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Russian social network.

Owners: Group - 100%

Revenue and profit of the company, $

200946 700 000---
201068 900 000---


+ Free float
+ Skoch Vladimir
+ Moshire Farkhad



Odnoklassniki uses social network in 229 countries of the world. The only country from which it is not recorded any visit – Pitcairn Island. At the same time users from Vatican, North Korea, Brazil, etc. come into Odnoklassniki:

  • in America there live 1 million users of Odnoklassniki;
  • the number of users of Odnoklassniki is equal in Greenland to 1% of the population of the largest city of the island – Nuuk;
  • Odnoklassniki has 1 user in Vatican which comes from the mobile phone;
  • on Madagascar there live about 500 users of Odnoklassniki;
  • in Russia a third of users comes on Odnoklassniki from the mobile phone;
  • 80% of the Russian-speaking population of Australia sit in Odnoklassniki;
  • there are users from North Korea.

At the end of February, 2012, according to the statistics of LiveInternet, the new record of Odnoklassniki - 32.9 million users a day was set.


The most popular subjects: design, cookery, humour, personal care, health:

Image:Одноклассники контентные группы март 2013.png

For February, 2013 the greatest share from 39 million users who daily come into Odnoklassniki visits social network from 21 to 23 o'clock. And into the web version of social network come from 19 to 21 o'clock more often, and into mobile - from 21 to 23. Also it is possible to find information on in what hours most often write the statuses in infographics, estimate a photo, comment, etc.

Image:Пики пользовательской активности в Одноклассниках январь 2013.JPG


For April, 2014 at users of Odnoklassniki the devices working at the Android platform enjoy the greatest popularity. It is connected, first of all, with big market saturation inexpensive Android devices. iOS became the second most popular platform, from devices with this mobile operating system iPhone 5 is in the lead. And a little more than 1 million people a month uses smartphones and tablet computers with Windows Phone.

Image:Какие телефоны у пользователей Одноклассников апр 2014.png


  • "Odnoklassniki" began to advance games in April, 2010. According to Belyaeva, already on start they showed good results and the company expects "the further growth". The source, earlier close to shareholders of Odnoklassniki, told Vedomosti that games in this network are monetized much better, than in VKontakte: at it more wealthy, adult and got used to pay audience.

  • For May, 2012 24 million users of Odnoklassniki spend free time behind games on social network, thereby helping a resource to take a half of the market by the end of 2012. Revenues of social network from game applications will reach 135 million dollars, analysts whereas they estimated the market at 275 million dollars (data of predict. Experts designate the second place to VKontake whose users will strum the third on 105 million dollars - to "My world" (Mail.Ru Group also belongs) — a dale[1] 35 million[1].

"Games — one of the main sources of profit for Odnoklassniki. We hope that the market of games in social networks will save revenue growth from games at the level of 10 — 15% monthly" — Ilya Shirokov, the head of Social networks business division of Mail.Ru Group comments. Women aged from 20 up to 40 years are especially active. They usually select Farm, men prefers strategy and poker.

Children up to 12 years make small percent of the registered users of social network. But practically all of them start game applications. The adults having the account in Odnoklassniki do it much more rare — only 40% of users are more senior than 20 years are involved in network games. "Odnoklassniki" gained the lead not only on income, but also on number of installations of game applications: their users made about 493 million loadings against 398 million at audience of VKontakte.

"Users of Odnoklassniki are more senior and are ready to pay for games in social networks unlike youth audience of VKontakte — the project manager Anatoly Objedkov explains. According to it, in Odnoklassniki classical casual games like Farm where players purchase symbolical advantages for money are popular. The audience of VKontakte is focused on more difficult games — RPG and strategy, he notes. "Income from a game in Russia is traditionally halved between publishers and social network, however in June, 2012 the head of VKontakte Pavel Durov said that now creators of games will be given by 55% of revenue — the expert notes. — It brings closer social network to the western distribution model of income — Facebook takes away only 30% of revenue of games as well as mobile app stores of Appstore and Google Play".


