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PIK Group is present at 10 Russian regions and conducts work on implementation of the extensive diversified project portfolio.

Fields of activity of PIK Group

  • Construction and implementation of the residential real estate;
  • Production and installation of combined constructions of the building, construction as own housing projects, and rendering construction services to the third parties;
  • Production of steel concrete panels, window blocks and other structural materials;
  • Management and operation of the real estate constructed by forces of Group and other developers;
  • Use of complex integrated approach to process of creation of projects is powerful competitive advantage of Group. By forces of the house-building Company plants which are a part of PIK Group performs production of the national teams of steel concrete panels, window and door blocks from PVC and aluminum which are used in construction of projects.
  • Activity of Group is focused on development and construction of large-scale housing projects, including quarter building of residential residential districts with completely created commercial and social infrastructure: the well-planned domestic territory, kindergartens, schools, the sports centers, parkings and also a trade component as in the form of separate shopping centers, and located on the first floors of residential buildings.



In 2017 the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) assigned to PIK Group credit rating at the level of BBB+ — the highest among the Russian developers. The international credit rating from Standard & Poor’s is confirmed at the level "B". RAEX in 2017 assigned to PIK Group credit rating at the level of And — with the stable forecast.

Record 2 mln m2 (29,000 apartments) are constructed

2016: Growth of net profit by 3.1 times

The net profit of public developer PIK Group for 2016 was 11 billion 5 million rubles. It follows from the reporting of the company under RAS. In comparison with 2015 this indicator increased by 3.1 times (then net profit was 3.521 billion rubles). The sales profit at the same time was reduced by 28% and made 3.217 billion rubles.

Annual revenues grew by 11% from 15.5 billion to 17 billion rubles. The total debt for the end of the 2016th made 52 billion rubles. Asset cost, in turn, almost doubled. The corresponding indicator increased by 46% up to 164.681 billion rubles. Generally it is connected with purchase in the fall of 2016 of developer "Moreton".

Before acquisition of Moreton Group, according to the intermediate reporting for September 30, 2016, the asset cost of PIK Group was 122.303 billion rubles. Thereby, it is possible to judge that the cost of Moreton was about 40 billion rubles. Such number was given earlier by sources of Vedomosti.

The land bank of the company as of December 31, 2016 makes 12.5 mln sq.m.

2016 The group purchased Moreton Group

2015: VTB became the owner of 20% of the PIK group

VTB became the owner of 19.27% of one of the largest development companies of Russia — PIK Group, follows from information posted on the official site of bank. The transaction was closed on June 23, 2015 then under control of VTB passed 127.29 million voting shares[1].

The share in development company passed to bank within the repo transaction (security purchase with the obligation of share repurchase by the seller through the stipulated period at the fixed price), told RBC in the press service of VTB. It was not succeeded to receive the comment about it in the PEAK group of RBC.

The developer attracted the loan from VTB Capital for 24.3 billion rubles in June, 2014 for a period of one year with a possibility of prolongation up to five years. The analyst of Sberbank CIB Yulia Gordeeva at the beginning of a year noted that restructuring of this debt on acceptable conditions will become one of tasks of the company. On June 11 the bank prolonged a loan term for two years with a possibility of prolongation for as much. As pledge on the credit stocks of the company which carried over bank within the repo transaction act, told RBC the source close to participants of the transaction.

  • In 2015 PIK Group brought essentially new products of industrial and monolithic housing construction to the market and completely changed approach to formation of the internal residential environment of areas of complex building.
  • Output to the market of essentially new types of houses with the improved esthetic and consumer characteristics


Obtaining individual credit rating at the level "A" from the National Rating Agency (NRA)


Receiving state guarantees of the Government of the Russian Federation


  • Since 2007 the Group is present at the stock market - initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), RTS, and MICEX
  • PIK Group is included by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation in the list of the systemically important enterprises of the Russian economy.


  • 2005 Acquisition of the Moscow House-building plant No. 3 (DSK-3)
  • 2004 Entry into the markets of the Moscow and Rostov regions
  • 2001 Acquisition of the Moscow House-building plant No. 2 (DSK-2)
  • 1998 Start of mortgage programs together with the Government of Moscow and partner banks


PIK group is founded in 1994 and is one of the leading Russian developers in the field of the residential real estate. PIK group concentrates on projects in Moscow, the Moscow region and a number of regions of Russia. A core activity of the company – construction and implementation of housing of economy class, mainly in a segment of panel industrial housing construction.

From the moment of the basis for the first 10 years of activity of Group turnover of the Company grew to 450 million dollars. Within the next three years from 2004 to 2007 the company reached the leading position in the Russian real estate market. For this period turnover of the Company grew by 5 times, having reached 2.3 billion dollars.

Creation of the First Mortgage Company (FMC), afterwards — FMC Groups