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Okko (Okko LLC) is one of the Russian OTT video services; it was started in 2011 within the Yota group, having become afterwards the independent project. Works only in paid model of monetization: the user can rent content for 48 hours, forever purchase it or subscribe for thematic selections. In service completely there is no advertizing.

Okko is provided on all key platforms: Smart TV, mobile (iOS and Android), Play Station 3 and 4, web (PC).

The Okko library makes 6500+ of taytl, without separate series. Direct contracts with all key studios among which there are Walt Disney, Paramount, FOX, Warner are signed. In March, 2016 Okko started 8 thematic selections on a subscription in a month, among them subscriptions to the Russian cinema, world blockbusters, series "Amediateki", an art house and children's content.

History and performance indicators


Partnership with TED Talks

On December 2, 2019 it became known that in library of Okko online movie theater it is possible to watch TEDTalks performances now: lectures about science, society, art and personal growth from entrepreneurs, scientists, writers and celebrities. Okko is online movie theater in Russia at which performances of TED Talks are available legally, without advertizing.

Lectures are available in original language and also with the Russian subtitlings. On December 1 in Okko library 500 videos appeared at once.

The software package includes ten categories:

  • technologies of the future;
  • science and space;
  • psychology;
  • business and innovations;
  • global news and chronicle;
  • art and entertainments;
  • society and history;
  • health and medicine;
  • personal growth and relationship;
  • preserving of resources and sustainable development.

The TED Talks library will be constantly replenished and updated. By March, 2020 the number of the lectures TED Talksv Okko will double.

Subjects of education, self-realization and personal growth are very relevant. TED Talks are the project helping to find answers to questions which are asked to himself by the modern person. Already at the first stage of our cooperation with TED Talks in Okko 500 videos will appear at once,
speaks the CEO of Okko online movie theater Ivan Grodetsky

TED is glad to announce partnership with Okko. We are convinced that we together will be able to inspire by the ideas, worthy distribution, there are more people,
told Alex Hoffmann, the director of global distribution and licensing of TED

Partnership with channel of classical music

On September 26, 2019 the Okko online movie theater announced start of the next direction of content: Now in service the collection of the channel of classical music is available. Within partnership the Okko library will include more than 150 videos of concerts performed by outstanding musicians and symphonic orchestras of the present. Each half a year a third of a collection will be updated. Viewing concerts will be available in the territory of Russia and the CIS. Subscribers of Okko can look and listen to the masterpieces recognized around the world in vytoky quality: the third and fourth concerts of Rachmaninov performed by Denis Matsuyev and the State symphonic orchestra, solo concerts of Evgeny Kisin, the first Symphony by Tchaikovsky performed by Mariinsky orchestra under control of Valery Gergiev and many other records of recognized stars of classical music. Besides, expands the repertoire, having added opera settings and the ballet.

Partnership with became logical continuation of expansion of the content strategy of Okko. Except cinema and series, in August exclusive broadcasts of the English Premier League began, there are records of theatrical performances, now – concerts of the largest channel of classical music, It is separately important to note production of own content under a brand of OKKO Studios.

We understand that online movie theaters are more not only series and cinema. It is any content which the user wants and can easily find in the Internet. Okko aims at that, from sport to classical music, the viewer could find everything in our movie theater. For Okko partnership with – an important step in development of high-quality content. The platform changed viewing concert content on the Internet. The best performances and events in the world of classical music opened for to the whole world, and less than in 10 years proved that listen to classics and not only visitors of conservatory are ready to pay for classics. We started and we will expand the channelized concert. We want to offer users the most diverse selection of bonus video,
noted Ivan Grodetsky, the CEO of Okko online movie theater
» – VoD the platform in the field of classical music. Okko became the first online movie theater in Russia at which live recordings from its directory appeared.

Contract with Red Carpet Studio for production of a packet of web series

On June 11, 2019 the Okko company announced signing of the contract with Red Carpet Studio on production of a packet of web series. One of the most anticipated web premieres – the screen version of the best-seller of Valentina Nazarova "The girl with a player" will become a pilot project. Shootings of series are ended, the picture consists of 6 series with a timing about 16 minutes everyone, production of one episode cost approximately 30,000 dollars.

