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It is going to start commercial Big Data-проекты in 2020

The VTB and Rostelecom Joint Venture (JV) — "The platform of Big Data" — is going to create on the basis of the analysis of the depersonalized Big Data products which will help to formulate more precisely offers at sale to clients of goods and services. The key team of the new company is made, is going to start the first commercial pilot projects in 2020.

"The main objective of the joint venture — to create on the basis of Big Data products for itself and other companies which will help to provide to the client necessary to it and right now services. Options of monetization are different: from growth of number of the approved credits and the best forecasting of risks before sale of additional products due to exact determination of preferences and the correct arrangement of points of customer service" — the vice president — the chairman of the board of VTB Vadim Kulik said.

Vadim Kulik explained that, applying the products "Platforms of Big Data", the companies will be able to make to clients "the additional recommendations of products or additional discounts, predicting their preferences".

"We integrate examination and knowledge of two key players of the telecom and banking market therefore we see a broad spectrum of clients as consumers of products and services: from micro and small business to state companies. We will develop different solutions — from the standardized and typified services to the individual interfaces and products reflecting specifics of these or those industries. Our purpose — to create highly competitive products and services demanded in public market" — the vice president for business development of Rostelecom Ayvazov Alexander told.

The list of key participants of board and Board of Directors of JV VTB and Rostelecom is approved. Team members have the competences applied in the leading industries on Big Data use. Among them — the financial sector, a telecom, advertizing technologies and digital services. The command has an experience of creation of business from scratch and its development in the market of exchange and processing of Big Data.

Registration of "Platform of Big Data"

On March 30, 2020 PJSC Rostelecom reported to TAdviser that together with PJSC VTB Bank registered Platforma bolshikh dannykh» (PBD) LLC company which will be engaged in development and monetization of products on the basis of processing of Big Data, including using artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning. Control of the joint venture (JV) will be exercised on a parity basis: the Board of Directors which is responsible for strategic development will include about three representatives from each party.

Rostelecom and VTB

The platform which will be open, including through the application programming interface (API), for all interested market participants from such industries as retail, a telecom, financial services, development and also for the organizations of public sector will become a technology basis of the joint venture. Clients of the platform will be able to receive products and services on the basis of a unique set of knowledge of audience and its behavior in a format of segments. All used data will undergo testing for legality and quality, at the same time they will be depersonalized and ciphered. Start of the first pilot projects is planned until the end of 2020.

We are in process of formation of a basis of a command which will be responsible including for the strategic road map of products and services of the platform. Together with the partner we combined efforts and focused on development of market solutions for different segments of business. We will open details about specific products and services of the joint venture later. We expect to expand considerably a range of offers in the Russian market on work with Big Data, having introduced in it the examination and technologies,
told the vice president — the chairman of the board of VTB bank Vadim Kulik

The market of Big Data only forms. In the modern world to the companies it is necessary to react preventively and quickly to escalating volumes of the processed information. We hope that competences and resources of participants of the joint venture in this area will allow to respond to perspective requirements of the market and also will promote growth of economy due to use of technologies of the analysis of Big Data,
emphasized the vice president for business development of Rostelecom Alexander Ayvazov

2019: Creation of the company

On November 20, 2019 Rostelecom and VTB announced creation of joint venture in which they will invest 1 billion rubles. Investments will be provided in the ratio 50:50.

Main objectives of the new company following:

  • creation of processing systems, storages, analysis, exchange and data visualization;
  • management of turnover of the advertizing campaigns of clients based on intelligent systems;
  • turnover of the depersonalized and depersonalized data through the exchanges of data exchange.

Rostelecom and VTB announced creation of joint venture in which they will invest 1 billion rubles

All used data will undergo testing for legality and quality and also will be depersonalized and ciphered before transfer. Data will be stored on the party of the companies project participants.

The technology basis of joint venture will be formed by the platform which will be open for all interested market participants from such industries as a telecom, financial services, retail, development and also for the organizations of public sector.

The new platform will allow to structure the Big Data which are saved up in different branches of the economy and to make digital solutions which correspond to modern requirements of the market on their basis — the president-chairman of the board of VTB Andrey Kostin says. — Using these solutions, VTB and its partners will be able to interact more effectively with the clients and to offer new digital products. It is sure that increase in availability and quality of Big Data is one of the main factors of successful development of digital economy in Russia.

The head of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky on the sidelines of a forum of VTB Capital "Russia calls!" reported that the joint venture is going to put on the market technologies of data processing the first products on the platform in 2020.

Participants of partnership want to create an open ecosystem in which each new data type or information will allow to increase both monetization, and volume of commercialization, Oseevsky added.