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+ Alpha Associates is the online store in Russia founded in 1998. is selected by 2.5 million buyers a year (data of 2017). The online retailer offers everything that is necessary for buyers: more than 4.3 million positions in 14 categories. From books and products for children and mothers to electronics and food. The online store on a daily basis compares 700,000 goods to 89 competitors to offer the most competitive prices in the market. Weekly on the website of shop there are changes and improvements that it was most convenient to buyers to use service.

OZON group is private company among which investors: Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund, AFK "Sistema", MTS (Mobile TeleSystems), Index Ventures, ru-Net Ltd, Rakuten, Intel Capital, Holtzbrinck, Cisco Capital.

Performance Indicators

2019: Record sales growth — for 93%

In 2019 turnover from sales of Ozon reached 80.7 billion rubles, having increased by 93% concerning the 2018th. These growth rates were record for the company and are caused by a row a factor, including increase in frequency of purchases, dynamics of the check, expansion of the range and start of special services for clients.

According to Vedomosti with reference to the reporting of Ozon, in 2019 of the lump of 6.2 million orders (about 20% of the total amount of deliveries) was made by users of a subscription of Ozon Premium. The check of the order on such subscription was several times higher normal, 6–7 goods were presented in its order on average. Card holders of Ozon.Card make four and more orders a month that, according to the company, is a high rate of loyalty.

Ozon completed 2019 with record sales growth

More than 70% of the range are created by sellers of a marketplace — for the end of their 2019 there were 6.5 thousand, and 15 thousand more companies were in process of a design. The number of delivered orders in a year increased more than twice, to 32.3 million, all in the 2019th 144 million goods were implemented. 

For 2019 Ozon increased the areas of the fulfillment-factories more than twice, almost to 200 thousand sq.m. The network of issue Ozon taking into account own and partner automatic post offices and points of issue grew in a year three times, to 16,651 points. In 2019 Ozon became the network of automatic post offices, largest in Russia, with 6,897 own points — 23% of volume of delivery are the share of this canal of issue.

Our task for 2020 – without reducing growth rates, to transform Ozon to the full-fledged Internet platform to make e-commerce even closer for residents of towns where the choice of goods and price availability are limited. For this purpose we will continue to develop logistics, financial products and to increase the range — the CEO of Ozon Alexander Shulgin said.[1]



Yevtushenkov: the founder of Amazon Bezos wanted to invest in Ozon

On June 27, 2020 the main owner of AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenkov told journalists about high interest in Ozon online store (the total share of holding in it makes 42.999%) from foreign investors.

I can tell that it is the only company in Russia which was regarded by Amazon in terms of participation and considered Softbank. It already says that on the radar it is very important asset. And we are very glad that increased a packet — Yevtushenkov reported.

Yevtushenkov told about the investment interest of Jeff Bezos in Ozon

According to him, was going to invest Amazon in Ozon at the beginning of 2020, the possible transaction at a personal meeting was discussed by the CEO Alexander Shulgin and the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

The representative of Ozon did not comment on RBC an issue of negotiations with Bezos, but said that the retailer sees high investment interest from funds, private investors and the companies "from Russia, from the West and from other continents".

In the first quarter 2020 we announced closing of the next round in $150 million from which $50 million were selected by the new investor  — North American fund Princeville Capital  — the representative of Ozon reported, having called this amount "the largest western investment into the Russian e-commerce for the last five-six years".

According to  Reuters,  Ozon  can have  a new shareholder: in  June, 2020 four sources of news agency told that negotiations on purchase of a large share in Ozon  are conducted  by Sberbank, and  the parties are already close to the transaction. Yevtushenkov did not confirm and did not disprove negotiations with Sberbank on entry of financial institution into the capital of Ozon.   

The main beneficiary of AFK "Sistema" noted that Ozon is "few steps away from profitability and is prepared for the IPO perfectly". Earlier in AFK "Sistema" said that consider the possibility of attracting investors in Ozon and do not exclude carrying out IPO retailer.[2] 

Ozon turns into a marketplace

The Russian platform actively develops on marketplace model. According to the results of May, 2020 turnover from sales on the platform of goods of other sellers made more than a half (51%). A marketplace was started 14 months ago, the representative of Ozon to "Non-numerical economy" told.

In April, 2020 the marketplace brought more than 6 billion rubles - it is over 40% of revenue of, and according to the results of May, 2020 the share reached already 51%.