Shootings of web series "The Girl with a Player" took place in London with the assistance of Rits FILM company, the director became Brian Lye (Canada), the author more than 30 movies such as Godforsaken, "Maidens of the sea", the owner more than ten international film awards. The leading role in series was played by the actress Ekaterina Shumakova. The team of professional musicians from Great Britain, America, Canada and Russia also worked on the project. Anton Kalinkin acted as the producer of the project.

Okko creates system approach to production of web series and therefore we work on creation of the whole line of similar projects for the Russian market. The premiere of series "The Girl with a Player" will be available in a vertical format to viewing on mobile devices exclusively on the platform of Okko online movie theater,


Okko representation Sport as ecosystems of the English soccer in Russia

On May 31, 2019 Mikhail Gershkovich, the head of the sports Rambler Group projects, provided to Okko Sport as an ecosystem of the English soccer in Russia. The Okko company reported about it.

In 2019 broadcasts of matches of the English football league (nuclear submarine) will pass from the federal channels to the platform of the Sport service Okko where about 2 thousand hours of content with reviews, a talk show and record of the best heads will be available.

One of the main objectives of Rambler Group and Okko – an exit to the leading positions in several adjacent industries, including in distributions of content and also building of a subscriber base of Okko online movie theater. Acquisition of the contract with a complete exclusive for all rights and content of matches of the nuclear submarine – the important strategic course for solving of tasks of our business and the innovation approach in broadcast of sports video content,
noted Mikhail Gershkovich, the head of the sports Rambler Group projects

Fans will have an opportunity to watch forward translations of all 380 matches of a season and also access to archive of broadcastings, the analytical, information and entertainment events created both by the nuclear submarine, and video edition Okko Sport. Content is available to viewing on any devices of Smart TV, mobile devices under management operating systems iOS and Android and also on the website Okko Sport in permission of Full HD.

the English premier league is the most expensive in terms of sponsor's charges and cost of media and also uses huge interest from fans. The amount of requests on the nuclear submarine in search systems in the first quarter was 2019 15.2 million, and the total audience of fan clubs in Russia totals 9.8 million people. We as the leader in the field of technologies, are glad to provide to our audience a different approach to broadcast of sporting events of such scale. Now not only viewing matches in high quality on any devices, but also the huge choice of the relevant and interesting to fans accompanying content is available to the audience,


Integration into Tinkoff Mobayl service

On April 15, 2019 the Tinkoff Mobayl operator announced start of service for the subscribers — a subscription to Okko online movie theater (a packet of subscriptions Optimum). Read more here.

Rambler acquired the rights to broadcasting in Russia of the nuclear submarine

On April 11, 2019 it became known that Rambler acquired the rights to broadcasting in Russia of the nuclear submarine. It was confirmed by the CEO of Okko (enters into Rambler) Ivan Grodetsky and the director of communications of the nuclear submarine Ash Lord. The bargain is concluded for three years and works since a season which starts in June, 2019, Ivan Grodetsky says. The contract means an exclusive on all content on all platforms and assumes a possibility of sublicensing.

Forward translations of games outside Okko are not planned.
Ivan Grodetsky, CEO of Okko

In a season of the nuclear submarine of 380 matches, in day there can be in parallel about five games. All of them will be shown in the section of Okko.Sport and some time to be stored in record. There will also be information and entertainment events created by the nuclear submarine and sports video edition Okko.Sport in which Rambler promises to bring together the famous sports specialists.

It will be possible to watch football on Okko only on a subscription — monthly, for all season or per day, its cost is determined so far.
Mikhail Gershkovich, head of sports projects of Rambler

The company also expects to earn from partner projects, expects the accompanying growth in sales of not football content on Okko and allows expansion of purchases of the sports rights.

