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Oracle Corporation


The American corporation, software developer for the organizations, the supplier of the server hardware. The company specializes in release of database management systems, a middleware and business applications. The headquarters is in California (USA).

Competitors: Microsoft, SAP AG

Ellison Laurence Joseph - 31%
For September, 2018

120000 employees in 2013



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The history of Oracle began in legendary Silicon Valley, the State of California, the USA. In 1977 the young programmer Larry Ellison gave up study at Yale University to begin own business. Larry Ellison at the disposal of whom then there were only 1200 dollars, finished Bob Mayner and Ad Oates, the former colleagues, to create home company. Before all three developed by request of CIA the project under the name of Oracle.

Company takeovers

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For the long-term history Oracle purchased tens of the companies. The history of absorption in material of TAdviser.

Board of Directors and top management

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Employees and personnel management

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Performance Indicators

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Financial year of the company is determined from June 1 to May 31.

2019: Revenue — $39.51 billion; net profit — $11.08 billion

In 2019 financial year which end fell on May 31 of the 2019th calendar revenue of Oracle company made $39.51 billion that approximately corresponds to an indicator of year prescription.

Annual sales of cloud services and services of user support of licenses at Oracle reached $26.71 billion, having increased by 2% relatively 2018 of a fiscal year. On the licenses distributed according to traditional local and cloud schemes, the company earned $5.86 billion — 1% more, than the previous year.

Financial performance of Oracle
Financial performance of Oracle

The IT equipment, including servers, storage systems and network devices, brought to Oracle annual incomes in the amount of $3.7 billion. In comparison with 2018 reporting year this revenue decreased by 7%. The amount of service business was reduced by 5% year on year and was $3.24 billion.

In 2019 to a fiscal year proceeds from sales of the Fusion ERP and HCM cloud applicaions rose by 32%. Income from the products NetSuite ERP also grew by 32%. The company claims that its cloud business grows quicker, than at competitors.

North America where annual revenues raised from $21.65 billion to $21.86 billion remains the largest sales market of products of Oracle. In EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, Africa) revenues of the company decreased from $11.41 billion to $11.27 billion. In the Pacific Rim turnover slightly increased and made $6.38 billion.

Oracle completed 2019 financial year with net profit in the amount of $11.08 billion that for 209% exceeds the profit of previous year.

In the reporting of Oracle also reported that expenses on restructuring in 2019 to a fiscal year made $443 million against $588 million the previous year. Restructuring assumes dismissals of employees — in the middle of June, 2019 there was a reduction of jobs in the Israeli office Oracle.[1]

Business in Russia and the CIS

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In Russia and the CIS countries the interests of corporation are represented by Oracle CIS LLC.

Product lines

Software and equipment

Among products which are offered by Oracle:

Cloud business

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Affiliate program of Oracle

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As of the end of 2013, according to Oracle, her clients are more than 400 thousand enterprises from the different industries more than in 145 countries of the world, including all 100 companies from the list of Fortune 100. About 290 thousand clients of Oracle are provided by the companies of medium and small business.

One of the most known products Oracle - the database - is used by about 310 thousand clients. About 115 thousand clients use the middleware of Oracle, 85 thousand - business applications of the company and 2.7 thousand clients - its hardware and software systems.


Stock price dynamics

Ticker company on the exchange: NASDAQ:ORCL