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PST Сompany


The company specializes in service maintenance of the bank equipment.

Competitors: Lanit

CST Service (The centralized regional technical service) - 100%


Revenue and profit of the company



+ Karachinsky Anatoly Mikhaylovich

PST Company works at the Russian market of service of the bank equipment since 2007. Among her customers there are Sberbank, Gazprombank, Zenit Bank, etc. The logistics system of the company contains more than 30 warehouse located in the different federal districts of Russia.

In February, 2013 the Maykor group announced PST Company acquisition. At the time of purchase PST located the central office in Moscow and also additional offices in Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg and Tula. In these cities service support was own forces, in other regions - by means of a partner network (more than 80 partners).

Besides, PST Company owns the repair center which allows to carry out not only repair work, but also to recover spare parts and accessories. Based on the center the laboratory on a research of the reasons of breakdowns of spare parts and search of effective methods of their elimination and prevention works.

Assets of PST Company ─ the repair center, warehouse, fund of the spare and diagnostic equipment, etc. ─ will be completely transferred to "CST Service" (one of the main companies of the Maykor group) within a year. Employees and top managers of PST Company will also pass into the state "CST Service".

Position in the market

In the market of service of PST ATMs occupies an insignificant share,[1] says] the representative of the Lanit group whose subsidiary company "LAN ATMservice" renders similar services [1]: "Provide exact data impracticablly, but, according to preliminary estimates, the share of PST regarding service more than is ten times less, than at LAN ATMservice.