The nuclear submarine — the most expensive national football tournament in the world at the cost of the media rights and the first in income with revenue in €5.34 billion in a season-2016/17. In Russia the nuclear submarine was still broadcast by Match of TV. Before Match of TV bought the nuclear submarine for €6.5 million a year, and in the next season wanted to reduce the price to €5.5 million, considering that other applicants will not be; Rambler, according to the source, offered about €7 million. The company and league do not disclose the cost of the contract. On Match of TV refused comments.

According to Mediascope, in Russia among National Football Leagues of the nuclear submarine it is most popular after domestic. From July, 2018 to April of the 2019th the average audience of one match of the championship of Russia on Match of TV made 448 thousand viewers, England — 175.7 thousand, Spain — 165 thousand, Italy — 162 thousand[1].


Revenue of 2.5 billion rubles (+81%)

For 2018 turnover of Okko grew by 81% and made 2.5 billion rubles (Okko turnover in 2017 – 1.38 billion rubles). Okko, as well as earlier, works only on model of paid monetization, offering the user lease and purchase of movies, viewing on a subscription and also a wide choice of the trial periods of a subscription. According to preliminary estimates growth of the market of online movie theaters in a year kept J'son & Partners Consulting companies 49%*.

At the end of year of Okko it was also possible more than by 3 times to increase a watching share on mobile devices - at the end of year it made about 10%.

In 2018 Okko continued to personalize library for each user. For personalisation of content on a show-window Okko uses the internal Rekko recommendatory system. Rekko is based on algorithms of machine learning, and at the moment (according to A/B of tests) it allowed to increase a median number of purchases, time of the choice of the movie by the user was reduced almost by 20%.

Okko continues to develop partnership with the leading Russian and Hollywood studios, including 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Pictures. In 2018 the online movie theater expanded library to 35 thousand taytl and considerably increased quantity of subscription products. In the end of the year of Okko it is exclusive for online movie theaters there was a separate subscription of START in which well to more than 10,000 units of content, including domestic series, movies and animated films.

Rambler Group integrates with Okko online movie theater

Rambler Group including Rambler&Co CINEMA PARK and Formula of Cinema film network and also the publishing Alphabet Atticus group, announced in March, 2018 consolidation with Okko video service.

Consolidation happens within implementation of earlier stated development plan for Rambler Group and creation of the unique cross-media ecosystem covering all screens: mobile, computer, film theatrical and Smart TV.

The transaction has non-monetary character. The Era Capital investment company owning online movie theater receives a share in Rambler Group, parameters of the transaction does not reveal. The Okko command, headed by the CEO Ivan Grodetsky, will continue work on the project.


Revenue of 1.4 billion rubles (+95%)

Okko share in the market of paid online movie theaters makes about 20%. Annual revenues of online movie theater in 2017 grew almost twice and were 1.4 billion rubles.

Okko will sell to the CEO of Marsfield Capital

The Telconet Capital fund owning the Russian online movie theater Okko will sell a number of assets including 100% of video service. According to in December, 2017 RNS, will act as the buyer the CEO of Marsfield Capital Lapshina Ekaterina - she is an exclusive investment advisor of Telconet.

According to her, the transaction was already signed in December, 2017, the parties expect it approval at the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). Transaction amount does not reveal. Lapshina told that she attracted both personal means, and third-party financing sources to purchase.

In addition to Okko, Ekaterina redeemed Telconet shares in the companies which are not connected with media industry - for example, 50% of "Ogodzhinsky power holding" and 37.5% of the project of the overload[2].

The beginning of work in Kazakhstan

The Russian online movie theater Okko announced on September 26, 2017 the beginning of work in Kazakhstan. The company already conducts negotiations with a film studio Kazakhfilm on purchase of the rights to national cinema products. In plans of online movie theater — input of a separate subscription to a collection of the Kazakh cinema. The library of online movie theater in Kazakhstan makes more than 18 thousand units of content.

Movies, series and animated films of service are available on key platforms: Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Sony Bravia), Android TV, mobile (iOS and Android), web (PC). Clients of in Kazakhstan can forever purchase video, hire or use a wide choice from 8 thematic subscriptions: World cinema, "The best animated films", "The magic world of Disney", Russian cinema, "For the smallest", "The Russian series", Art house, "Round The World", and also a packet Optimal where all subscriptions at the special price enter.

