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Project and design-technology bureau on the systems of informatization - Russian Railway branch (PKTB TsKI)




  • Creation of a common information space of operational work, integration of the operating systems into the uniform automated control system for operational work;
  • Reduction of risk of the Russian Railway due to preserving of intellectual property on automated control systems;
  • Minimization of total cost of ownership of the automated control system for operational work;
  • Maintenance of the operating management systems, the single database, applied complexes;
  • Maintaining Industry fund of algorithms and programs;
  • Development and maintaining qualifiers of technical and economic information and normative reference information.


  • Development, implementation and maintenance of automated information systems in the field of informatization of rail transportation.
  • Maintaining industry fund of algorithms of programs.
  • Maintaining the qualifiers, codifiers and arrays of the normative reference information (NRI) used at implementation of activity in the field of rail transportation.