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Nuclear medical technologies - Snezhinsk (YaMT-Snezhinsk)


Yadernye meditsinskiye tekhnologii-Snezhinsk LLC is the center of nuclear medicine, Rusatom Healthcare subsidiary company.

Rusatom Healthcare


The cyclotron and radiochemical YaMT-Snezhinsk complex the first complex project of ROSATOM State Corporation in the field of nuclear medicine which includes all chain of own technologies and services of the Russian nuclear scientists. At the first stage production of isotopes based on a domestic cyclotron of JSC NIIEFA im. D. V. Efremova and a radiochemical complex including also the equipment of the Rosatom institute "NIITFA" was created. The operating time and synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals is made on site in oncology dispensary.

2017: Acceptance of the first patient

In April, 2017 the new center of nuclear medicine of Rusatom Healthcare subsidiary company of Yadernye meditsinskiye tekhnologii-Snezhinsk LLC began acceptance of patients on diagnostics with method of the positron emission tomography (PET) based on the Chelyabinsk oncological clinic.

Diagnostics is carried out to the fields of oncology on the basis of ultrashort-lived isotopes of self-produced fluorine-18 which are delivered to Chelyabinsk from the production site located in closed Rosatom Snezhinsk. Patients go from all medical institutions of Chelyabinsk region and also other regions of the Urals. For passing of a research it is necessary to have only the direction of the oncologist.

All patients directed from medical institutions of Chelyabinsk region and other regions of Russia where there is no opportunity to receive service will be serviced at the expense of means of territorial Federal Compulsory Health Insurance Fund of Chelyabinsk region or within interbudget transfers. So the service of PET-diagnostics for the patient will be free. Acceptance of patients on a paid basis, but only in the direction of the doctor is possible.

According to the CEO of Rusatom Healthcare Denis Cherednichenko after YaMT-Snezhinsk the company will focus on project implementation of the center of nuclear medicine on own platform of JSC NIITFA in Moscow and also the regional medical center on Russky Island in Vladivostok.

"In JSC NIITFA the cyclotron and radiochemical complex which performs deliveries of open radio nuclide sources for PET-diagnostics in profile medical institutions of the city already successfully functions. Besides we intend to create the centers of radiation processing of medical products and even food. In our case the word "healthcare" is more capacious concept, than "health care". We will be engaged in the whole complex of technologies for improvement of quality of life of people", - D. Cherednichenko added.