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Paleontologic institute of RAS


Science and education
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
117997, GSP-7, Profsoyuznaya St., 123

More then 100 workers


Paleontologic institute of A.A. Borisyak of the Russian Academy of Sciences — one of the largest paleontologic institutes of the world. It is founded in 1930 as division of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, nowadays the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The paleontologic institute of A.A. Borisjaka RAHN is the only specialized scientific institution in Russia which is engaged in studying of morphology, a systematics and genealogy of fossil organisms; patterns of evolutionary processes, formation and development of ecosystems and biosphere in general.

In its walls over 100 research associates work. The structure of scientific divisions is constructed on systematic sign, i.e. each division integrates specialists in any large group of organisms (type, a class, etc.). However it does not stir cooperation of scientists from the different divisions for execution of works which are beyond subject of one laboratory. Level of basic researches of staff of Institute not only corresponds world, but in some cases exceeds it.

At Institute the new independent directions of science (a palaeoecology, a tafonomiya, Precambrian paleontology, formation of skeletal organisms, bacterial paleontology) were based.

By forces of staff of Institute it is created and successfully the Paleontologic museum, one of three largest and known paleontologic museums of the world functions.

Paleontologic institute also "The biodiversity and dynamics of gene pools" and also takes the most active part in programs of basic researches of Presidium of RAS "Origin of the biosphere and evolution of the geo-biological systems" in the program of basic researches of OBN RAS "Biological resources of Russia: assessment of a status and fundamental bases of monitoring".

In the PIN two leading schools of sciences of the Russian Federation which are regularly supported by the corresponding grants work.

At Institute function:

  • Dissertation council on protection of doctoral (candidate) dissertations.
  • Scientific council on a paleobiology and evolution of the organic world.
  • Russian part of the Joint Russian-Mongolian paleontologic expedition.
  • Paleontologic magazine.
  • Branch of department of paleontology of MSU.
  • Interinstitute laboratory of Bacterial paleontology of terrestrial and extraterrestrial objects.
  • Museum council of RAS.