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Passteam (Passtim)



Passteam is founded by Sergey Kozlov and Vadim Strizhakov. A main product of the company is the cloud platform on control of virtual cards of loyalty in mobile purses of Wallet Apple and Google Pay. Service helps business to increase the frequency of purchases and an average bill of regular customers.


2020: Attraction of additional investments

Two graduates of the 1st batch of a joint accelerator of Sberbank and 500 Startups — Passteam and YORSO company — attracted additional investments. Transactions of steel second and third converting of a share of Sberbank in a share on convertible loans, the issued startups of the first wave of an accelerator. Sberbank reported about it on February 12, 2020.

For February, 2020 Passteam use already more than 1000 clients from small business to the international companies in the following industries: retail, beauty and health, HoReCa, car. Large customers of the company are Leroy Merlin, Ernst & Young, A101, Askona, Drugstores 36.6 and "Gorzdrav", fashion-retailer ELIS, AZIMUT Hotels hotel chain.

In January, 2020 Passteam attracted investments from two angel investors then there was a converting of a loan of Sberbank which was issued for Passteam as to the participant of a joint accelerator of Sberbank and 500 startups in April, 2019. The parties decided not to disclose parts and transaction amount.

YORSO is a B2B-marketplace in the field of seafood.

YORSO is an online platform for automation of marketing, sales, purchases and logistics for the wholesale market of fish and seafood. She turns on a marketplace, instruments of the measured marketing, special CRM, means of analytics and automation of routine transactions at sales and purchases.

The YORSO company does the business since 2016 and combines examination of creation of difficult technology platforms and the international B2B-sales in the market of fish and seafood. YORSO lays off the number of intermediaries in a chain of sales that directly affects final profitability of suppliers and buyers thanks to the created system specially focused on the sector of B2B - sales of fish and seafood. Clients of YORSO get basic access to the platform absolutely free of charge with a possibility of a subscription to additional tools and services on the basis of SaaS model.

In April, 2019 YORSO within an accelerator of Sberbank and 500 startups also obtained a convertible loan from Sberbank for 5 million rubles. 7.63 million rubles from the Russian and foreign investors are in addition attracted. Pre-investment assessment — 343 million rubles. The share of Sberbank makes 2.078%.