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The Netris company is the Russian developer of intelligent solutions for telecom operators, government institutions and banking business.




Netris Ltd specializes in creation of the software and integration into areas of communication and television and also for credit institutions. Products of the company leave under the Netris trademark.


The IPSoft company which under the trademark began production of billing systems and a number of the innovation products for only appearing then in the IP telephony market was in the late nineties founded and also began to cooperate with different banks, developing for them exclusive software products. In 2006 based on the IPSoft command Netris Ltd was formed. The IPSoft trademark was used in names of products and solutions of the company till 2010 then it was replaced with Netris.

In the 2004th year the IPSoft company was a part of CTI company where began to develop the IPTV direction actively. In two years the former IPSoft command left the structure of CTI and was selected in independent company Netris Ltd.


The partnership agreement with NtechLab

On December 17, 2019 the Netris company reported that it signed partnership agreements NtechLab of page of the Party are going to implement recognition persons in outdoor cameras of regions of presence of Netris company. In particular, algorithm FindFace from NtechLab already works at 250 video flows from cameras of city observation Tyumen. In more detail here.

Acquisition by Rostelecom

Rostelecom Group closed the transaction on acquisition of Netris group. Transaction amount was 1.7 billion rubles. On April 4, 2019 reported about it to Netris.

The purchased group of persons includes Netris Ltd and Netris-Group LLC. The transaction was performed through "subsidiary" of Rostelecom, the operator of fixed connection, largest in Bashkortostan, Bashinformsvyaz. This company became the individual owner of structures of the Netris group[1].

The Alexander Viktorovich Dolgikh having experience of management of the companies working in the field of information technologies is appointed the CEO of Netris Ltd. The position of the technical director was held by Ilya Vladislavovich Lisovsky having experience in IT project management.

The systems of city video surveillance of development of Netris company help not only to ensure already many years safety, but also to manage successfully admin units of the Russian Federation and also to create on their basis Smart the cities and regions.

Purchase of Netris will enhance competences of Rostelecom of a segment of the innovation services and also will strengthen competitive positions in the capital region as the company is one of the main partners of the Government of Moscow in the field of creation and support of city video surveillance systems.

Activities and products

In activity of the company four directions are selected:

  • Digital interactive television (IPTV, OTT, hybrid IPTV/OTT/DVB).
  • Video surveillance
  • Video consultant
  • Bank solutions in the field of credit risk management (Debt Collection)

The company is engaged in system integration of the solutions developed based on own products.

Customers and projects

Digital interactive television: Kazakhtelecom, TransTeleCom, Smile, Rosintel, Vladlink, Satellite-Service, Ukrtelecom and some other.

iD TV (JSC Kazakhtelecom) began to provide services to IPTV in February, 2009. The solution entirely is based on products of Netris company. Features of implementation:

  • In detail 15 geographically distributed nodes of provision of services of digital interactive television.
  • Three satellite teleports with more, than thirty satellite antennas are constructed. Antenna posts are geographically distributed for ensuring the best acceptance of a signal from a large number of satellites and reservation of a system.
  • The distributed system of the Netris iStream video servers is implemented allows the operator to provide classical video services on demand and new services of Internet broadcasting (OTT) and mobile television.
  • The system of national reservation Netris NSR providing uninterrupted provision of services to subscribers in the territory of all Kazakhstan is unrolled. A system traces a status the equipment and allows to switch a signal source from one node to another.
  • Statistics server for cost optimization on content and studying of preferences of subscribers is installed.

Video surveillance: Government of Moscow

The National Cable Networks (NCN) company announced start of the operator platform for providing service of corporate video surveillance via the Internet in September, 2011. A system provides a single user-friendly interface for observation of objects of social infrastructure via the Internet with assistance of several cartographic services and an authorized access for control of cameras (scale, turn). A system was a part of a package of measures for ensuring transparency and safety of elections in Russian Presidents who took place in March, 2012.

Video consultant: Bank Russian Standard, MTS

The service of Videokonsultant is available to each subscriber on the website of MTS in the section the Internet assistant since May, 2011. The solution Netris provides expansion of opportunities of call center for providing video consultations via the Internet. Operators of the center can show different documents: agreements, reports on write-off of means, payment schedules and any other information on the website of the company. At the same time the client has visual contact with the consultant, can ask it questions and receive real-time responses.

Debt Collection: Bank Russian Standard, Sovcombank, SKK Assistance (Uralsib) and some other.

The solution for automation of collecting of arrears in Bank Russian Standard was implemented in 2003. The integrated solution of Netris allows bank to service qualitatively all portfolio of the issued credits and to perform timely work with each client: since issuance of credits and finishing with judicial office-work on non-returns.

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