By Mail.Ru Group estimates, in 2011 the market of games on social networks made about 7 billion rubles, or 205 million dollars.

Odnoklassniki. Video

  • In April, 2011 Odnoklassniki and RuTube announced start of the section "Odnoklassniki. Video". For launch service was available to 25% of visitors of Odnoklassniki, for all audience he earned at the beginning of May.

In the section of Video content which users can share with friends by means of the Class button is laid out. The rating of videos made on the basis of the user recommendations helps with the choice of interesting video.

RuTube provides to Odnoklassniki the technical video platform, delivers content and performs its moderation.

  • On September 7, 2011 it became known, Group as the largest Russian video portal RuTube there began sale of video advertizing on social network Odnoklassniki. Videos in the section "Odnoklassniki. Video" are watched by 27.4% of visitors of social network – more than 10 million unique users. The monthly scope of the video section of Odnoklassniki and portals which are sold by RuTube exceeds 34.5 million "unik" and 299 million viewings.

The first advertizing campaign in the section 'Odnoklassniki. Video" started on August 29, visitors of Odnoklassniki saw the videos advertizing the tariff option "Holiday Online" of MegaFon mobile operator. Exclusive placement carried out the agency of digital-communications AdWatch Isobar. In an advertizing campaign the pre-beater format – a 10-second roller preceding video which the user sees not more often than once a day is used. For several days of placement of CTR of a pre-beater made 4.7% and we expect good results according to the results of a campaign".

Section "Odnoklassniki. Video" generates the video traffic comparable to RuTube indicators. According to TNS Web Index, in July, 2011 the number of viewings videos in the section was 122.34 million, and number of unique users – 10.692 million. For comparison video uploaded on RuTube in July gained 162.865 million viewings, it was seen by 26.1 million unique users.

Classroom indicators of both platforms provide to advertisers essentially new opportunities of use of video advertizing. Still video formats were one of media mix components when planning advertizing campaigns on the Internet. The pool of platforms which are offered now by RuTube does possible holding advertizing campaigns where video formats will play a key role when forming a media mix. "Odnoklassniki. Video" – for today the only service in Russia allowing to target advertizing in video content on social and demographic profiles. According to TNS Web Index, in July rollers on "Odnoklassniki. Videos" and video portals which are sold by RuTube (in addition to it is,, and gained more than 299 million viewings, they were seen by over 34.5 million unique users.



Start of service in setup of advertizing on a geolocation with a radius from 500 m to 10 km

On December 5, 2019 Group reported that the social network Odnoklassniki started an opportunity to configure advertizing on a geolocation with a radius from 500 m to 10 km in an advertizing office of social network. This tool will allow small and medium business to increase advertizing efficiency and to attract more relevant clients.

Start of service in setup of advertizing on a geolocation with a radius from 500 m to 10 km

During creation of a campaign it is possible to specify a mark in the card in an advertizing office of OK now and to set optimal radius. Thus, users of OK who live work or often are nearby, will see advertizing at themselves in a news feed of social network. For example, it is possible to show advertizing of lunches only to those who work in business center in the neighbourhood, to offer a discount for express manicure to those who often pass by salon, or to tell about the advantageous offer to visitors of outlets of competitors nearby.

Start of service in setup of advertizing on a geolocation with a radius from 500 m to 10 km

To start Supergeo advertizing, it is necessary to create at first an advertisement and to select target audience on a sex, age, interests and income level. After — in the section Geography, in the On the Card tab to set a point and to set radius. At the same time the user can select several points on the map to which it will be applied by Supergeo.

Start of service in setup of advertizing on a geolocation with a radius from 500 m to 10 km

Advertizing with targeting on a geographical location — an effective method to attract clients to different segments of businesses. The tool will be also useful to small and medium business in the conditions of limited advertizing budgets as advertizing posts in a tape will be seen only by those users who often are near the point set on the card.

It is possible to configure and start geo-advertizing both in the web version of social network, and in applications iOS and Android.

Additional functions for work with OK in the Atom browser

On November 15, 2019 Group reported that in browser Atom additional functions for convenient and fast work about social network Odnoklassniki appeared. In more detail here.

