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Numerical mechanics






The T-Platforms company, the domestic developer of original ADP equipment for the mass IT market, announced in March, 2017 selection of the direction which will be engaged in development of the platform and modules for the systems of the numerical control (NC) and the systems of industrial automation in a framework of Numerical Mechanics company. Processors and active chips of the Russian development will be the basis for solutions of Numerical Mechanics.

Selection of Numerical Mechanics company in a separate business unit will allow to deepen specialization in the field of machine-tool construction. The hardware and software system developed by Numerical Mechanics will allow to use control algorithms, both on new, and on already used equipment at upgrade. Development of new modules based on the Russian Baikal processors is going to be ordered in T-Platforms company.

Potential market capacity of the systems of numerical control till 2020 is about 13 thousand units as a part of the new purchased equipment according to the import substitution program, of them a share of equipment of the machining equipment – about 6 thousand units. At the same time the share of the hi-tech multicoordinate processing centers does not exceed 6%. It means that in the next years simple turning and milling machines will be the most attractive technology groups of the equipment.

As in Russia there is a deficit of machines with support of a full stroke of automation, "The numerical mechanics" will begin with development of systems of the CNC for machines of milling and turning type. Solutions of "Numerical mechanics" will allow to equip both machines of domestic production, and the import equipment re-equipped within the import substitution program. Prototypes of solutions for the listed types of the equipment are created. Also the company develops the nomenclature of peripheral modules for the CNC system, expanding possibilities of processing of different types of input signals and digital protocols of management.

The first pilot projects on the Russian machine-tool factories are planned for the second half of 2017.


Partnership with YASKAWA

In Russia the drive YASKAWA equipment is delivered by the official trading and service partner KOSPA LLC company with which Numerical Mechanics has experience of cooperation and partnership. A subject of cooperation are joint activities for adaptation of the drive YASKAWA equipment for the work in composition of numerical control developed by Numerical Mechanics company. Besides, the parties render consultations on application of products of YASKAWA and its components, and perform data exchange and the equipment for carrying out joint projects.

Partnership with Omron Electronics

"The numerical mechanics" signed in May, 2017 the agreement on cooperation with leading manufacturer of hi-tech means of industrial Omron Electronics automatic equipment. Cooperation with Omron Electronics opens a way to upgrade of the existing machines falling under the import substitution program without changing at the same time a power part. Within bilateral cooperation of the company will perform joint selection and setup of privodkomplekt of production Omron Electronics for a specific type of the equipment and a combination the CNC Machine system in the market of the Russian Federation. Integration of servo actuators with the CNC system of "Numerical mechanics" in complete solutions will provide the best accuracy of operation of machines at the highest dynamics.

The parties intend to render mutual consultations on application of products and its components and to perform data exchange and the equipment for holding joint actions, works, operation, preparation of documents and sales.

Partnership with DanobatGroup

In April, 2017 "The numerical mechanics" signed the agreement on strategic partnership in the Russian market with the producer of the exclusive hi-tech processing equipment DanobatGroup (Spain). The Russian and Spanish companies intend to perform joint activities for equipment by the Russian CNC systems of the equipment of production DanobatGroup. The IDEKO research center is engaged in adaptation and completion of the CNC popular systems that represents noticeable layer of works. In turn, the Numerical Mechanics company is a developer and the producer Russian the CNC based on domestic Baikal processors and is aimed at a full integration and software customization under requirements of local projects. At the end of 2017 based on the DANOBATGROUP enterprises carrying out the first trial operation of the CNC of production "Numerical Mechanics" is planned.