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Ngenix offers services of delivery of all types of content to consumers, accelerations and protection of web applications. Since 2015 Ngenix is included into PJSC Rostelecom group.


The company of the first in Russia brought CDN technology (Content Delivery Network) to the market and as of 2017 helps more than 500 Internet businesses to be closer to the target audience.

Ngenix provides services on the basis of the content delivery network of NGENIX CDN, largest in Russia, consisting of geographically distributed multifunction service platforms. Own network infrastructure allows NGENIX to control work of Internet-applications and to provide high quality of content delivery from a source to the consumer.

Several years of Ngenix increased presence and expanded scope geography, building up the long-term relationship with operators of broadband access. For 2016, the NGENIX CDN platforms are located in the largest telecommunication centers of seven federal districts of Russia and neighboring countries: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Alma-Ata, Kazan, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Ufa.

The distributed cloud platform of NGENIX CDN provides access of millions of users of Runet to popular websites, online broadcastings, the air of TV channels, online stores, games and applications at a high speed and without delays. Among clients there is NGENIX for 2017 – Yandex,, Channel One, VGTRK, OZON, CarPrice, Letual and Olympic Committee of Russia.


2016: Qrator Labs and NGENIX announce the beginning of technology cooperation

In September, 2016 Qrator Labs and NGENIX announced the beginning of technology cooperation. Clients will get advantage at simultaneous use of services of two companies. NGENIX and Qrator Labs begin technology cooperation within which the companies will exchange data with the purpose of improvement of quality of traffic filtering and content delivery to Internet users. For example, at the order of service of counteraction to DDoS attacks on the website Qrator Labs the client can specify that he is a user of CDN NGENIX, and information obtained from NGENIX will be used further for thin setup of parameters of filtering.

2015: SafeData absorbs Ngenix, Rostelecom absorbs SafeData

Logo of the company before acquisition
Logo of the company before acquisition

On February 26, 2015 it became known that Rostelecom closed the deal on acquisition of 50.1% of stocks of the operator of network of data centers of SafeData. At the same time the SafeData group increased to control a share in operator of content delivery Ngenix and in the largest Russian platform for exchange of MSK-IX Internet traffic.

Rostelecom together with the SafeData Group plan project implementation on the accelerated development of network of storage and distribution of content of federal scale, including geographically distributed network of the centers of processing and data storage (DPC) integrating them communication channels, points of exchange of traffic, the systems of content delivery and also the system of protection against network attacks and traffic observation.

"Experience of the leading players entering into the SafeData group in segments of DPC, exchange of traffic and CDN in combination with a federal scope of Rostelecom will become a basis for creation of the leader in the field of outsourcing of IT infrastructure", – Pavel Kaplunov, the Managing director of SafeData commented.
"Integration of the Ngenix CDN platform will expand a product number of Rostelecom in segments of cloud services for content providers and corporate clients and also will promote implementation of plans of the operator for development of OTT-services for mass Internet audience", – Konstantin Chumachenko, the CEO of Ngenix noted.

The prospects of the market of storage and distribution of data are caused by world trends of permanent increase in volumes of the stored information, growth of the computing powers used in cloud services, complication of model of interaction of providers and telecom operators, increase in requirements to time and a delivery quality of digital content. In addition the legislative initiatives obliging to store the companies data on the Russian users in the territory of the Russian Federation add dynamics to the market given to a segment.

2014: The owner of Olympic Shumkov purchased Ngenix block packet

Moussa Bazhaev's partner and the new owner of sport center Olympic Dmitry Shumkov invests in the leading operator of services of content delivery Ngenix.

The Center of Technologies of Interaction of Networks (CTIN) belonging to Shumkov invested in Ngenix, having received the blocking packet in the company. Financial terms of transaction do not reveal. The CNIT redeemed an additional issue of Ngenix which will aim this money at the development of a cloud platform of CDN for broadcasting of video on the Internet, accelerations of e-commerce sites and security of web applications for corporate and state customers[1].

At this time Ngenix technologies allow customers of services of content delivery to place contents of the websites in "cloud" which consists of hundreds of servers located in data centers in the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Among 500 clients of Ngenix there is VGTRK,,,, etc.