Start of instruments of full virtual telephony for groups

On November 11, 2019 the company Odnoklassniki reported that it started instruments of full virtual telephony for groups based on own platform of voice and video calls. Users will be able to make voice and video calls to groups, without leaving social network, and administrators of groups — to configure acceptance, redistribution and record of calls for communication with clients and subscribers and also are ringing from unauthorized users.

"Odnoklassniki" started virtual telephony for business and the organizations

According to the company, one of the first an opportunity to call in Odnoklassniki was integrated by service of the order of the Citymobil taxi – in the test mode in official group it is possible to call the taxi in all cities of presence of service. Also using calls to OK it will be possible to ask a question in a row of public organizations: official community of the Russian teachers, National center of financial literacy, fund for fight against a stroke "ORBI" and other organizations.

"Odnoklassniki" started virtual telephony for business and the organizations

Start of virtual telephony – the next stage in development of an ecosystem for business and other organizations in OK which will allow the companies and entrepreneurs to build all cycle of communication with clients and subscribers directly in social network. Support services of the companies in social networks will be able to accept addresses not only in the message format now, but also using voice and video conference.

"Odnoklassniki" started virtual telephony for business and the organizations

Thanks to this service business will be able to organize full-fledged call center based on the group. For example, users will be able to call the favourite online store to learn about existence of goods, or to order using a call repair of home appliances directly in social network. At the same time the technology on the basis of the artificial intelligence which is dynamically improving quality of the picture will allow to call up to clients and using video calls.

"Odnoklassniki" started virtual telephony for business and the organizations

Calls any group can include in OK in settings: for this purpose in the section "A type of a profile" it is necessary to include display of the Videozvonok OK button. After that in the section Calls can be set to category of users to which calls to group are resolved: to subscribers, all registered users of OK, the non-authorized users or to forbid calls in group.

Besides, service allows to connect to calls in group unlimited number of operators and also to control quality of their work with the help of history and record of calls. By default calls will arrive to the administrator of group. It is possible to appoint operators and to include access to calls in settings of group in the section Administration. History and records of calls are also available in settings. It allows to return at any time to the maintenance of a call if it is necessary to resolve a disputable situation and to specify request parts.

For November, 2019 service works at all platforms: it will be possible to call group both from desktop OK version, and from applications on iOS and Android. Groups can receive calls in the desktop version of social network.

Odnoklassniki opened the excellent additional tool for the solution of our business challenges.

Vladislav Kuzmenko, the head of special projects and social networks Citymobil told

Start of a sensing technology of persons on video and on the airs

On October 2, 2019 the company Odnoklassniki reported that it started a sensing technology of persons on video and on the airs.

According to the company, own technology in real time finds persons of friends. Besides, now using special controls in the videoplayer the audience can pass to viewing the moments with participation of their friends at once. At the heart of a sensing technology – a cascade from convolution neuronets. Read more here.

Start of support system of regional and city media – "Region news"

Regional media and local news will receive an additional scope on social network Odnoklassniki. Thanks to support system of media users of OK across all Russia will be able to learn about the most current events of the city and region, and local media – to increase number of subscribers and a scope of the news. On September 6, 2019 the press service of Odnoklassniki reported about it.

Media in Odnoklassniki

Local news will appear in the film "Recommendations" of social network with a high priority for those users to whom events of their city or the region are interesting: as in the general tape, and marked "Region news". Works of this service are the cornerstone machine learning and algorithms of processing of natural languages. Service automatically determines to what region news will be interesting, and personalizes a tape under the reader.

The first tests showed that local content is popular in OK: scopes of groups of regional media grew on average by 25%, and number of subscribers – for 20%. Support from social network will be got by the official groups of regional Russian media which are publishing not less than 50 posts a day and having not less than 10,000 subscribers. For September, 2019 about 150 verified groups of local media regularly publish the content in OK.

The list of sources of the provided service of a system of promotion will be automatically replenished with content of official groups of media. Thanks to it those media which are not present at social network yet will be able to get further support and to increase the audience.