For June, 2020 80% of trade names of Ozon are the share of goods of sellers of a marketplace. They occur in every second customer order Ozon. Children's goods and goods for the house and also goods for beauty and health are in the greatest demand. Due to COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020 sales of goods of daily demand considerably grew - in April Ozon delivered 2.2 million orders with such range - in 2.7 times more, than in April, 2019.

In May, 2020 on Ozon more than 10,500 sellers sold the goods, even more than 30,000 were in process of registration, an institution and shipment of goods. From February to May, 2020 the number of partners of the platform grew by a third. The number of sellers is the most active grew in Sverdlovsk region where since February the number of local sellers grew up twice, in Tatarstan (by 2.3 times) and Krasnodar Krai (by 2.8 times).

In addition to small business, goods on Ozon sell also networks "M of Video Eldorado", "Alphabet of Taste", "Vkusvill" and others.

Opening of M.Video and Eldorado shops

On April 27, 2020 M.Video and Eldorado announced opening of sales of home appliances and electronics through Ozon marketplace. Read more here.

Loan from Sberbank Invesments in the amount of 6 billion rubles

On April 10, 2020 Sberbank announced TAdviser providing a loan to one of leaders of a multicategory e-commerce segment in Russia — the Ozon group.

Sberbank gave to Ozon a loan in 6 billion rubles on support of business and development of logistics

Within the transaction of Sberbank Invesments Ltd (child structure of Sberbank Investments LLC) granted a loan to Ozon group in the amount of 6 billion rubles. Ozon is going to use these means for financing of the current operating activities and also to strengthen the program of development of logistic capacities within the provided strategy.

We see, it is how important for business in the field of e-commerce to support uninterrupted operating activities and even more actively to develop logistic infrastructure, especially in the conditions of a pandemic when it is important to people to have an opportunity to purchase goods necessary to them without need to leave the house. Sberbank does everything possible for support of the companies of the industry e-sommerce, most important for the population, one of which is Ozone,
told Oscar Ratsin, the vice president for investment activities, the director of the department of investment activities, the chairman of the board of directors Sberbank Investments

In the current conditions when load of the companies of e-commerce increased many times, it is especially important to have additional resources for increase in volume of trade inventories and additional financing of operating activities. It will allow group to function successfully on high alert and to provide the population of the country with essential goods and also all necessary for a comfortable way of life,
noted Daniil Fedorov, CFO Ozon

Increase in shares of AFK "Sistema" and Baring Vostok in Ozon

On March 31, 2020 TAdviser knew that AFK "Sistema" increased a share in Ozon from 21.9% to 31.3% as a result of converting of the loans granted in 2019. It is said in the statement of the company.

Taking into account this and a share in 11.699% which System controls through Sistema VC venture fund in total the holding for the end of March, 2020 possesses 42.999% of Ozon. In April, 2019 System owned 38.2%, and Sistema_VC — 16.3%.

Baring Vostok reported that also increased a share in Ozon due to converting of loans on the parity basis from AFK "Sistema". The representative of fund Aleksandra Astapenko refused to open the current share in Ozon, but specified that Baring and System saved parity in the company. In 2019 to year Vladimir Yevtushenkov said in an interview of RBC that AFK "Sistema" and Baring Vostok intend to increase a share in Ozon to 40% everyone and also to develop the retailer "before the IPO".

In 2019 both shareholders granted the online retailer large convertible loans from which Ozon received 9.2 billion rubles from AFK "Sistema". In the first quarter 2020 they granted the company the next loans, everyone follows from the message of System — 3 billion rubles.

Ozon can rent a warehouse almost on 80,000 sq.m in St. Petersburg

The Ozon online store will open a new warehouse in St. Petersburg: he rents at Kompanii «marvel-logistika" Square in the PNK park Sofia ring road complex. About it Vedomosti in March, 2020 was told by agents of the parties and Knight Frank companies which acted as the consultant of the transaction. At the first stage Ozon, according to them, will occupy 29,000 sq.m. This queue will be completed in the II quarter 2020, however, 4-5 more months will occupy installation of equipment.

Ozon has an option for expansion of the area of lease to 79,000 sq.m, interlocutors of Vedomosti say. Before its implementation these areas will be used by "Marvel-logistika" under safe custody of loads, the person close to one of the parties of the transaction specifies.


Start of interactive mailing together with

On September 27, 2019 it became known that Ozon and the Mail.Ru Mail started interactive mailing.

