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New digital solutions (earlier Digital for business)


Information technologies
Since 2018
Oruzheyny Lane, 41, floor 13, office 13.15

MegaFon - 50%
Rostelecom - 50%


+ Free float

Novye tsifrovye resheniya LLC (before "Digital for business") is created on June 6, 2018.



The third can join JV Rostelecom and MegaFon on a 5G

The joint venture PJSC Rostelecom and PJSC MegaFon for development of network of mobile communication of fifth generation of communication (Novye tsifrovye resheniya LLC) is in an active stage of negotiations about PJSC VimpelCom (Beeline) on joining of the operator to the joint venture. Also the enterprise will get into gear of the created consortium of Rostec and Rostelecom on a 5G.

VimpelCom can join JV Rostelecom and MegaFon on development of a 5G. "We are in an active stage of negotiations with VimpelCom now, - the president of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky after the annual general shareholder meeting (AGSM) told on June 14 journalists.

MegaFon will transfer 5G frequencies in the joint venture with Rostelecom

On June 11, 2019 it became known that MegaFon will transfer frequencies which are owned by the Neosprint company purchased by the operator in joint venture with Rostelecom.

Owing to current situation with frequencies in Russia on release of frequencies for a 5G and their conversion it is reasonable to carry out development of a compromise solution from under one moderator who collects and represents the interests of all industry. Such operator recognizes New Digital Solutions company — JV MegaFon and Rostelecom. Frequencies which we bought separately are subject to introduction as a contribution to authorized capital to this joint venture,
noted Gevork Vermishyan, the CEO of MegaFon

According to Vermishyan, transfer of frequencies will happen soon. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out the assessment of frequencies which are owned by Rostelecom and MegaFon and to attract other players in joint venture — VimpelCom and MTS. The main objective - to integrate all under one philosophy: 3.4-3.8 GHz are the most valuable range for a 5G therefore work on its conversion needs to be coordinated.

On June 10, 2019 it became known that the Russian Security Council does not support release of the frequencies of 3.4-3.8 GHz for a 5G as they are used by government services, transfer to civil means of communication is inexpedient from security reasons and defense of the country[1].

Pavel Korchagin is appointed the chief executive of the joint venture

On April 9, 2019 it became known that Pavel Korchagin is appointed the chief executive of joint venture PJSC MegaFon and PJSC Rostelecom for development of networks of fifth generation (5G) in Russia — Novye tsifrovye resheniya LLC. On this post he is engaged in projects of research of an available frequency resource and promotion of a 5G in the Russian market. Read more here.

Change of the name

According to data of the USRLE, on March 21, 2019 Digital dlya businessa LLC — JV PJSC MegaFon and PJSC Rostelecom — replaced the name with "New digital solutions".

Beginning of work of the joint venture

The Russian provider of digital services and solutions of PJSC Rostelecom announced on February 28, 2019 TAdviser the beginning of joint activity with PJSC MegaFon on development of mobile communication of fifth generation (5G) on the basis of joint venture Digital dlya businessa LLC. As specified in Rostelecom, participants of partnership will own the joint venture in equal shares. And the board member of Rostelecom Vadim Semyonov will head the company.

Earned JV Rostelecom and MegaFon on development of 5G networks. Photo:

According to representatives of provider, the main objectives of the joint venture are creation of the uniform infrastructure operator and work on release of a radio frequency spectrum for implementation of 5G networks in Russia. In particular, "Digital for business" will concentrate the main attention on formation of uniform infrastructure of a radio access in priority for development of 5G networks in Russia and in the world the frequency range of 3.4-3.8 GHz. It is standardized by international consortium 3GPP for the equipment of networks of fifth generation and allows to apply wide radio channels with high capacity. Besides, use of this radio-frequency range will allow to provide a significant area of a covering not only the territory of the large cities, but also in scales of the country and to provide compatibility of an ecosystem of subscriber terminal equipment, emphasized in Rostelecom.

According to experts of the company, standard 5G will be one of reference technologies in digital economy.

The revolutionism of transition to a 5G is that networks of new generation are created already not only under needs of the person, such as broadcast of video in real time in permission 4K and 8K and also services of virtual and augmented reality, but functioning of pilotless transport the intercomputer communication (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT), telemedicine and so on — said in Rostelecom.

Types of activity. Authorized capital

For February, 2019 a core activity of the company is wholesale by the software. Besides, "Digital for business" works in 6 directions. The amount of authorized capital of society is 300 thousand rubles.

Vadim Semyonov's appointment head "Digital for business"

On January 30, 2019 it became known of Vadim Semyonov's appointment the director ("Digital for the business") created jointly by Rostelecom and MegaFon for development of networks of fifth generation (5G) in Russia. Read more here.

Rostelecom and MegaFon announced creation of the joint venture

For development of a 5G communication Rostelecom and MegaFon announced creation of joint venture in January, 2019 though they agreed about a similar initiative at the end of the 2017th. It is supposed that consolidation of efforts will allow operators to cut down considerably expenses on deployment of infrastructure of a 5G and to accelerate commercial start of new networks in Russia.

2018: Consolidation by Rostelecom and MegaFon of the resources

In 2018 Rostelecom integrated the resources with MegaFon. A number of actions for a research of an opportunity and conditions of sharing of radio-electronic means (distribution zone) of communication networks of a 5G and acting with the distribution zone of communication networks of different function with development of recommendations about options of use of a radio frequency spectrum for implementation of communication networks of fifth generation of a 5G was held.