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Till 2011 "1st Processing Bank". Works only in a niche of settlings of individuals with the organizations and other banks via self-service terminals.

Qiwi group
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2017: Registration as the operator of Contact payment system

On March 17, 2017 the Bank of Russia registered QIWI BANK (autonomous area) as the operator of Contact payment system in the unified register of payment operators. From the same date NKO Rapida LLC is excluded by the Bank of Russia from the list of operators of payment systems. Both credit institutions are a part of the Qiwi Group. Read more here.

2011: Renaming into QIWI Bank

Since March 16, 2011. The bank "the 1st Processing" officially replaced the name with QIWI BANK (Ltd) (a brand: QIWI Bank). Change of the bank name is connected with the strategy of unification of activity of QIWI holding and consolidation under a uniform brand of all companies which are its part.

The first stage of implementation of this strategy passed in March, 2010 when Personal account received the name Visa QIWI Wallet. Change of the name Direct Contact with QIWI the Advertising which took place in July, 2010 became the next step. At last, in October, 2010 it was announced renaming of OE Investments holding into QIWI.

2008: Renaming into "the 1st Processing Bank"

On July 23, 2008 the Bank was renamed into 1-y Protsessingovy Bank Joint Stock Bank (Ltd). Change of the name allowed to reflect most fully a field of activity of Bank, its unique features and also vision of further development.


As of 10/1/2010 bank took the 426th place in the rating of the largest Russian banks on the value of assets.

2004: Renaming into JSB Russian Investment Club

In 2004 the Joint stock bank was accepted in the federal system of insurance of bank deposits and renamed into JSB Russian Investment Club Ltd.

1993-98: Creation of JSB Belekonombank

In 1998 the Bank had new shareholders. Evdakov Kirill Vladimirovich became the chairman of the board of Bank.

In 1997 Vneshtorgbank redeemed 71% of bank shares and on its base organized the Belgorod branch of Vneshtorgbank. The post of the Chairman of the board of Bank was held by Vladimir Pashentsev, later (February, 2013) the Managing director of branch of Vneshtorgbank.

In 1993 the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation created JSB Belekonombank. The bank became reference bank on service of retirement accounts in Belgorod and the Belgorod region. Beskhmelnitsyn Mikhail Ivanovich, later (February, 2013) the holding post of the Auditor of Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation became the first Chairman of the board of bank.