Now clients of Ozon will be able to activate coupons, to participate in polls directly in the e-mail, also the technology allows to create sliders with a photo and to load information on relevant goods and actions into the moment when the user opens the letter — so offers in it will not be invalidated later couple of days. It is the first similar experience for the Russian services.

At the heart of interactive mailings AMP technology (Accelerated mobile pages). Unlike normal messages, in AMP letters the user has an opportunity to manage the received content and to give a feedback to the sender. For this purpose widgets, buttons and other multimedia tools are built in interactive letters. All interactive elements are automatically updated that the user obtained up-to-date information at the time of opening of the letter. Besides, it is possible to add the personalized settings that letters reflected relevant offers for each user to AMP letters.

Within the test period interactive letters receive from Ozon 900 thousand users who have a mail. In the first letters the company used two functions of service — a slider with images and interactive poll which can be passed directly in the letter. It allows to place more information on the first screen and to increase clickability of content in the letter. Already the first tests showed that the number of clicks on photobanners in the letter with a slider are 26% higher, than in letters with static images, and the questionnaire in the letter collects 10% more answers.

For September, 2019 letters 5 million users across all Russia, and e-mail mailing for us receive one of methods from Ozon to tell about stocks and advantageous offers. In mailings we use different mechanics of personalisation — from selections of relevant goods to reminders that it is time to order, for example, laundry detergent or pampers if the user regularly buys them and from the last order there passed enough time. And, of course, when there are new services allowing to make this communication channel even more attractive to users, we use them. Further we see a set of interesting opportunities of use of AMP technology in Ozon mailings,


File:Aquote1.png and Ozon implemented technology which will change idea of users of e-mails. It is a huge step both for retail, and for the market of mail services. We are glad that we begin to develop this direction together with such technological and reliable partner as Ozone,


The mail stopped being only the means of communication for a long time. It is possible to solve various problems with its help: directly from letters it is possible to call the taxi, to pay penalties and mobile communication, in the future opportunities will become even more. Thanks to interactive elements, the mail will become even more convenient tool for the help in daily affairs.

Integration with digital service of Russian Post

Integration of a management system for a fulfillment of Ozon, multicategory e-commerce of the platform, with digital service of Russian Post made Internet purchases more available to residents of 85 subjects of the Russian Federation. Thanks to integration of the systems of two players delivery date in 42 thousand departments of Russian Post was cut by half. Thus inhabitants of the most remote territories of the country got online access to 2.1 million trade names, reported on August 21, 2019 in the federal mail operator. Read more here.

Date leak of 450 thousand users

On July 10, 2019 it became known of large date leak of clients of Ozon. The database which contains more than 450 thousand e-mail addresses and passwords of users appeared in open access.

Journalists of RBC checked hundreds of e-mail through Email Checker service: all of them were relevant. Passwords for an input in Ozon, however, any more not operating.

According to the expert who studied base in the field of cyber security, leak could happen about half a year more back. The found base, according to him, is brought together from two separate which originals it found at one of hacker forums in November, 2018.

Logins and passwords of 450 thousand clients of Ozon appeared in open access

The online store said that monitor suspicious activities and know about this base. They specified that they reset the lost passwords of users.[3]

Ozon assumes that data of clients of the company snared because they or used identical passwords for different services, or their computer underwent the hacker attack. Having received base with data from the account, swindlers could find information from personal accounts, interlocutors of RBC noted.

Roskomnadzor expressed concern about actions of Ozon online store after date leak of users. On July 10 RIA Novosti with reference to the press secretary of department Vadim Ampelonsky reports about it.

According to him, the lack of timely warning of a similar situation threatens safety of all users of service.

Roskomnadzor noted that access to the account of the client allows is not authorized to obtain the additional information about the user and also to make different actions from his name. With respect thereto the service will send online store the letter for receiving explanations.

Ozon did not announce leaks earlier, however at the end of 2018 the technical director of the company Anatoly Orlov said that the system of recovery of passwords changed. According to him, added additional enciphering to a system.

Increase in a share of AFK Sistema

PJSC AFK Sistema increased a direct share of ownership in Ozon Holdings Limited company as a result of acquisition of packets of minority shareholders of Ozon.