Besides, Odnoklassniki will announce results of a selection round of tender for regional media of OK Media Challenge. The media which underwent selection will fight for the first prizes – the promotional budget through an advertizing office of OK and regular promo-support from social network. In four weeks participants of tender will learn to work with tools of Odnoklassniki and will perform tasks for more effective work with audience. The professional jury consisting of the staff of Group will estimate tasks.

Adding of friends according to the photo

On August 15, 2019 it became known that the social network Odnoklassniki started the updated method of adding of friends. Now, to add the friend to social networks, it is simple to photograph him enough. At the same time the privacy of users is reliably protected: the profile and a name of the friend will be opened only after confirmation of the request from its party. It is possible to use Friendship on a Photo service in the section of Friendship in mobile applications of OK: turn on the camera, make the picture and in one click to send a query to add in friends.


As it was reported, users will be able to find even quicker the relatives and to share with them emotions. For adding of the friend during the meeting or acquaintance users do not need to exchange links to a profile, to enter data, to look for friends among hundreds of thousands of namesakes, to filter search results at the place of residence or studies. It is enough to make a photo – and the social network will automatically send the request in friends. It will allow to begin communication online for several seconds.

At the same time the link to a profile of the friend will appear after adoption by it of the request, and the photo of his face can be made only in real time. Thus, strangers in attempt to create friendship according to the photo will not be able to obtain information on the user or to load earlier made photo with it.

At the heart of service of adding of friends according to the photo – own technology of social network for face recognition in the user photos based on neuronets and computer vision. For August, 2019 schoolmates allow to find for fractions of a second friends with an accuracy over 99%. The uniqueness of technology is that the ensemble of neuronets defines the most probabilistic candidate for the initiator of friendship.

It is possible to find the friend even if in his profile only old photos are loaded into OK: the technology extrapolates the person of the potential friend until the picture in the application. If the user will not be found in social network, the initiator of friendship will receive the adequate notice.

Updating for August, 2019 of a part of audience of mobile applications of OK on iOS and Android: within a week all users of the latest version of applications will be able to use it.

The sensing technology of persons in the user photos was started in Odnoklassniki in 2018: the service automatically marks out friends of users in their photos loaded into profiles on social network.

Using own sensing technologies of persons in the user photos we managed to offer other method for friendship creation, having provided privacy of use of OK services and their convenience. We can determine almost unmistakably the friend by the photo and at the same time save confidentiality of his data until friendship acceptance. This service will allow to reduce process of adding in friends to one action.

Marina Krasnov, the director of products of Friendship, Tape and Video of social network told Odnoklassniki

Statistics of personal profiles for bloggers and the famous people

Users of social network "Odnoklassniki" with official pages got access to statistics of the profiles. Odnoklassniki reported about it on August 7, 2019. Now all whose profiles in OK are marked by a blue daw, can trace a gain and outflow of subscribers and also a scope, the involvement, a feedback and some other indicators. Earlier detailed statistics was available only to groups.

Statistics of personal profiles for bloggers and the famous people

The provided tool will be useful to bloggers and famous people which regularly interact with audience in OK using the personal profile. Statistics will help authors of content to solve the main analytical objectives during the work with the personal page: understand whether the target audience is covered, learn its main interests, the most popular posts and reaction of users to these or those publications.

Among indicators which can be traced in statistics of a profile now — a gain and outflow of subscribers, a scope, the involvement, social and demographic characteristics of audience, detailed actions with publications (viewings, classes, comments, reposts, transitions to the page), the complaint and concealment of posts.

Access to the user statistics is open only for the verified pages with blue daws — official pages of stars, bloggers and other famous people.

Service is completely available in the OK web interface, in mobile version of social network and in applications to iOS and Android.

Earlier in 2019 the social network started an advertizing office which allows authors of content and all users to find the audience in social network. Using an advertizing office it is possible to configure promotion of posts with any formats of content, including video, photos and links, without leaving social network.

