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+ Opening holding (before FC Otkritie)

Otkritie bank (information systems)

Article is devoted to questions of creation, development, operation and reliability of information systems of Otkrytiye Bank.



44 billion rubles of net profit

As Mikhail Zadornov, the president-chairman of the board of Otkrytiye bank, at the press conference which took place on January 29 told, the net profit of credit institution under RAS in 2019 was 44 billion rubles, assets of bank less a reserve grew by 1.7 times and exceeded 2.3 trillion rub.

In 2019 the Otkrytiye bank increased the retail credit portfolio by 83%, to 340 billion rubles. The share of bank in the Russian lending market of natural persons in a year grew more than by one and a half times, to 1.9%. Issue of the retail credits increased by 170%, to 234 billion rubles.

In high gear the bank increased also corporate crediting. In 2019 it issued at 213% of corporate credits more, than in 2018 and brought the volume of issues to 938 billion rubles. The corporate loan portfolio grew in a year by 56%, to 891 billion rubles. The share of Opening in the market of the credits to legal persons grew from 2 to 2.5%.

The bank and the Opening group actively developed investment business in 2019. The bank entered in top-6 the largest organizers of placement of releases of subfederal and municipal bonds and in top-7 organizers of placement of corporate bonds. Besides, after a considerable break in 2019 the Otkrytiye bank successfully placed own bonds for 10 billion rubles, and demand for them exceeded production volume by 4.5 times.

The credit institution saved positions among leaders of the Russian private banking. The volume of a portfolio of clients of this segment (investments and savings) in a year increased by 28% to 365 billion rubles.

In crediting MSB bank entered in top-5 by the number of clients. The share of bank in financing of small and medium business for the first time in the history reached 5.5%. Since launch of the credit program MSB bank issued to the enterprises of this segment 200 billion rubles. The loan portfolio of SME for 2019 grew by 67% to 127 billion rubles.

The Otkrytiye bank carried out large-scale transformation of network, completed integration of business of former B&N Bank fully, brought number of regions of presence to 73 and entered in top-5 by the number of regional departments. Own ATM network of credit institution reached 5,300 units, and together with ATMs of partner banks — 36,500.

Significant decrease in operating costs and elimination more than 300 IT systems which got to Otkrytiye bank as a result of integration with group of the former B&N Bank became result of the large-scale investments into technology development which made 19 billion rubles in 2019. From 546 such systems remained 215, and the number of processing centers was reduced three times – from 6 to 2.

In plans of credit institution for 2020 — growth of all key indicators of business by rates above market. Retail lending is going to be increased by 46% and to bring a portfolio almost to 500 billion rubles, and number of clients up to 3.5 million people. Corporate crediting should grow by 38% (the loan portfolio will exceed 1.2 trillion rubles), crediting of SME — for 90%.

Purpose number one for bank in 2020 M. Zadornov called preparation for the IPO which is planned for 2021. Work is already conducted in close contact with the shareholder Otkrytiya. "We should make bank the most attractive both for clients, and for potential investors, both Russian, and foreign" — he told.

Entry into number of participants of NRA LLC from shares of 9.9%

On April 18, 2019 there was information that the FC Otkrytiye bank became the co-owner of the National Rating Agency (NRA) what these systems SPARK-Interfax testify to. The share of NRA LLC belonging to bank makes 9.9%. Read more here.

Growth of a share of Otkrytiye Bank in Customs card up to 96.79%

On March 13, 2019 it became known that the Otkrytiye Bank consolidated 96.79% of Customs card due to purchase of a packet in 28.93% at the biddings organized by Deposit Insurance Agency. Read more here.

Accession of B&N Bank

On January 1, 2019 two sanified Central Bank of the Russian Federation of credit institution - FC Otkritie bank and B&N Bank - completed the consolidation process which began at the beginning of 2018.

The president - the chairman of the board of Opening Mikhail Zadornov in the middle of December, 2018 noted that banks are already technology ready to merge.

Transformation of networks of departments of two credit institutions should come to the end in April, 2019, Zadornov reported earlier. Costs for it are estimated at 500 million rubles, he added.


The loss according to IFRS made 426.8 billion rubles

In 2017 net loss of FC Otkrytiye according to IFRS made 426.8 billion rubles. The previous year the net profit of finance corporation was 1.5 billion rubles, Interfax with reference to the consolidated statements of bank demonstrates.

Growth of expenses on reserves became a basic reason of losses of Opening: provisions under impairment of the credits expenses on other types of impairment and reserves — to 94.5 billion rubles from 2.3 billion rubles increased to 360 billion rubles from 34.3 billion rubles in 2016.

Besides, the bank reflected a loss in the amount of 50.3 billion rubles from trade operations and loss in 22.2 billion rubles from change of contractual conditions.

Last year Opening reflected nearly 6 billion rubles of net loss from an insurance activity and losses in 23.3 billion rubles from pension activity, Interfax reports.

