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Revenue and profit of the company, $

20179 000 000- 5 800 000
201828 200 000481 377


PrimeQ - the company founded in 2016, spetsializiruyushchasya on system integration in the field of solutions SaaS and delivery of managed services (MSP). PrimeQ is a partner of Oracle, proposing the clients different cloud solutions of vendor, including ERP- and the CRM system, the solution for management of warehouses and transport parks. In 2017 and 2018 the company received the status of "The specialized partner of Oracle" (Oracle Specialized Partner) in different categories in ANZ region (Australia and New Zealand).

Performance Indicators


In 2018 financial year which came to the end on June 30 the 2018th calendar revenue of PrimeQ made $28.2 million against $9 million the previous year. Net profit reached $471,377 whereas in the 2017th the loss equal to $5.8 million took place.


2018: Accenture purchased PrimeQ

In December, 2018 the Accenture company rendering services in the field of management consulting, information technologies and outsourcing announced PrimeQ acquisition, but began to set the price of the transaction on. According to the Australian Financial Review edition, the PrimeQ company is sold for $31 million.

Accenture purchased the cloud partner of Oracle
Accenture purchased the cloud partner of Oracle

It is noted that this purchase made Accenture the largest in Australia and New Zealand integrator of cloud solutions Oracle. Commenting on merger of PrimeQ, James Madigan who is responsible for the business of Accenture connected with Oracle in Australia and New Zealand noted the following:

PrimeQ has extensive experience of the implementing solutions Oracle SaaS Cloud which supplement the developed examination of Accenture on all portfolio of Oracle Cloud. They are very valuable partner in an ecosystem of Oracle that confirms the impressive record of service and highly skilled personnel which will help to achieve considerable results for our clients.

PrimeQ — not the first large partner of Oracle sold to market participants. In 2017-2018 companies Cedar Consulting, Mercury Technology Group, First Hosted Limited, Secure-24 and Baax were also sold.[1]