"The cumulative share of ownership of AFK "Sistema" in Ozon result of the redemption of shares of minority shareholders increased to 38.2%. After closing of transactions of AFK "Sistema" owns 21.9% directly and controls another 16.3% through Sistema VC venture fund. The largest shareholders of Ozon - AFK "Sistema" and Baring Vostok support the strategy of aggressive gaining the market stated by the company in 2018 and granted the company convertible loans with a total amount of 10 billion rubles on its further implementation. Investments will go for maintenance of the reached growth rates and development of warehouse infrastructure - opening in the Moscow region of the new fulfillment-center over 100 thousand sq.m and expansion of logistic infrastructure in regions. A loan amount, provided to AFK "Sistema", - 5.7 billion rubles", - the press service of AFK "Sistema" reported.

MTS sold to the owners a share in Ozone

The Mobile TeleSystems company (MTS) sold 18.7% of shares belonging to it online store of the parties. As the buyer the controlling shareholder of MTS – AFK "Sistema" acted. Transaction amount was 7.9 billion rubles, said in messages of both[4].

The transaction was performed through "subsidiary" of MTS – the offshore Dera Retail Holding. Payment will be performed by three tranches, last of which should take place in July, 2021.

After the transaction AFK "Sistema" will own directly 19.3% of the stocks "Ozone". Another 16.3% of stocks belong to the Sistema_VC venture fund under control of AFK "Sistema". Thus, the corporation controls 35.6% of shares of online store.


Growth of revenue by 74% to 37.4 billion rubles

In 2018 revenue of Ozon rose by 74% and reached 37.4 billion rubles.

MTS increased a share in Ozon to 16.7%

PJSC MTS increased a share in the Cyprian Ozon Holdings Limited from 13.65 to 16.66%, follows from materials of the operator. Transaction amount does not reveal[5].

MTS purchased two minority stakes in authorized capital of the company, explained TASS in the press service of the company: 0.35% of stocks were redeemed from the former chief executive of Ozon Bernard to Luka, another 2.65% — from Index Ventures fund.

At the beginning of March MTS increased a share in Ozon from 11.2 to 13.7%, having spent 1.15 billion rubles for the redemption of additional issue of shares of online retailer.

Ozon received 3.5 billion from MTS and other shareholders

The Ozon online store attracted 3.5 billion rubles ($61 million) of new investments from the current shareholders — funds Baring Vostok and MTS. The reached agreement provides that the amount of financing can be increased up to 5.25 billion rubles ($92 million), depending on wishes[6].

Means will be provided by issue of additional stocks of Ozon. On the received money the shop intends to develop logistic infrastructure, to expand the range and to implement new projects.

From the specified amount of MTS will provide 1.15 billion rubles, Interfax with reference to the message of MTS tells in February, 2018. It will increase a share of mobile operator in Ozon from 11.2% to 13.7%. 2.35 more billion rubles will arrive from Baring Vostok. According to the option agreement, Ozon has a right to demand from MTS within the next 12 months of the redemption of additional actions for the amount up to 582 million rub that will increase a share of MTS to 14.7%.

2017: Sistema VC redeemed 10.8% from AFK "Sistema"

The Sistema Venture Capital venture fund redeemed from the founder AFK "Sistema" 10.8% of assets of retailer

New co-owners intend "make friends" with the adjacent startups of fund connected with IT. In plans of board of Sistema VC to use the status platform for the pilot projects. It is planned that with participation of Sistema Venture Capital assets of the retailer will grow in price, and the company will fix the participation in the market of network trade transactions.

2016: Losses at the end of year

Net sales of online store at the end of 2016 grew by 20% — to 14.2 billion rubles, the head of the company Danny Perekalski told at a press conference. Aggregate turnover of at the same time reached 18 billion rubles. Taking into account Ozon.Travel project indicators the aggregate turnover of the company reached 40.5 billion rubles.

At the same time in 2016 the online store could not come to profit. According to the development strategy Ozon, BreakEven it is planned for 2017, Perekalski reminded. Final understanding whether will get a profit in 2017, will appear within several months, he added.

In quantitative expression of sale of made 28.3 million goods, or 5.7 million orders — the indicator grew by 24%. The range of Ozon reached more than 4.2 million names against 3.6 million names in 2015.

The greatest share of sales of Ozon is the share of books — 25%. Another 24% of sales are the share of electronics, 15% — of goods for the house, 12% — goods for mothers and children, 6% — goods of a segment beauty and health, 5% — clothes and footwear. On 4% of sales it is the share of pet goods and of goods for sport and leisure. On 1% — on music, antiques, dvd, games and software.

Ozon expects sales growth at the end of 2017 more than for 25%.

