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The first OFD Power generating systems and communications (ESK)



VTB - Vneshtorgbank - 100%
70 employees in 2016


JSC Energeticheskiye sistemy i kommunikatsii (ESK) (The First OFD brand) - specializes in development of technology, distribution of services and a customer support of data communication functions when implementing them from the cash registers in FTS.

It is organized in 2002.

The rendered services

  • data transmission from the cash register equipment in FTS according to requirements of the legislation (Federal Law No. 54 and Subparagraphs 470 in editions of 2016).
  • monitoring of the cash equipment connected to the server of the First OFD, control of all transferred data and their statistical analysis;
  • registration of the cash registers in tax authorities, its transfer to the fiscal mode.

Advertizing of service the First OFD (fiscal data operator), (2016)



VTB acquired 100% of shares of First OFD

The VTB Group announced on August 7, 2019 TAdviser acquisition of 100% of stocks of the operator of fiscal data of Pervy OFD (JSC ESK) at the UST group. For August, 2019 First OFD services about 400 thousand cash desks and enters into the three of the largest fiscal data operators of the country from market shares of 16%.

The VTB Group took 100% of stocks of the operator of fiscal data First OFD

"The first OFD" transfers fiscal data in the mode close to real time from the cash registers in Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. The VTB Group together with First OFD intends to develop a product row regarding difficult analytical products on the basis of Big Data for corporate clients and to develop high-tech solutions for digital marketing.

The first deputy president — the chairman of the board of VTB Dmitry Olyunin noted that this project completely corresponds to a priority of strategy of bank for 2019-2022 on development of the initiatives in digital economy supplementing financial business of group. It is expected that integration of solutions of First OFD will strengthen VTB in implementation of potential of Big Data — both in group, and for external clients.

In general, according to representatives of VTB Group, acquisition of First OFD is the strategic investment directed to expansion of services for clients and gain of models of monetization of data of group. On the basis of the data obtained from OFD, VTB will be able quickly to carry out monitoring of a financial position of corporate clients, to optimize scoring models and to increase conversion of targeted offers.

The command of the First OFD is glad to join VTB Group, we see the considerable synergy potential for development of joint business and we expect to strengthen our market positions. Interaction with OFD will allow bank to know better the client and together with the OFD command to develop new complex services and products, first of all for a segment of medium and small business — Irina Esipenko, the managing partner of First OFD said.

Partnership with Circuit of OFD in the field of processing of Big Data

Fiscal data operators and "Circuit of OFD" announced on March 25, 2019 First OFD partnership in the field of processing Big Data (Big Data). Cooperation is intended to increase the accuracy of analytical results and quality of market research of sales. Earlier First OFD agreed about integration of examination on analytical products from several more OFD.

Including fiscal data operators First OFD and Circuit of OFD agreed about consolidation of examination in the field of Big Data. Information arriving from cash desks to OFD contains many data necessary for analytics of sales. Obtaining analytical results with a given accuracy requires a bigger covering, than at each operator separately.

It is expected that consolidation of operators will allow to unify work with data and will increase market research accuracy. The relevance and accuracy of the data will be additional benefit of new analytical services — information in anonymous form excludes possibilities of an error. All analytics and statistics on the basis of this information will be provided in dynamics. It will allow clients to react quickly to trends and to reduce economic and production risks.

In the field of OFD the ecosystem of analytical products forms — the development director of First OFD Maxim Larkin told. — It is quite logical, during the work with Big Data horizontal scalability is essentially important. Any system which means processing of Big Data should be expanded. Increasing amount of data, we increase representativeness of selection and accuracy of the analysis.

The market of trade and services needs qualitative analytics. It helps players to see trends, to make plans and to adjust a motion vector. That the market could receive such analytics, it is necessary to generalize and process Big Data — the Circuit.OFD project manager Mikhail Dobrovolsky considers. — Fiscal data operators have the different market size and different quantity of the connected points. They can create analytics, but separately it will not be such large-scale as it is necessary for the market. Interaction of fiscal data operators allows to analyze more data and to make more exact picture.

"The circuit of OFD" became the fourth operator who joined integration of efforts on work with Big Data. Early at the initiative of First OFD agreed about cooperation with operators "OFD-YA" and Taxcom.

Creation of a joint product with "OFD-Ya"

On February 19, 2019 First OFD reported that together with "OFD-Ya" made the decision on cooperation. The companies will combine efforts on work with big to data.

