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PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited (PFUL)







+ PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited (PFUL)

Global office

PFU Limited - the Fujitsu Limited subsidiary company, for 2010 develops, makes, sells and mounts a computer hardware, peripheral devices, the corporate software and systems. From the 1980th the PFU Limited company is responsible for development, production and marketing of scanners of documents.

European office

Founded in 1981 in Great Britain, the PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited company is a part PFU Limited (Japan). Its head office is in England. Besides, for 2010 it has affiliated enterprises in Germany and Italy.

In the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa the PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited company is the leading supplier of scanners of documents for the professional systems of desktop editing, the working groups and for corporate appointment which requires processing of large volumes of documents. The company also offers biometric authentication systems and matrix printers.

In June, 2017 the new president and the CEO of PFU EMEA Limited it is appointed Maki's Torah. Mr. Maki works in Great Britain. To Maki's torus it is aimed at further strengthening of a position of PFU as leader among solution providers for scanning of documents in EMEA region. The company is going to achieve this goal not only due to business development selling the equipment, but also due to release of the software of PaperStream and ScanSnap and also providing professional services.

Business in Russia and the CIS

On November 07, 2013 PFU Imaging Solutions announced Roland Apelt's appointment to a position of the area manager on the CIS countries. It is announced that Apelt will be responsible for work with partners and increase in sales volumes of scanners in this developing region.

Affiliate program

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Products & Services

2012: Mobile scanning

In 2012 mobility called the inevitable future of development of information systems. At this time the staff of the companies "is tied" to the tables already less, than ever before. They spend in trains or airplanes much time and also aim to work from the house more often. These new business realities require the new modes of work with data and documents. The mobile personnel need direct access to important papers — preferably through iPhone or iPad — at any time and any place. An opportunity to quickly transfer information is not less important. As a result, all information, including notes, printouts or articles, should exist electronically. PFU Imaging Solutions offered the innovation approach to scanning capable to help to solve these problems: function of scanning in a cloud helps "transfer" printing documents to such cloud applicaions as Evernote Google Docs Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Chatter or SugarSync a one click of the button, and function of scanning on mobile devices allows to scan documents directly on iPhone or iPad. Together they help mobile employees to work more effectively.

The technology of scanning in a cloud is capable to change our work radically. However for implementation of all its advantages we will need new workflows and, as a result, new technical solutions. When we speak about "workflows", we first of all mean document flow. If employees often are in traveling, it is difficult for them to exchange printing documents which are still widespread at the enterprises. Often the employee just physically cannot take with himself all documents which can be required by him. For this reason more and more enterprises do scanning by the initial stage of document flow, "point of entry" of documents on electronic Wednesday of the enterprise.

Function of scanning in a cloud helps to reach higher level of mobility as allows to use cloud services (for example, Google Docs, Evernote Salesforce or SugarSync) on the way. To get access to all necessary documents and programs, to you it will be to be connected to the Internet enough.

Realtors of Engel & Völkers company who often work out of office could already estimate advantages of this technology in practice. By the nature of service they often visit real estate and state institutions. Thanks to function of scanning in a cloud the staff of sales department in Engel & Völkers can get access to important documents in any place. They use the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 scanners for scanning directly in the Tec Media Services cloud applicaion. Paper documents are transferred to archive of a cloud for several seconds — enough only to click the Scan to TMS Archive icon.