Opening of full access to creative studio for users

On March 13, 2019 the social network Odnoklassniki opened full access to the interactive platform for creators of video content – creative studios with votes, quizzes and summaries in video. Now to supplement the videos and broadcastings all users can do: from digital-specialists of film studios and TV channels to independent authors and small media. At once several thousands of authors, and interest in the provided format constantly seized the present possibility grows. Interactive summaries receive in social network already more than 50 million demonstrations.

Creators of video actively use possibilities of creative studio for additional involvement of users in content. So, the Channel One on the air took vote for the best mentor of a show "the Voice. Children", and the Russian radio organized a quiz for the audience of a concert of the singer of Maksim. However interactive links to groups in social network became the most popular format of use of creative studio: using them authors can constantly increase audience of the communities and attract additional subscribers from a video show-window of OK. Later opening of creative studio for all users the median number of daily introductions in groups grew by 30%.

The interactive platform for creators of video content

Start of the OK interactive platform became an additional incentive and for the general growth of video watching in social network. At the beginning of a year of OK set up the next record on number of viewings in day – now video and broadcastings in Odnoklassniki gain more than 870 million viewings a day.

Interactive opportunities of video become a trend in social network. Authors actively use tools of creative studio to involve the audience, to create and scale an ecosystem of the content in OK. Using summaries it is easy to tell all audience about the group now or to advertize video, and votes and quizzes help to involve users in exchange of emotions that positively affects interest in video and duration of its watching.
Marina Krasnov, director of the products "Video" and OK Live of social network Odnoklassniki

2017: Hit under the Ukrainian sanctions

On May 16, 2017 the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko the decree enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) on sanctions against the Russian companies and their affiliated enterprises in Ukraine. In total in the sanctions list there were 468 legal entities, from them 81 – connected with the IT field. Among the companies which fell under sanctions there were also Russian and Ukrainian legal persons Odnoklassniki. Read more here.


Growth of revenue by 23.5%

The Odnoklassniki social network increased revenue by 23.5%, to 16.3 billion rubles under RAS, at the end of 2014[2]

The net profit of Odnoklassniki LLC in 2014 grew by 27% and reached 9.2 billion rubles.

On the second place on total revenue after gifts and stickers there were games, interlocutors of the edition note. Advertizing revenues in Odnoklassniki appeared on the third place[3].

Total sales of Mail.Ru Group holding in 2014 were 35.7 billion rubles. From them 12.4 billion rubles are the share of Odnoklassniki and Moy mir social network.

Gifts in Odnoklassniki stand usually from 2 to 85 "OK" — internal currency of social network. It is purchased by packets: set from 50 "OK" costs 50 rubles at payment from the bank card, electronic money or the terminal, 85 rubles — upon purchase from the account of the mobile phone.

Other social network belonging to Mail.Ru Group, VKontakte also sells gifts and stickers. Its total sales in 2014 were 6.2 billion rubles, the main source of income — games and advertizing.

Transition from Odnoklassniki to OK

In August, 2014 the social network "Odnoklassniki" moved to the address î It was announced that the address î will become the basic and it will be issued at requests in Internet search engines. At the same time the website will also be continues to work. The new address will make OK an official brand of social network.

"Now Odnoklassniki is "OK". A short, clear and convenient name which we already gradually began to use for a long time. Now we represent "OK" officially", says the company.

The designer Karim Rasheed issued the homepage of Odnoklassniki. Users can select one of thought up by him that at themselves on the page.

2012: Conflict with tax administration

In April, 2012 Vedomosti managed to learn what payments were a matter in issue between social network "Odnoklassniki" and tax authorities. It is about compensation to the British company i-CD Publishing which in 2008 made a complaint to the founder of Odnoklassniki Albert Popkov tells a source, close to shareholders of social network. Tax specialists called into question the fact that the paid amount can be treated as expenses, and showed to the Russian Odnoklassniki LLC 45 million rubles tax claims (from them 8.3 million rubles are penalty fee and penalties)[4].

What specifically was not pleasant to tax specialists, the interlocutor of Vedomosti does not speak. The source in tax authorities assumes that questions could arise because of the scheme of money transfer: the Russian company translated them not directly to the third party, and through the Odnoklassniki Ltd parent company registered in Great Britain. But Odnoklassniki has documents proving that Odnoklassniki Ltd did not keep money, and listed them to the third party, tells a source, close to social network.