According to Perekalski, in plans of the company, in particular — to open in June, 2017 a new warehouse of 4 thousand sq.m in Krasnodar.

According to Perekalski, in 2017 the share of sales of clothes and footwear in 2017 will grow to 6-7%. Food and pet goods about 6% are also going to finish Segments.

"Electronics in 2017 will be more, than books, and will become the biggest type of goods in terms of a share of sales through" — the top manager added.


Loss of 322 million rub

Internet Resheniya LLC, the main operating company of online retailer, at the end of 2015 received net loss under RAS in the amount of 322.2 million rubles that is 36% less than an indicator the previous year, follows from the report of the company in SPARK-Interfax base.

Dynamics of reduction of a loss in a year almost doubled - at the end of 2014 the indicator decreased by 19%, to 503.2 million rubles.

Revenue of Solutions for the Internet under RAS in 2015 increased by 39.3%, to 12.3 billion rubles. Earlier Ozon Group announced revenue growth in 2015 for 33%, up to 15 billion rubles. The last indicator actually is gross turnover, considers the VAT and also the total cost of the goods and services sold on a commission basis.

The cost of sales of increased by 42%, to 8.3 billion rubles. The gross profit of the company made 3.9 billion rubles that is 33.8% more than a similar indicator the previous year.

The forecast of the retailer for 2016 assumes growth of revenue by 25%.

Earlier it was reported that in 2015 42% of sales of were the share of Moscow, sales growth made 44%. In other Central Federal District sales of the retailer grew by 44% (a share of sales - 14%), in St. Petersburg (a share of 11%) - for 46%.

Sales outside Russia increased by 2.4 times, two percent of revenue fell to their share. The three of the leading countries on sales volume included the USA, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In 2015 the retailer processed 5.18 million orders, sold 22.74 million goods. The average bill was 2.52 thousand rubles

On average monthly the site is visited by 750 thousand unique users.

The Ozon group, except retailer, also includes delivery service "O-Kuryer" which in addition to online store services about 100 organizations and also service of sale of tickets and armoring of Ozon Travel hotels. began to work in the USA

On April 2, 2015 the online store announced the beginning of work in the USA as the[7].

Screenshot of, 2015

It is the fourth show-window started by the company outside Russia after Kazakhstan, Europe and Israel. The show-window offers Russian-speaking buyers the range from 590 thousand books. The goods delivery to the buyer is planned within 1.5 weeks.

According to Mikhail Osin, the head of development of the projects, for April 2, 2015 1.8% of turnover of are the foreign sales implemented through local show-windows and the main website Local show-windows it is more convenient for the buyer in terms of right display of the available range, the prices in local currency and separate client support.


Turnover of the company in 2014 made 32 billion rubles. Net proceeds - 11.8 billion rubles.

MTS and AFK "Sistema" invested $150 million in Ozon

MTS and its controlling shareholder of AFK "Sistema" invested $150 million in Ozon online store. The transaction is performed by a dopeimissiya of actions of 21.6% of the total number of actions. MTS and AFK redeemed this packet in half, having paid $75 million. Also MTS and AFK "Sistema" will receive in one place in Board of Directors of Ozon (total number in council does not reveal)[8].

2013: FAS approved the petition of AFK "Sistema" for purchase about 10% of

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia approved the petition of AFK "Sistema" concerning online store, ITAR-TASS reported in February, 2014 a source,[9], familiar with results of its consideration,[10].

The source close to shareholders of MTS, specified earlier that it is about purchase about 20% of - in equal shares on MTS and System.

"The Board of Directors of MTS approved expediency of the transaction proceeding from possible synergy with online sales of MTS and potential of growth of the market. At the same time there are certain doubts in light of the last legislative initiatives influencing Internet payments. There is no final decision according to the transaction, everything will depend on the price", - he explained.


Turnover of the company in 2011 made 8.87 billion rubles. Net proceeds - 4.7 billion rubles.

ru-Net and other funds invest $100 million in the company

In September, 2011 it became known that $100 million enclosed in ru-Net funds of Leonid Boguslavsky, Index Ventures, Alpha Associates and the Japanese online retailer Rakuten, told Vedomosti the CEO of Maelle Gavet. The first two already invested money in This time ru-Net became the leading investor, having made not less than a half of investments, and received a "essential" share, the investment banker close to participants of the transaction[11] says[11].

