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Orbium is the Swiss company specializing on providing consulting and IT services in the financial sector. Orbium is the largest integrator of the software Avaloq Banking Suite intended for the banks and the companies which are engaged in management of private equity. By the beginning of 2019 of Avaloq it is used by more than 150 companies worldwide.

Orbium is founded in 2004, and in 15 years the number of staff of the company exceeded 500 people. Its offices are located in 11 countries of Europe, the Pacific Rim and the USA. Primary clients — the largest global banks managing private assets of high-wealthy clients and private banks.


2018: Accenture purchased Orbium

In January, 2019  the Accenture company rendering services in the field of management consulting, information technologies and  outsourcing announced  Orbium acquisition. The cost of the transaction does not reveal.

After accomplishment of all formalities concerning Orbium sales, all staff of the company and also the technical assets and project developments created especially for the Avaloq platform will pass to Accenture. In the press release it is noted that Orbium has three times more than specialists certified on Avaloq, than in any other company.

Accenture purchased software integrator for banks and asset managers
Accenture purchased software integrator for banks and asset managers

Accenture notes that the market of management of private equity passes from "expensive nonflexible" outdated solutions towards SaaS and business process outsourcing which provide the open architectures necessary for providing necessary banking services.

Using the advanced opportunities of Accenture, we will be able to expand considerably the scale and a scope of our market solutions. Accenture and Orbium has a common goal — success of our clients — the partner of Orbium Samir Gherbi told.[1]