In the nearest future in Okko movies and series of video service of Amediateka owning the rights to content of HBO will also become available.

Distinctive feature of Okko from other online movie theaters is work only on paid model of monetization and total absence of advertizing.

According to the statement of Okko, the cost of purchase, rolling and subscriptions of Okko in Kazakhstan will be the same, as well as in Russia. For the majority of platforms payment of content is possible using the bank card and the Qiwi Wallet in Russian rubles, for IOS-DEVICES — through in-app-purchase in tenge.

Service in Kazakhstan technically we do not depend on Russia therefore here the unique functionality on content, by subscriptions, special offers, etc. will be implemented. All content delivery is optimized for the Kazakh subscribers, CDN is in Kazakhstan. We are going to start all products Okko, including content in HDR and Ultra HD — the technical director of Okko Igor Sokolov told.

Technical works for start of Okko in Kazakhstan were implemented by own resources of the company and took 4 months.

We are glad to arrival to Kazakhstan, the choice of this market for us is not casual: here a big share of the Russian-speaking population, excellent perspectives of sales of TVs from Smart TV, solvent modern audience. This year we are going to place the main focus on development of b2b-sales and search of reliable partners among telecom operators and digital retail. Kazakhstan is our first foreign market, and in the medium term we consider the possibility of an entry into the markets of other CIS countries and foreign countries. Negotiations with potential partners are already conducted — the CEO of Okko Ivan Grodetsky reported.

Restart of the website

The Okko online movie theater announced in April, 2017 restart of the website which became the full-fledged sales channel of movies, animated films and series. As envisioned by the company, it should promote audience accumulation of service.

"Okko has 1.5 million users in the application on Smart TV, life time value according to this platform — about 1500 rubles — the highest among all screens of access. If you work with video content, crime is simple to ignore Smart TV", - Gorodetsky Ivan, the CEO of the project notes.

2016: Revenue of 775 million rubles

Okko revenue at the end of year increased to 775 million rubles. The significant contribution to growth of revenue was brought by thematic subscriptions which the company started in March, 2016. Their share in total sales of reporting period made 15%.


The size of average monthly audience Okko in 2016 grew by 30%, up to 1.5 million people. About 50% of audience are active users of service, i.e. those who made purchases at least two months in a row. In 2016 active users purchased on average three innovations a month and used at least one subscription product Okko. Since launch in 2011 the service was visited by more than 5.5 million people.

The audience of Okko in 2016 was made mainly by the residents of megalopolises at the age of 25-45 years having average income above. They lead active lifestyle, prefer family pastime, consumption and the high level of a didzhitalization have high media (at least 3 devices on family).

Part of new audience of Okko in 2016 was created by users of linear TV. In 2016 the number of transitions of TV-users to the Okko application was 15% higher, than in 2015.

"In the next years the edge between linear TV and VoD will be gradually reduced, including thanks to development of VoD-services and their partnership with providers of the Internet and TV. At the same time, it is obvious that online movie theaters develop as an integral part of large market of paid TV. In 2017 Okko will continue to experiment with programming of content in thematic subscriptions, is also going to expand the subscription offer due to adding of serial, educational and entertaining TV-content, including the Russian production", - the CEO of Okko Grodetsky Ivan noted.


Okko considers that the big screen (Smart TV + set top boxes) will save leadership in consumption of full-length films in the next years. At the same time the user will give preference to those services which are at the same time available on different devices. Smart TV will remain the main platform of development Okko, service is also available on the PC, Play Station 3 and 4, iOs and Android.

"In 2016 consumption from mobile devices considerably grew — Ivan Grodetsky noted. — Applications on iOS and Android where the audience of service increased right after updating were restarted. Watching full-length cinema on the big screen still dominates, at the same time in 2016 we observed growth of requests for viewing "cinema on the way", on smartphones and tablets in this connection the demand of loading of cinema offline increased (this service is in Okko since 2011). We will continue expansion on all platforms of regular viewing which interest users of Okko".


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