Anyway the tax on this money should be paid and there is only one question — whether the Russian side or British will pay it to i-CD, other disputing party between Odnoklassniki and i-CD says. Compensation was paid together by Odnoklassniki and Popkov (a smaller part) and the founder of network had most to pay a tax on the part of the amount, the interlocutor of Vedomosti says. Popkov refused comments.

In 2008 i-CD Publishing tried to prove that Popkov, working for this company in 1999-2000 and taking part in creation of social network Passado, at the same time created the project competing with it — Odnoklassniki. Thereby Popkov violated the British labor law, counted in i-CD. Popkov denied the fault, but as a result went to the settlement agreement and agreed to pay i-CD monetary compensation. Its amount never revealed, but the source close to the company said that it is insignificant. It turns out that in the petition in Arbitration court of Moscow the company opened these data. Without penalty fee and penalties tax specialists additionally accrued the companies of 36.76 million rubles income tax. The rate of this tax — 20%, i.e. the total amount of payments within compensation of i-CD could make 183.8 million rubles (or $5.8 million at the annual average dollar exchange rate for 2009).

In the judicial petition Odnoklassniki was not mentioned payments to the third parties. In this document the company asked court to prohibit tax specialists to withdraw the additionally accrued funds from its account as it can cause damage to business. For example, the company will not be able to pay the partners, to pay salary to employees and is normal to do business. It is the technical moment, tells a source, close to participants of judicial proceedings. At first it is necessary to convince court that it is necessary to prohibit tax specialists to withdraw money from account of the company, and already then to prove illegality of collecting these means.

The representative of Group (owns 100% of Odnoklassniki LLC) says that taxes were additionally accrued unreasonably. And the contents of the petition for acceptance of interim measures explain with the fact that in it the formulations conforming to requirements of the Russian legislation are used. By preliminary results of financial year on accounts of Group for December 31, 2011 there are $154.3 million. As Odnoklassniki are Group subsidiary company, payment of 45 million rubles will not influence work of the project in any way, he summarizes.


Revenue in the first half of the year - $57.3 million

In the I half-year 2011 revenue of Odnoklassniki social network made $57.3 million that approximately corresponds to a quarter of all revenue of Group.

In 9 months 2011 Odnoklassniki earned 1.415 billion rubles of net profit, revenue made 3.238 billion rubles that by 1.5 times exceeds results of 2010.

The day audience of the project for 2011 grew from 15.3 million to 27.7 million unique visitors (according to LiveInternet). The number of the activated accounts grew from 53.7 million to 87.5 million.

Image:Доли сайтов России в баннернойи рекламе 2004-2011.PNG

Growth of audience from 15.3 to 27.7 million people

"The day audience of the project for 2011 grew from 15.3 million to 27.7 million unique visitors. We started new services (Video, Videochat, Actions) and also improved the most popular services. At last, the number of the registered users already exceeded 148 million people", - Shirokov told RIA Novosti.

The VKontakte social network which daily audience totals 34.5 million users remains the main competitor of Odnoklassniki in Runet still.

For 2011 53 new were started and 132 services existing on the website whereas in 2010 these indicators were 23 and 32 respectively are improved, start of service of video calls without installation of additional applications is separately noted.

A third of audience - foreigners

A third of audience of the Russian social network "Odnoklassniki" is made by foreign citizens, data of service of statistics of (April, 2011) say. Only about 67% of users visit the website of Odnoklassniki from the territory of Russia. Slightly more than 10% of audience of social network live in Ukraine. Almost about 3% of users are the share of Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Germany and Armenia. Use the Russian social network also in the USA, however only 1% of audience of Odnoklassniki is the share of this country. The daily audience of the Russian social network "Odnoklassniki" from June, 2010 to April, 2011 increased more than twice - from eight million to 20 million. In total on social network more than 50 million users are registered.

