich
+ Stolyarov Sergey Vladimirovich

Natsionalnye technologii LLC was formed in 2017 for an output to the market of domestic high-tech goods of civil appointment. The only product provided on the website of the company as of April, 2019 is the hardware and software system of DWH the Dome.

Revenue of "National technologies", according to the company, in 2018 exceeded 2.3 billion rubles.



The Russian operators bought DWH Dome for 1 billion rubles

On May 23, 2019 the National Technologies Company (51% the Avtomatika Concern of State Corporation Rostec possesses, 49% to Rostelecom) announced that in 2019 it signed delivery agreements of DWH Dome for the benefit of the largest telecom operators of the Russian Federation for the amount more than 1 billion rubles of DWH should be used during implementation of requirements 374-FZ (Yarovaya Laws). Read more here.

Rostelecom buys a share in "National technologies"

In April, 2019 Rostelecom announced plans of entry into the capital of Natsionalnye technologii LLC. Under the terms of the transaction, Rostelecom redeems 49% of shares from structures "IKS of Holding" of Anton Cherepennikov - Tsitadel holding and KNS Yadro. Rostec will possess 51% of shares in authorized capital of the company.

Improvement of the equipment for collection of information and storage systems for execution of requirements of FZ-374 "About counteraction to terrorism" will be one of the main objectives of the joint venture. Rostec considers that as of 2019 domestic developments in the field of DWH "do not concede according to the operational and price product characteristics of world leading manufacturers".

Key task of joint venture is creation of a reliable technology platform for the Russian telecommunication infrastructure, - the senior vice president of Rostelecom Vladimir Kiriyenko says. – Developments of National Technologies company, in our opinion, are one of the best in the market. The systems of DWH will allow to increase security, stability and independence of external producers of the relevant technical solutions.

DWH Dome<i> (a photo -</i>
DWH Dome (a photo -

ICKX Holding will act at the same time as the key technology partner and the participant of alliance for implementation of the joint integrated projects. The company considers the task within alliance to continue expansion of a product line of the enterprise, using own products of Yadro company.

Rostec told TAdviser that the product portfolio "National technologies" is created in technology cooperation with Yadro. These organizations are not competitors, and cooperate in the field of creation of products and project implementation, speak in Rostec. At the same time at "National technologies" focus on project implementation of federal scale.

As a part of already deliverable hardware and software systems of "National technologies" there are elements created by different producers including Yadro, Avtomatika concern, etc. Practically all key components of data of a HSS are made at capacities of Rostec, noted in state corporation.

Rostec also reported to TAdviser that in DWH of "National technologies" commoditi-components of different suppliers, as well as in the systems of other global manufacturers are used. These components are not key and are easily replaced with others. Who exactly makes drives for DWH of "National technologies", in Rostec did not specify.

Partnership is designed to enhance competences of the parties and will promote dense integration of developers, producers and consumers of the equipment for joint work according to real requests of the market, - the industrial director of a radio-electronic complex of Rostec Sergey Sakhnenko comments.

According to Rostec, DWH of "National technologies" as of April, 2019 are already used by MegaFon and Rostelecom companies. Besides, there is project implementation with VimpelCom and Akado.

"National technologies" not the first enterprise where Rostec and Rostelecom jointly participate. They indirectly possess shares in Bulat company - the Russian developer company telecommunication and the IT equipment. A quarter of this company belongs to Qtech. The product line Bulat includes including storage systems.

2017: Creation of the company

On October 31, 2017 Natsionalnye technologii LLC which 51% belong to Avtomatika concern, 49% — KNS Group was registered. Konstantin Yunov who was the Deputy CEO of the National center of informatization earlier (enters into Rostec) was appointed the head of Ltd company and also worked as the Chief information officer of MegaFon.

The joint venture is created for joint implementation of complex technology projects and a fast output to the market of complex domestic hi-tech goods, it was said in the statement of Rostec concerning creation of the company.

Within the joint venture it was going to conduct work on creation storage systems (DWH), provided by the Yarovaya Law[1].


As of the beginning of 2019 a main product "National technologies" is the complex of DWH Dome. It is building block system of data storage of domestic production for data storage of superlarge volumes.