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RAEX rating agency – the rating agency, largest in Russia, with 20-year history. RAEX is the leader in the field of rating and also research and communication activity.

By RAEX it is included in the register of credit rating agencies of the Bank of Russia.

Today the agency maintains more than 600 credit ratings. RAEX firmly holds the leading positions on the ratings of credit institutions, insurance companies, the companies of the financial and non-financial sector.

The ratings of RAEX are included into lists of official requirements to banks, insurers, pension funds, issuers. The ratings of the agency are used by the Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Moscow Exchange and also hundreds of the companies and authorities when carrying out tenders and tenders.


2020: Cooperation with Interfax on dissemination of information on assigned credit ratings of issuers and issues

On April 7, 2020 it became known that RAEX, the Russian credit rating agency, and the Interfax Group, the representative of the Russian information market in B2B segment, signed the agreement on cooperation.

Interfax, according to the document, acquired the rights to distribution through the platform of RU Data of information on the credit ratings of issuers and issues assigned by the RAEX agency. Read more here.

2017: Board of Directors

Announced RAEX, the credit rating agency included in the register of credit rating agencies of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in February change in the structure of Board of Directors. According to the results of last shareholder meeting joined 4 independent directors the Board. Igor Jürgens, the president of the All-Russian Union of Insurers (ARUI) is elected the chairman of the board of directors.

At the general meeting of shareholders of credit rating agency "RAEX" which took place on February 20, 2017 the decision on early termination of powers of the acting structure of Board of Directors and election in its list of the following persons was made:

  • Sergey Yuryevich Belyakov (independent director)
  • Arkady Anatolyevich Krasnikhin (independent director)
  • Oleg Aleksandrovich Hodenkov (independent director)
  • Igor Yuryevich Jürgens (independent director)
  • Dmitry Eduardovich Grishankov
  • Igor Valentinovich Makarov
  • Oleg Irikovich Mukhamedshin
  • Alexander Dmitrievich Tarabrin
  • Sergey Ivanovich Tyshchenko


The RAEX rating agency obtained accreditation of the Bank of Russia

The RAEX rating agency is included in the register of the rating agencies accredited by the Bank of Russia. Inclusion of data on RAEX in the register of the accredited rating agencies means a full compliance of the agency to requirements N 222-FZ "About activity of credit rating agencies in the Russian Federation …" and also other regulations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation regulating activity of rating agencies in Russia.

Within passing of accreditation by the Bank of Russia by the agency capital stock was created, the new bodies of corporate management excluding conflicts of interest are created, rating methodologies and procedures for the purpose of quality improvement and transparency of rating estimates are brought to requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The Bank of Russia confirmed use of ratings of RAEX for the purposes of regulation

The Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia approved in October the list of rating agencies which credit ratings should have banks, overcautious persons, issuers or issues of securities for compliance to requirements for placement of reserves and own means of insurance companies. Requirements for ratings regarding investment of means of pension savings and to assets as a part of own means of prof participants of the securities market, NPF and UK are also approved.

Use of ratings of RAEX is provided by all new solutions of Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia, at the same time regarding requirements to investment of pension savings into bond issues use of ratings only by RAEX is provided (along with the international rating agencies).

RAEX completed an additional issue and approved new share capital structure

As of July 26, 2016, shareholders of JSC RAEX (the trademark – RAEX) are:

  • D.E. Grishankov – 26%
  • OSAO "Ingosstrakh" – 9.99%
  • JSC Otkrytiye holding – 9.9%
  • Rossium Concern LLC – 9.9%
  • JSB Peresvet (JSC) – 4.2%
  • Individuals - 40.01%.

After depositing funds by all participants, the final volume of the capital was more than 400 million rubles that exceeds the existing requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to the capital of rating agencies.

Globex and VEB Capital sell shares in the agency

In April, 2016 it became known that the Globex Bank and VEB will leave authorized capital of RAEX rating agency. The CEO of RAEX Sergey Tyshchenko told about it.

"It is obvious that Globex gets rid of the packet. There is the corresponding registration, but it is not complete, and we as joint-stock company have no statement from the register yet... Somewhere it will be ten days. Therefore I as the CEO, I can say that Globex in a shareholding structure will not be" — Tyshchenko emphasized.
"VEB sold before the share too. Therefore VEB and Globex will stop being shareholders of the company" — he added[1].

The cumulative share of structures of VEB and Globex in the capital of RAEX made 49.5%, representatives of the agency reported.

After carrying out an additional issue about 40% of authorized capital of RAEX will appear under control of private investors who participate in new issue, 26% will be controlled by the founder of the agency Dmitry Grishankov, 9.9% — Ingosstrakh and 25% — new shareholders who participate in an additional issue, follows from materials of the agency.

2015: Vedomosti: Deripaska purchased a share in the agency

The Russian entrepreneur Oleg Deripaska redeemed a quarter of shares of RAEX rating agency, Vedomosti with reference to the informed sources writes [2].

The Ekspert media holding controlled 24.5% of the shares RAEH, another 26% of stocks – in the property of his CEO Dmitry Grishankov, and the remained 49.5% – at VEB (owns through child structures – VEB capital investment company (20% of stocks) and Globex bank (29.5%). And this business is familiar to Deripaska – Basic Element owns 29.3% of Ekspert media holding.

The share in rating agency was redeemed by two Cyprus offshores connected with Deripaska's companies, the person close to the agency says: but it for a while – later the asset will be transferred to "one of its Russian structures". According to the interlocutor of Vedomosti, the transaction can be paid partially – the media holding has a debt to Basic Element.

1997: Foundation of the RAEX agency

The RAEX rating agency is founded in 1997.