For February, 2019 fiscal data operators are obliged to transfer information from cash desks to FTS and also to store and provide its confidentiality. In the personal accounts clients of operators can receive a number of sales reports which were carried out via their cash registers up to the specific check. However information transferred from cash desks contains a huge number of the data useful to analytics of sales of goods and services, to price influence on trade, physical existence or lack of goods on the shelf and many others. The complexity of drawing up and the analysis of "broad picture" of the market consists that, first, data are stored at a large number of operators (for their February, 2019 20), and secondly information in operators is stored in different "formats". The selected approach which announced First OFD and "OFD-Ya" will allow to integrate the depersonalized data under one denominator that, according to partners, will allow to increase the accuracy of any research on market research.

According to the statement of First OFD, as a result of cooperation the product, "more reliable, than existing solutions" as data of First OFD and "OFD-Ya" are authentic is created and exclude possibilities of a human error. Besides, statistics and analytics gathers in real time that allows clients to have access to all information online, but not in 3-4 months.

Products which we are capable to offer for clients and producers, having combined our efforts, more technologically, quicker and that the most important, more precisely. Producers receive analytical tools of the 21st century. Consolidation of efforts of OFD for creation of a product allows to solve a set of the problems facing large manufacturing companies. This and exact determination of market trends, both optimization of logistic loadings, and planning and administration of marketing campaigns online.
Maxim Larkin, development director of First OFD

It is the first project on work with BigData combining efforts of several players of the market of OFD. At modern speed it is not enough to have information, it is necessary to have it online – it is the key factor influencing business development. Using the developed solution we will transform BIG the data given in SMART and we will provide to business the asset capable to make profit. Thus, the quality of use of analytical information changes. In fact, we offer clients much more effective alternative to traditional data management systems in real time.
Alexey Potapov, commercial director of "OFD-Ya"

As a result of cooperation clients of First OFD and "OFD-Ya", such as companies of retail and producers, will be able to receive, for example, the tool for rapid response and risk reduction when carrying out big and resource-intensive marketing campaigns.


Partnership with ATOL

In March, 2017 ATOL company and the fiscal data operator First OFD announced the beginning of strategic partnership. Its main goal – to simplify transition of business to the online cash desks applied according to amendments to federal law 54-FZ. Within this partnership of the company are going to render complex customer service, transferring the cash register equipment park to new rules of work; provide full processing compatibility of the products; develop joint solutions for automation of mobile, express trade, etc. the activities meaning settlings of the organizations with the population.

Examination of technical means of the fiscal data operator

The JSC ESK company (The First OFD brand) passed the examination of technical means of the fiscal data operator. The RAPKAT-center company acted as the expert organization. The procedure of passing of examination is regulated by federal law No. 54-FZ and is obligatory for all fiscal data operators.

"The first OFD" became the first operator in the industry who conforms to requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation about use of the cash registers. It agrees 54-FZ processing of fiscal data it can be performed only in the presence at the operator of date and number of issue of the conclusion of the expert organization about compliance of technical means on processing of fiscal data.


The certificate of compliance to requirements of cybersecurity imposed to GIS

The first Fiscal data operator (JSC ESK) – the company which is engaged in development and distribution of services in data transmission from the cash registers in FTS received the certificate of compliance to security requirements of information.

The company became the first and the fiscal data operator only at the moment which underwent external audit of information security and received the certificate, confirmatory that automated information system of JSC ESK conforms to requirements imposed to the state information systems of the fourth class of security installed by Order No. 17 of FSTEC of Russia (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) of February 11, 2013. Taking into account results of evaluation tests in this information system processing of the protected information is allowed.

JSC ESK is a fiscal data operator

On September 1, 2016 FTS confirmed compliance of JSC ESK company, to requirements imposed to fiscal data operators.

On July 3, 2016 became effective amendments to 54-FZ "About use of the cash registers (CR) at implementation of cash payments and (or) calculations using electronic payment instruments" according to which data on calculations online will have to be sent to tax authorities through the fiscal data operator.

Obtaining the status was preceded by a long stage of preparatory work – all necessary certificates and licenses were obtained, debugging of works with all leading manufacturers of the cash registers is implemented, the data processing center (DPC) is put into operation at own capacities, the hot line 8,800 is open.

When developing the OFD complex we tried to combine functionality and usability of our services with providing the highest standards of data security of clients, clients trust us nearly the most important – detailed information on all the sales. Therefore we not only fulfilled the requirements in the field of security state bodies, but also applied the best world practices of information security support both on technical, and on organizational levels.

Natalya Tymoschuk, development director of JSC Energeticheskiye sistemy i kommunikatsii

On September 1, 2016 announced JSC Energeticheskiye sistemy i kommunikatsii the beginning of sales of services for transfer of fiscal data in Russia.