Support to results of group was given by the deposit of the Central Bank for 380 billion rubles issued at the non-market rate of 0.51%. Fair value of a deposit was counted on a market rate of 11.91% that allowed Opening to reflect income from initial recognition of means of 19.7 billion rubles.

The loan portfolio of Opening after a deduction of reserves in a year was reduced by 2.6 times — to 716.2 billion rubles from 1.8 trillion rubles for the end of 2016. The corporate loans issued under agreements of a repo decreased to 74.3 billion rubles from 970.5 billion rubles according to the results of previous year.

The volume of non-standard loans in a corporate portfolio of bank grew to 366.8 billion rubles from 27.7 billion rubles for the end of 2016.

The volume of doubtful loans to legal persons also increased and was 297.9 billion rubles in comparison with 120 billion rubles the previous year.

Means of clients on bank accounts were reduced last year to 870.1 billion rubles from nearly 1.2 trillion rubles.

The Central Bank will blacklist more than 120 managers of Opening

More than 120 managers of FC Otkritie bank will be included in the black list of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Prohibition on a profession will concern beneficiaries of bank, members of the supervisory board and board, the chief accountant and his deputy, heads and chief accountants of branches.

"The decision is already made and is already brought to many managers" — Kommersant quotes the sources. At the same time most of heads it is hardly left jobs before completion of work of temporary administration. It is the most mass case for all history of sanitation.

The black list of the Central Bank prohibits bankers not less than five years to hold high positions in banks. Besides, the new law on a goodwill will close it an input on the leading positions in other companies of the financial sector.

The regulator keeps the black list of bankers more than ten years. Managers of the banks declared bankrupt after revocation of license and also those credit institutions concerning which measures for bankruptcy warning — sanitation are performed get to it. According to the Central Bank for July 26, in the list 6.675 thousand people appeared.

The Central Bank announced sanitation of FC Otkritie bank

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation assured that the bank will continue work in the normal mode, the bail-in mechanism will not be used, the moratorium on the satisfaction of the requirement of creditors will also not be imposed, and the Fund of consolidation of the banking sector will become the investor, his employees and workers of the regulator will be a part of temporary administration. Since August 29 in Opening entered temporary administration.

"Within these measures participation of the Bank of Russia as the main investor using funds of Fund of consolidation of the banking sector is planned", says the Central Bank.


Consolidation with Rosgosstrakh

In December, 2016 it became known that the Opening Group and the Rosgosstrakh group integrate for creation of the largest private financial company in Russia. Assets of group will exceed 4 trillion rubles, the customer base - 50 million people, quantity of sales points of the company - 4 thousand, the total number of employees — 100 thousand people.

Otkrytiye Holding will become managing body. It will control banks of group Otkrytiye, Rosgosstrakh bank and Rosgosstrakh insurance company. At the same time the command of Otkrytiye will develop banking, investment and broker business and also asset management, a command of Rosgosstrakh - insurance business. Legal processes on consolidation the organization will continue during 2017.

Structure and geography of holding

Otkrytiye holding — one of the leading Russian banking groups which main activities are investment banking, commercial banking, broker services and also asset management.

The main companies creating Otkrytiye holding:


Otkrytiye Finance Corporation is renamed into Otkrytiye holding, and NOMOS-bank - into Otkrytiye Finance Corporation bank.

At the same time the holding is going to transform four banks to two. Until the end of 2014 by accession of Otkrytiye bank to the Khanty-Mansi Bank (KMB) it is going to create uniform bank which will concentrate on bank retail. The bank will work under The Khanty-Mansi Bank — Opening brand.

The corporate and investment block of group will be created based on NOMOS-bank (now - FC Otkritie bank) by accession to it during 2014-2015 of Petrocommerce bank. Retail business of Petrocommerce at the same time will pass into "HMB - Otkrytiye". Otkrytiye holding will hold a controlling stake of Otkrytiye Finance Corporation bank. The FC Otkritie bank, in turn, will hold a controlling stake "HMB - Otkrytiye". The logo of Otkrytiye remains invariable.


In January, 2009 VTB Bank acquired 19.9% of shares of FC OTKRYTIYE. The representative of VTB Bank was a part of Board of Directors of LLC FC OTKRYTIYE.

At the end of 2009 purchased LLC FC OTKRYTIYE 25% of additional issue of shares of VEFK bank which was renamed into Petrovsky bank later.

At the end of 2009 announced FC OTKRYTIYE strategy implementation on consolidation of banking business within which creation of the universal united bank is supposed. The new structure will appear based on OTKRYTIYE Commercial bank and OTKRYTIYE Investment bank. Consolidation will strengthen positions of FC OTKRYTIYE in the banking market of Russia, will open additional opportunities for development of this direction of business, and will allow the united bank to become some and largest players of the Russian financial market.

