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O1 Group


O1 Group is the private holding company specializing in investments into different sectors of economy, including the real estate, the industry and the financial sector.

Mintz Boris Iosifovich




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For February, 2014 strategic assets of O1 Group are:


2019: Loss of NPF Budushchee for debts

NPF Budushchee for the beginning of 2019 was the fourth largest Russian fund for obligations to citizens for RPE. In 2018 the financial group (FG) of the same name where the NPF entered, passed for debts from O1 Group of Boris Mintz to the Cyprus offshore of Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT&I) which at the end of 2018 sold 49% of shares of flagman fund of the investment company (IK) "Leningrad adagio" belonging to the Cyprus offshore of WHPA of the majority shareholder of Region group Sergey Sudarikov. At the beginning of 2019 IK at the expense of an additional issue increased the share to a little more than 50% of authorized capital of NPF.

2014: Investments through Buran Venture Capital fund

On June 2, 2014 the fund of venture investments Buran Venture Capital began closing of the second round of investments with a total amount of 15 million dollars of the USA in which a lead investor Group O1 company acted. Dmitri Mintz, the board member of O1 Group, were also included into the Supervisory Board of fund. Closing of a round will happen till October 1, 2014.

"We actively consider the different possibilities for investments into perspective branches of the economy. Development of technologies and online services has, in our opinion, high potential of growth in Russia. The decision on participation in Buran VC fund for us purely financial investment, in management of its assets we rely on experience of a professional command of fund," - Marina Rudneva, the CEO of O1 Group commented.

2010: Foundation of the company Boris Mintz

The company was founded in 2010 by Boris Mintz.