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Programmable Networks Brain4Net




Programmable Networks (Brain4Net trademark) there is a developer company of management systems for data networks, processings of network traffic and virtualization of service applications based on architecture program the defined SDN networks (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization).

The company develops the platform including an orkestrator, the SDN controller, the high-level manager of VNF and necessary API for integration with OSS/BSS of operators. Within study of projects the company renders for partners and clients of service of consulting in development of strategy of migration of the solutions constructed on architecture of SDN/NFV, their integration with the existing networks and OSS/BSS systems.

The company is accredited the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation in the register of the organizations performing activity in the field of IT.

Target clients of solutions of the company are operators of the fixed and mobile communication, large corporate networks.


2019: Investments into 300 million rubles from Rostelecom and  VEB Ventures

On June 7, 2019 Rostelecom announced investment of 300 million rubles into Brain4Net together with  VEB Ventures company. The last will invest 200 million rubles, and the telecommunication operator will transmit 100 million rubles through the venture fund "Kommit Capital".

Kommit of Keital invested in Brain4Net in total 200 million rubles in 2016 and 2018 earlier. Within the previous round in August, 2018 Brain4Net attracted $2.5 million (about 170 million rubles) the investments performed jointly by Kommit Capital and Typhoon Digital Development venture fund.

The Russian developer of solutions in the field of software-defined networks and virtualization of network functions SDNSD-WANNFV (//) cooperates with Rostelecom, integrating the technologies with products and services of the partner.

Rostelecom invests in the developer of software solutions for Brain4Net telecom
Rostelecom invests in the developer of software solutions for Brain4Net telecom

The CEO and one of founders of Brain4Net company Maxim Kaminsky says that the first investments from Kommit Capital helped the company to increase a technical command and to develop the versions of products ready to testing and having minimum necessary functionality.

Cooperation in 2018 allowed to increase considerably dynamics of business development, to strengthen the product directions and to bring products to readiness for commercial operation — Kaminsky noted.

According to him, by 2020-2021 Brain4Net expects to earn $20 million revenue and to sign more than 30 large contracts, including thanks to orders of Rostelecom.

In 2018 Rostelecom completed trial operation of the segment of regional network constructed on the basis of switches using SDN technologies. The acting subscribers of the company were gradually transferred to new infrastructure.

Investments into Brain4Net which were announced at the beginning of June of the 2019th will be directed to upgrade and increase in efficiency of the current product and to expansion of sales, including outside Russia. Brain4Net is also engaged in technologies for perspective networks, including a 5G.


Partnership with Jet Infosystems in the field of creation of solutions SDN/NFV

The Jet Infosystems company, the Russian system integrator, and Brain4Net, the Russian developer of management systems for IT infrastructure based on orchestration of lifecycle of services, announced on September 28, 2017 partnership in the field of creation of ready-made commercial solutions in the field of software-defined networks (SDN) and virtualization of network functions (NFV). It is planned that systems will be available to testing in own laboratory of integrator since October, 2017. Read more here.

Investments of $1 million from Leta Capital

In March Brain4net announced the investment attraction in a format of convertible notes for the amount of $1 million. The Leta Capital venture fund acted as the investor of this release. Is going to allocate the received funds of Brain4net for improvement of the solutions and development of a product line, support of the implemented projects, expansion of a partner ecosystem in Russia and abroad.

Brain4net will allocate a part of funds for improvement of the existing products and development of new
Brain4net will allocate a part of funds for improvement of the existing products and development of new

Concerning improvement of solutions, Brain4Net is going to expand functionality of the flagship software product - B4N Service Platform and a hardware-independent software agent of B4N SwitchOS. As envisioned by developers, it should provide a possibility of considerable disintegration of software solutions from the hardware.

Due to such approach of Brain4Net expects to prolong lifecycles of the equipment and software at customers and to make these components almost independent from each other. By estimates of the company, it is able to allow customers to eekonomit up to 50-70% of the IT project budget.

In 2017 Brain4Net is going to offer telecommunication companies, providers cloud and Internet services a number of the solutions allowing customers to manage a portfolio of customer services in real time. Developers state that at the expense of these solutions it will be possible to perform activation, scaling, change and shutdown of services seconds instead of days.


Partnership with Mellanox Technologies

Brain4Net and Mellanox Technologies in August, 2016 combined efforts for creation of program-controlled network factories for convergent DPCs based on SDN/NFV technologies and a switching equipment with an open architecture (Open Ethernet).

Rapid development of Open Networking technologies (separation of a program part of network equipment from a hardware platform), SDN and NFV offers a new paradigm of creation of DPC based on standard h86 servers and high-performance Ethernet of switches with an open architecture (Open Ethernet). At the same time, the software is "separable" from hardware, and infrastructure of DPC makes the uniform "technology platform" provided by two main levels: convergent computing platform; the unified network factory integrating both physical, and virtual switchboards managed on a centralized basis using the SDN controller.

Strategic partnership of Brain4Net and Mellanox is directed to creation of complete solutions for creation of the DPC program-controlled network factory on the basis of SDN technologies and the high-performance network equipment with an open architecture allowing to refuse separation of network into overlay and underlay. Besides, the solution of partners ensures functioning in environments of VMware and OpenStack, allowing to integrate different management systems and virtualizations for the single integrated network.

