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Pull Panda — the software maker for joint work of programmers. The tools developed by the company simplify to developers studying of codes during collective creation of software.


2019: Microsoft purchased Pull Panda

On June 17, 2019 Microsoft announced acquisition of Pull Panda and is going to integrate the purchased startup with the platform for joint software development of GitHub. Financial terms of transaction of the company did not begin to open.

Before release of the final application version or its some component the developer, as a rule, asks the colleague to look at that it was created for the purpose of identification of errors. The efficiency with which commands analyze the code directly influences project implementation speed, SiliconANGLE notes.

Microsoft purchased the developer of tools for joint work of programmers
Microsoft purchased the developer of tools for joint work of programmers

According to observers of the edition though, most likely, paid a little for Pull Panda purchase, this company is capable to provide to GitHub considerable rise.

Pull Panda develops three main tools:

  • Pull Assigner. Evenly distributes requests for the analysis of the code among team members so any developer is not overloaded with work.
  • Pull Remainders. Sends notices when the programmer is offered to check work of the colleague in the Slack messenger;
  • Pull Analytics. Gives to heads of groups an idea of how checks are expedited and also outputs the accompanying information, like percent of successful checks.

All three Pull Panda applications were integrated by GitHub company in one free product which was laid out in the GitHub Marketplace directory. Further integration of Pull Panda technology directly to the platform for the publication of the source code GitHub is planned.

To the middle of June, 2019 more than 1 thousand companies use the Pull Panda tools for development process management. WeWork, Pivotal Software and Instacar are among the famous clients.[1]