According to Gave, more than $95 million went to the company which sold an additional issue, the rest was received by minority shareholders. The main owner of — Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund (about 60% to the present transaction) did not sell the share, the senior partner of Baring Vostok Capital Partners Elena Ivashentseva told Vedomosti. She says that all investors of a new round received minority shares.

"The company is estimated above, than we expected" — tells Gave, but does not call assessment. Proceeding from turnover at 4.5 billion rubles in 2010 and multiplicators of the similar companies (Amazon, eBay, Salesforce) it is possible to estimate at $564 million, the expert of Finam Leonid Delitsyn counted. But if is unprofitable or not profitable, then the transaction could pass with discount up to 30% — at the price of $395 million. The source in one of the Internet companies told Vedomosti earlier that expects assessment in $400 million.

$100 million are the largest private investments in the Russian electronic trading, tells Gave. The founder of Wikimart marketplace Maxim Faldin agrees with it: the last large investments into $55 million in April, 2011 were received by on-line shopping club of KupiVIP.

The Japanese Rakuten — one of the best companies in the market of e-commerce in the world, it is very aggressive in terms of expansion on international markets, Faldin tells. This is the strategic investor who usually does not leave acquired assets but only increases a share. According to Gave, Rakuten will share the experience with in the field of online commerce. For example, it builds the whole training system of partners which implementation would help also

According to Gave, Ozon will make the raised investments in construction of the logistic centers, the equipment; the company will increase warehouse stocks, will expand the range (for example, can begin to sell clothes). Also investments are required for the Ozon Travel project.

Maelle Gavet releases Bernard Luke from the CEO's duty

In April, 2011 in the CEO was replaced. Instead of Bernard who came back in 2009 together with family to Switzerland Luke (Bernard Lukey) held this position Maelle Gavet which since March, 2010 works in as the marketing director.

Till July 1, 2011 under management Luke there will be a holding in general where except the second tourist shop and courier service "O-Kuryer" enter. After this date Gave will also become the CEO of all holding "Internet-resheniya".


Revenue of shop does not reveal. In 2010 consolidated revenues of three directions (, and courier service) were 4.15 billion rubles. The main shop sent 1.95 million orders or 8,472,222 commodity units. In terms of money 37.9% of its sales made books, 32.1% - the electronic engineer. Separately turnover of online store of travel in 2010 made 898 million rubles.

Revenue of the company in the first half of the year 2010 made 1.8 billion rubles. For the same period of 2009 the income of was 1.4 billion rubles of Software to calculations of the company, growth of revenue was 36% (from last year's income it makes about 500 million rubles), discrepancy in numbers in is explained with an error when rounding values.

The previous year the growth rate of turnover of the company was lower and was 20%. In pre-crisis years revenue of shop grew at more considerable rates: in 2008 – for 55%, and in 2007 – for 93%.

The share of books in revenue breakdown was reduced to 36.8% of a total turnover, in the first half of the year 2009 the similar indicator was 39%. However books managed to reserve the first the place on a share in revenue of shop. In absolute expression of their sale look not bad – in the first half of the year 2010 more than 2.2 million copies were sold. If to compare not a share in revenue, but the number of the sold books, then growth in comparison with the first half of the year 2009 is 33.8%.

Electronics share (notebooks, photography equipment, mobile phones, etc.) in turnover of continues to increase. This category is in the second place on revenue. In a year its share in revenues of the company grew from 28% to 32%. At the same time, from 13% to 10.2% the share of movies on all types of carriers sank, and sales of music remained at the level of 4% of all turnover of the company.

The most fast-growing directions became Toy Store (plus 109% to revenue of their implementation for the first half of 2009) and goods for the house and an interior (88%). Total number of orders of online store in the first half of 2010 grew to 841 thousand from 722 thousand in the first half of 2009 By quantity of the goods sent for the first half of the year the shop grew in a year from 2.9 million to 3.7 million. Delivery date of goods in regions makes 3-5 days, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg sending can be received next day after the order.

2008: 2.4 million goods are sold

Turnover of online store in the first half of the year 2008 increased in comparison with the same period of 2007 by 78% and made 45 million dollars. sent to the clients 560 thousand orders which contained 2.4 million goods. 36% of a total turnover of online store make books, 30%-electronics, photography equipment and mobile phones, 14% are cinema on all types of carriers, 5% are second-hand editions and rarities, 3% - music, 12% - other groups of goods.


According to the quantitative research conducted by IPSOS company in the fall of 2007, 82% of buyers of books and Internet users know Internet shop, more than 50% of respondents buy constantly on