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OCZ Storage Solutions





OCZ Storage Solutions company – A Toshibas Group Company - the supplier of high-performance solid state drives for corporate and consumer segments. Offering a full range of solid state drives (SSD), OCZ Storage Solutions uses the patented technology of controllers of own development for ensuring smooth operation of high-speed drives of different form factors and interfaces, for the solution of a broad spectrum of tasks, such as as virtualization, caching, acceleration of the software the OCZ Company became one of the first large consumer brands which offered solid state drives, available at the price, which helped to pave the way for mass transition from slower and less reliable HDD to SSD.

Offering a line of consumer SSD for notebooks, desktop PCs and workstations with the whole set of popular interfaces, and formats of carriers, the OCZ company guarantees the exclusive performance of input-output, a variety of technical characteristics, the low level of energy consumption and high reliability. All this provides faster file transfer, instant loading of a system and high user experience.