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Phishman Fishman


The Phishman company is engaged in development of the hi-tech systems and software packages in information security field.

Softline Seed Fund


Phishman has long-term experience in the field of information security and is the associated partner of British Standards Institute/BSI in the field of consulting and holding training courses.


2016: Purchase of a share by Softline Seed Fund

Softline Seed Fund, joint fund of sowing investments of Softline group and the Russian venture capital company, purchased in the summer of 2016 a large minority share in the Russian service PhishMan. In parallel with it the project was approved by Fund of assistance to development of venture investments into small enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere of the city of Moscow, and will be able to expect additional financing from this structure.

PhishMan provides to users the system of protection against a phishing – one of the most dangerous types of Internet fraud which is directed to theft of accounts of users. PhishMan helps the companies to fight against a phishing through user training. So, imitating activity of hackers, the program sends e-mails with different traps and estimates the subsequent actions of receivers. If the user opened a link from the letter trap, then PhishMan will offer it the personalized training. The program on a regular basis repeats mailing of letters and checks attentiveness of employees. Thus PhishMan quickly keeps track of awareness of users on possible threats, protecting the company from possible phishing attacks.

"Today, when most the companies have complexes of technical protection against the attacks on IT infrastructure, users turned into the weakest link of a corporate system of security. It is simpler to crack the person, than to bypass technical protection. More than a half of cracking begin with a phishing – users give the passwords, opening letters of malefactors and following the links. And many companies underestimate this risk: having got access to the workstation of any employee, malefactors can immediately receive control over accounts of top managers and access to financial information. The amount of plunder at the target attack can exceed tens and even hundreds of millions rubles", – Agrinsky Nikolay, CEO PhishMan considers (earlier Nikolay worked in Softline).