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the Official statement of Rostelecom about purchase of OMP

On March 1, 2018 Rostelecom officially announced acquisition of 75 percent shares in Otkrytaya mobilnaya platforma» (OMP) LLC and Votron LLC which work on the Sailfish operating system. Both companies directly or indirectly belong to the founder of the UST group billionaire Grigory Berezkin.

Transaction amount of the company was decided not to be disclosed, but it is noted that the cost will be determined "on the basis of the report of the independent appraiser", and it should not be above market price. In April, 2017 the Vedomosti newspaper with reference to the sources wrote that the seller of the companies estimated all asset at 50 million dollars.

Rostelecom officially announced purchase of Sailfish OS developers
Rostelecom officially announced purchase of Sailfish OS developers
This transaction corresponds to our strategy for formation for our customers of the complex offer with a full range of digital services — the president of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky says. — The mobile operating system organically supplements our product offer, and we hope that it will become the relevant solution for creation of the corporate smartphone providing all necessary functions, including communication, mail, document flow, cloud services, etc. The uniqueness of Sailfish Mobile OS RUS is that it is the only mobile operating system presented at the market which can be completely localized.

Rostelecom adds that purchase of the Sailfish Mobile OS RUS operating system will expand possibilities of the operator in promotion of complete solutions for different customers.

 According to  SPARK-Interfax, by the beginning of March, 2018 the structure of UST through Vorton LLC owns 9.27% of the Hong Kong Sailfish Holding — parent company of Jolla.  Sailfish Mobile OS RUS remains the only mobile operating system which is included into the register of the Russian software.

Samsung will create applications for the Russian mobile OS

The Open Mobile Platform (OMP), Sailfish Mobile OS RUS developer, the first Russian operating system for mobile devices, signed in February, 2018 the agreement with Harman International, Samsung Electronics subsidiary company specializing in technologies for automobile, consumer and business markets. As reported in the company, cooperation is directed to expansion of an ecosystem and development of applications for Sailfish OS.

Harman Connected Services as the partner of OMP in software development, will participate in development of an ecosystem for Sailfish Mobile OS RUS. Technical competences of the Harman Connected Services command will increase quality and speed of emergence of new innovative technologies and applications for users of Sailfish Mobile OS RUS.

Rostelecom submitted FULL FACE the application for purchase of OMP

In February, 2018 it became known of plans of Rostelecom for acquisition of "Open Mobile Platform" (OMP). The purpose of the transaction of the companies is called the rate on import substitution.

According to submitted to RBC with reference to the sources, Rostelecom to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) the petition for purchase on 75% of shares in Open Mobile Platform and Votron companies. The last owns a majority stake of stocks of the Finnish company JollaSailfish developer and mobile devices under own brand. 

Sailfish OS interface
Sailfish OS interface

Representatives of Rostelecom and "The open mobile platform" refused to comment on RBC possible purchase, and in FAS press service confirmed to TASS giving by the operator submission of the petition for purchase of 75% of shares in two companies.

The senior analyst of FC Uralsib Konstantin Belov considers logical acquisition of OMP by Rostelecom, considering active cooperation of the operator with the state in import substitution in the field of telecommunications and IT.

The analyst Opening of Broker Timur Nigmatullin believes that Rostelecom wants to diversify the business, developing a digital segment. At the same time the expert is sure that the state operator  will hardly enter with the purchased Sailfish on mass market of mobile operating systems and will compete with Apple iOS and Google Android.

The speech goes about state orders more likely, it will not become a considerable part of business of the operator — Nigmatullin says.

RBC notes that business, traditional for Rostelecom, of the fixed telephony, an intercity and international telecommunication is reduced several years in a row. The operator tried to compensate loss of income due to rendering services of broadband access in the Internet and a pay TV, but also these segments are close to saturation therefore the company looks for new points of growth which it, in particular, sees in developers of mobile Sailfish OS.[1]

2017: Partnership with DZ Systems

In May, 2017 "the Open Mobile Platform" and DZ Systems signed the partnership agreement on development of business applications for the domestic Sailfish Mobile OS RUS mobile operating system.

2016: Grigory Berezkin starts the company

At the beginning of May, 2016 it became known of the beginning of development of the domestic mobile operating system. The Open Mobile Platform (OMP) company which was located in the Tatarstan Innopolis was engaged in this project.

According to Kommersant with reference to data SPARK-Interfax, beneficiaries of OMP through Votron LLC are the founder of the UST group specializing in power assets Grigory Berezkin (80%) and the former CEO of UST Mikhail Verozub (20%). Besides, the company has a division in Moscow — Otkrytaya mobilnaya platforma — center razrabotki LLC. Both companies were headed by Pavel Eyges, the former CEO of producer of antiviruses McAfee (afterwards there was Intel Security) in Russia and the CIS.

The founder of the UST group started the developer of the Russian mobile OS
The founder of the UST group started the developer of the Russian mobile OS

On the page on social network Twitter the Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov announced opening in OMP of vacancies for developers and testing specialists.

According to the edition, OMP develops the operating system on the basis of components of the open Sailfish platform. Negotiations on use of the created OS are already conducted with Yota Devices and Ruselectronics which in March, 2016 announced plans for release of the smartphone worth up to $200.[2]

It should be noted that Grigory Berezkin is a co-owner of the Finnish company Jolla which is engaged in development of Sailfish. In the middle of 2015 Jolla won tender of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications on import substitution of operating systems for mobile devices. The cost of development of domestic OS based on Sailfish was estimated at 2.2 billion rubles from which 1.89 billion rubles should be selected from the state budget.