Partners propose to the market the competitive solution consisting of the following components:

  • The Mellanox Spectrum switches based on the chip of own development – 100-gigabit ASIC with not blocked switching matrix 6.4tbit/with and support of 32 ports 100/40GbE or 64 ports 50/25/10GbE, providing stable and ultralow delays in 300 nanoseconds and also a guarantee of lack of losses of packets in network at any loading and any packet size (Zero Packet Loss);
  • The network adapters Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx with ports 10/25/40/50GbE with the developed functions of hardware unloading of central processors of servers;
  • The monitoring system and managements of Mellanox NEO using which initial setup of the Mellanox switches is performed and also is made collecting of additional statistics of network and software updating on switches and network adapters;
  • The virtual switchboard B4N SwichOS is the high-performance OpenFlow-switch, akselerirovanny Intel of DPDK, for the platform h86;
  • The B4N Service Platform components implementing functions of programming of physical and virtual switchboards and orchestration of network and the services implemented "over" network factory.

Such approach will allow to simplify management and horizontal scaling, to optimize utilization of resources of network and to unify a hardware platform. Besides, deniability from specialized network devices will allow to lower equipment costs and is the powerful driver for creation of open convergent infrastructure.

Participant of consortium MEF

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Testing of NFV solutions for OPNFV

Brain4Net company in cooperation with the Russian distributor telecom and IT solutions Marvel company create laboratory where developers of virtual network functions will be able to test the solutions on the new OPNFV Brahmaputra platform.

Brain4Net sees potential in development of open source solutions and their promotions in the territory of Russia. The joint initiative with Marvel Distribution of creation of test laboratory in Moscow where each Russian developer of network functions will be able to work a possibility of virtualization of the solutions and to test their work within the OPNFV platform became result of this activity.

"We observe the serious interest of the Russian telecom operators in developments in the field of NFV and, in particular, to virtual network functions (vRouter, vNAT, vFirewall, etc.). In return, Brain4Net does everything possible to accelerate adaptation of new technologies and to contribute to the development of the industry of domestic software. We try to create all conditions in order that the Russian developers had all necessary tools for testing of the products in conditions, brought closer to "fighting", and could propose the complete solution conforming to requirements of the Russian operators", Shchapov Oleg, the CEO of Brain4Net says.

Development of architecture of NFV in the world leads to emergence of both new commercial products, and the open source solutions created by the leading open source communities. One of such communities – OPNFV (Open Platform for NFV) entering Linux Foundation is engaged in development of "reference architecture of NFV" and software open source on its basis.

In March, 2016 OPNFV announced release of the second release of the NFV platform which received the name Brahmaputra. According to community, this version provides not only the mass of means for testing of cases of use of architecture of NFV, but also includes serious expansions on functionality. Among new means for testing it should be noted:

  • Group of tests for check of compliance of infrastructure to requirements of a NFV-application (Yardisk project);
  • Performance of the complete solution (virtual network functions plus NFV platform);
  • Identification of the bottlenecks influencing overall performance
  • Testing of capacity of the virtual switchboard on a set of indicators.

Functional improvements include a configuration and creation of L3VPN, the minimum support of IPv6, detection and fault recovery and the first implementation of opportunities of creation of service chains (Service Function Chaining).

The initiative of Brain4Net assumes not only a possibility of testing of ready virtual functions, but also receiving examination of the company in the field of NFV and the help to partner developers in software porting for work in virtual environment.

Investments from Kommit Capital

Corporate venture fund of Rostelecom Kommit Capital invested in the spring of 2016 about 100 million rubles in the Russian software developer under a brand Brain4Net in the field of management of data networks of an operator class and virtualization of network functions. The co-investor in the transaction the Leta Capital fund, acted as the created Leta IT Group. In total partners invested $1.75 million in Brain4Net and will receive 25% of shares of the company. In dollar expression Kommit capital invested $1.45 million in Brain4Net and will receive for them 20.3% of shares of the company,

According to the vice president of Rostelecom and the chairman of the board of directors of Kommit Capital Alexey Basov, this transaction is investment into ensuring strategic technology advantage of Rostelecom. "The solutions Brain4Net are focused on creation of networks of operators and corporate networks based on architecture of SDN and adjacent NFV technology. Rostelecom will be able to use them for gradual transformation of the network, optimization of network infrastructure and more flexible and fast providing new services to the clients, – he noted. – The company has the high export potential and has every chance to take essential positions in this new and perspective market".
"The transaction represents a round of financing, the first for Brain4Net, in which Kommit Capital acted a lead investor, kk-the CEO of corporate venture fund of Rostelecom Kupriyanov Alexey commented, – the Second co-investor is the LETA Capital venture fund. The total volume of the involved investments was $1.75 million"
"During the transaction investors placed the shares Brain4Net of additional issue, founders of Brain4Net reserved control over 75% of the company. The raised funds will be allocated for improvement and further development of a product line and expansion of the sales channel – as in Russia, and abroad", – the founder and the CEO of Brain4Net Oleg Shchapov said. "Participation in the transaction of such strategic partner as Rostelecom, means for us an appreciation of examination of a command and potential of development of the company. We expect that this cooperation will be mutually advantageous and will help us to accelerate development of the innovative solutions, competitive in the world market, based on architecture of SDN/NFV", – he emphasized.