2012: Entering of stocks of NOMOS-bank and Otkrytiye bank into the capital of Otkrytiye N LLC

As it became known on September 14, 2012, FC Otkrytiye will enter share blocks of child NOMOS-bank and Otkrytiye bank to authorized capital the index of Otkrytiye N LLC, the message about solutions of shareholder meeting of finance corporation demonstrates.

At the end of August, 2012 FC Otkrytiye which acquired 19.9% of shares of NOMOS-bank earlier, announced intention in the next two years to redeem the remained share in it at the price not lower than 14 dollars for the GDR and within the next three years to become the largest independent public financial group in Russia.

FC Otkrytiye owns 61.53% of the bank of the same name.

According to the message, 18.392 million stocks of NOMOS-bank which cost "for the purposes of entering into payment by a share in Ltd company" is determined in the amount no more than 16.5 billion rubles will be entered to the capital of Otkrytiye N LLC.

2.311 billion bank shares Opening which cost is determined in the amount of no more than 10.5 billion rubles will also be entered to the capital of Otkrytiye N LLC.

"The nominal value of shares in authorized capital of Otkrytiye N LLC paid with bank shares Opening and NOMOS-bank will correspond to the cost of these actions determined by this solution", the statement says.

Payment due date of shares in authorized capital of Otkrytiye N LLC — till December 31, 2012.

The largest shareholder of FC Otkrytiye from shares of 40.1% is the businessman Vadim Belyaev, a packet in 19.9% of stocks the VTB bank owns.


2008 is marked by an active exit of OTKRYTIYE Finance corporation to regions – by the end of the year the agency and partner network of the company contained 24 sales points in the territory of Russia. Same year NRA assigned to the company individual score of reliability of AAA (maximum nadezhnos).

In 2008 became LLC FC OTKRYTIYE the first company which took part in sanitation of banks. In November of LLC FC OTKRYTIYE in cooperation with Deposit Insurance Agency acquired RBR Commercial bank. In June, 2009 the bank was renamed into CB OTKRYTIYE Ltd. Acquisition of bank marked itself the beginning of active development of classical commercial banking under control of FC OTKRYTIYE.


In February, 2007 by IS Opening LLC as a result of restructuring it was renamed into LLC FC OTKRYTIYE. The same year the finance corporation for the purpose of business development in the international stock markets purchased the British broker company ABC Clearing Limited which was renamed into OTKRITIE Securities Limited. The OPEN.RU BROKERAGE HOUSE company (CYPRUS) LIMITED was the same year registered (further it is renamed into OTKRITIE FINANCE (CYPRUS) LIMITED).

Creation of the international broker performing activity in compliance with the legislation of the European Union brought the company to the leading positions in the field of providing electronic access to foreign markets of the capital.


Continuing the movement on a way to creation of universal banking group, IS Opening LLC actively developed services of a brokerage and the investment banking direction. In 2006 IS Opening LLC purchased JSB SHCHIT-BANK (in further JSC AB OTKRYTIYE).


In 2005 IS Opening LLC organized placement of a three-year bonded loan of the child structure - JSC Hanty-mansiyskoy lizingovoy kompanii OTKRYTIYE at the MICEX Stock Exchange.

In 2005 IS OPENING purchases Natsional management company (it is renamed into UK "OPENING") and enters trust management market and share funds. Then the NAUFOR rating agency assigned to IS Otkrytiye LLC AA+ score – very high reliability, the first level.


On December 11, 2001 JSC VEO-INVEST companies and BK Otkrytiye Ltd signed the agreement on consolidation. As a result of consolidation the JSC VEO-Otkrytiye company which provided to clients full range of services, including broker and dealer and depository service, trust management and management of corporate finances was created.

In 2002 JSC VEO-Otkrytiye It Was Renamed in Brokersky dom OTKRYTIYE.

During the period from 2002 to 2004 "The broker house of OTKRYTIYE" was steadily included into top three on exchange turnovers with securities in the Russian market. At this time the company closed large deal in the sector of corporate finances, having acted as the financial advisor by preparation and transaction on sale of shares of the largest Russian polygraphic Almaz-Press complex.

In 2004 it is created by IS Opening LLC. "The broker house of OTKRYTIYE" was included into structure of investment group.


In 1996 group of the Russian managers led by Mikhail Sukhobok it was created by Opening Broker Company Ltd, specializing in exchange trade in the derivative financial instruments. Became BK Otkrytiye Ltd one of the first Russian companies which offered in December, 1999 to the clients the system of Internet access to biddings in share section of MICEX that allowed it to become for a long time one of leaders in volumes of operations on the stock exchange in the Russian stock market.


In 1995 in the Russian market the JSC VEO-INVEST company was created. It became the first company which entered afterwards into structure of FC OTKRYTIYE. Private Italian investors were shareholders of the company which was engaged in the long-term investments of the capital to the telecommunication sector of Russia. In 1997 VEO-INVEST was headed by Vadim Belyaev who became the permanent head of future group.