According to the statistics of TNS, the monthly scope of audience of the website Odnoklassniki in Russia makes more than 18.5 million people (September, 2011)


Financial results of year: revenue of +47%

Revenue of social network "Odnoklassniki" in 2010 grew by 47.5% to 68.9 million dollars in comparison with 46.7 million the previous year.

The social network gained the most part of income from additional services - $45.7 million (growth – 46.1%), advertizing brought $23.3 million (50.9%).

The net profit of social network increased more than by 50% - to 31.6 million dollars in comparison with 21 million in 2009, EBITDA – 45.4 million dollars.

DST became the individual owner of Odnoklassniki

On August 31, 2010 the DST fund announced consolidation of 100% of stocks of social network "Odnoklassniki". DST directly and indirectly acquired shares of Odnoklassniki since 2007, by the beginning of 2009 the holding owned a controlling stake of network: at that time DST possessed 75% of Baltic holding Forticom which possessed 60% of Odnoklassniki through the British structure of Odnoklassniki. Share capital structure until the end of August, 2010: 100% – at the British odnoklassniki ltd, which 60% – at Forticom Group (75% – at DST), 40% – at Irina and Albert Popkovykh.

Now DST became the individual owner of Odnoklassniki: it occurred thanks to the redemption of shares of minority shareholders of Forticom and Odnoklassniki. Conditions of the performed transactions in DST did not begin to disclose. Earlier among shareholders of Forticom there was a founder of the company Vitali Rubenstein and Tiger Gobal Managment fund, and the founder of network Albert Popkov and his wife Irina owned shares in Odnoklassniki. Popkov did not begin to deny the fact of sale of the stocks DST.


In February, 2009, Odnoklassniki overcame a mark of 30 million users.

The Russian Odnoklassniki LLC increased revenue in 2009 by 2.4 times up to 1.54 billion rubles ($48.6 million) in comparison with the level of 2008, and net profit — by 9.4 times, from 39 million rubles ($1.6 million) to 366.4 million rubles ($11.6 million). Such data are published in SPARK-Interfax. The representative of social network Svetlana Belyaeva does not open the reason of so impressive growth. But in May, 2010 representatives of Odnoklassniki told, for example, that a month earlier the social network sold 2.4 times more media advertizing, than in April, 2009.

At the end of 2008 Odnoklassniki entered a set of paid services: registration, placement of photos became paid, there was an opportunity to give virtual gifts. Paid services, most likely, grew up revenue of network: growth of the advertizing market in 2009 was only 4% (data of Association of the communication agencies of Russia). In 2009 in Odnoklassniki MTS was advertized and it is very happy with this cooperation, the representative of the cellular company says. According to him, Odnoklassniki offered "interesting" terms.

At the end of 2009 Odnoklassniki has no financial indebtedness (there are only 333.8 million rubles debts to suppliers) though the previous year the debt of the company on the credits was 95.3 million rubles.

2008: DST redeems social network. Popkov resigns as the CEO

In the summer of 2008 on the website the 20-million user was registered.

In September, 2008 control over Odnoklassniki company passed to DST fund (nowadays - Mail.Ru Group). Albert Popkov left the CEO's post.

2007: Popkov sells 30% in the company of the Latvian Forticom

In September, 2007 Popkov sold 30% of the project of the Latvian company Forticom.

In nine months after start the audience of social network reached one and a half million people.

2006: Start of social network

The social network "Odnoklassniki" appeared only four years later, on March 26, 2006.

2002: Registration of the domain and trademark

In 2002 Albert Popkov working then in the British company i-CD Publishing registered domain name of and the trademark of the same name.


Odnoklassniki — the two-time winner of Runet Prize in 2006 and 2007, the winner of "National ten" of Runet Prize-2008, the winner of "Russian Entertainment Awards"-2007 in the Website of Year nomination, the owner of the Grand Prix in the tender "Masterof Brandbuilding" of 2008 and the Grand Prix for "Influence on offline" in professional tender ROTOR 2008 and ROTOR ++.

Mobile version of Odnoklassniki – the two-time winner of the award "Gold Website-2011".