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Nokia Corporation


Nokia is the Finnish company. Began to work in the field of production of telecommunication equipment from the middle of the 1960th.

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Shareholders – more than 500 institutional investors.



+ Nokia Corporation


Main article: History of Nokia

The history of Nokia - one of the most improbable sagas about business 90-x years of the 20th century. As wrote the BusinessWeek magazine, at the beginning of the 90th the Finnish conglomerate problems, very far from cellular communication, disturbed: then sales volume to the Soviet Union which was on the threshold of disintegration … toilet paper began to decrease sharply. And already by the end of the millennium the same Finns, having reoriented on production of cell phones, exceeded in the market, new to themselves and Ericsson and Motorola. Quickly enough Nokia became one of the leading players of the world market of telecommunications and also one of the richest European companies.

After take-off at the beginning of the 2010th so rapid crash of business of the company followed. Key events in life of the company up to now here.

Activities and structure

By November, 2018 the Nokia corporation makes the equipment for operators of cellular and fixed connection. In the past the company released mobile phones and offered cartographic services, however these businesses were sold. Nokia is the public company which stocks are quoted at the Helsinki, Stockholm, Frankfurt and New York exchanges.

By January, 2019 activity of Nokia is divided on the following divisions:

  • Nokia Networks which includes the following structures:
    • Access Networks (equipment for networks of mobile and fixed connection),
    • Global Services (telecommunication services) and
    • IP Networks and Applications (IP solutions for technology networks, DPC and transport).

  • Technologies Nokia (licensing of technologies and development of consumer electronics).

"The future of medicine is a remote surgery with data transmission on the networks of standard 5G which are almost excluding delays and also the miniature next-to-skin gadgets which are continuously monitoring the state of health. Such devices will allow doctors to prevent many diseases still before they develop", - the CEO of Nokia Rajiv Suri in Davos in January, 2018 said during the speech.

As confirmation of the words of Suri cited as an example the wearable gadget developed in Nokia which will constantly monitor composition of blood of an organism regarding existence of biomarkers of cancer and at the slightest suspicion to inform on it both the person, and the attending physician. Also Finnish company works on creation of special "sleeve" which will constantly monitor the level of cholesterol, lactic acid and glucose in blood. For these purposes Nokia purchased the European producer of "smart" medical devices, Withings company.

Business in Russia

Main article: Nokia Russia

The Nokia corporation began activity then in the USSR in the 60th years.

Since 1993 the interests of Nokia in St. Petersburg were represented by the Nokia Switching Systems (NSS) enterprise. In 1997 Nokia Ltd with head office in Moscow was created. Offices Nokia are in key regions of Russia and also the CIS countries.

Performance Indicators

Main article: Financial performance of Nokia

2018: Decline of revenue by 3% to 22.56 billion euros; losses — 549 million euros

In 2018 revenue of Nokia company made 22.56 billion euros, having decreased by 3% of rather previous year. If not to take in consideration of rate fluctuation of currencies, then sales at the Finnish company increased by 1%.

The division which is responsible for development and sale of telecommunication equipment finished 2018 with turnover in the amount of 20.12 billion euros that is 2% less than an indicator of year prescription.

In structure of Technologies Nokia supervising development of consumer gadgets and licensing of technologies annual revenues in 1.5 billion euros took place. It is 9% less in comparison with 2017.

Indicators of sales of division of Nokia Networks
Indicators of sales of division of Nokia Networks

Revenue in an IP Networks and Applications segment (IP solutions for technology networks, DPC and transport) made 5.72 billion euros that approximately corresponds to value of year prescription. In the field of telecommunication services turnover at the level of 5.71 billion euros is registered that is 2% less, than the previous year.

Sales of the equipment and software for mobile networks in 2018 decreased by 3%, to 6.71 billion euros. In a segment of solutions for the fixed networks implementation decreased by 5%, to 1.98 billion euros.

The most part of telecommunication equipment of Nokia is on sale in North America. There revenue of division of Nokia Networks in 2018 reached 6.31 billion euros, having risen by 1% year on year.

In Europe the volume of telecommunication business of the company decreased by 1% (to 4.4 billion euros), in China — for 13% (to 2.15 billion euros), in the Pacific Rim — for 3% (to 4.06 billion euros).

The department of Software Nokia in 2018 received revenue in the amount of 1.57 billion euros that is 1% more concerning the 2017th.

Net losses of Nokia in 2018 were reduced almost three times, however all the same remained large — 549 million euros. The company sustains losses three years in a row.[1]

Absorption and asset sale

Main article: Absorption and asset sale of Nokia

In the history of development from paper-mill to the supplier of telecom infrastructure of Nokia made a set of transactions on merges and sale of own assets.

Interesting Facts

  • Nokia does not use digit 4 in names of the phone models intended for the Asian markets as in many regions of southeast and east Asia digit 4 is considered unhappy.

  • In the first communicators of Nokia based on Symbian the AIKON graphic interface, or NOKIA on the contrary was used.



Stock price dynamics

Ticker company on the exchange: NYSE:NOK