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Nizhnevartovsk GRES (Tyumenenergo)




Nizhnevartovsk GRES is state district power plant, it is located in the industrial settlement of Izluchinsk of the Nizhnevartovsk region of KhMAO, in 15 km from Nizhnevartovsk, on the river bank Vakh. The power plant is one of prime vendors of the electric power across the Ural Federal District. The first power unit was put into operation on January 30, 1993. Further construction was preserved till 2000, having been resumed within an investment program of the Russian power supply system. The second power unit was started on November 14, 2003. The set electric power of the station is 1600 MW, she turns on two steam-power 800 MW power units. Thermal power of the station — 758 Gcal/hour.

In accordance with the terms Agreements of providing power obligations of JSC OGK-1 include construction of two 400 MW power units everyone on Nizhnevartovsk GRES with input term on September 30, 2013 (block 3.1) and on December 31, 2015 (block 3.2).