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Russian Railway branch of JSC Oktyabrskaya Railway




+ October iron roads, Russian Railway

The oldest and one of the largest roads to networks of the railroads of Russia. It is located in the territory of 11 subjects of the Russian Federation, 75% of cargo transportation and 40% of passenger traffic fall to its share, all North-West Region provides supply with the equipment and raw materials, food and fuel. The main feature - export-import orientation. In service area of Oktyabrskaya Road 8 boundary transitions, from them 4 - on border with Finland, on 2 - with Estonia and Latvia are located. 6 departments are a part of the road: Moscow, S-St. Petersburg-Vitebskoye, S-St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk and Volkhovstroyevsky. Number of employees: more than 100,000 people.